M y position on Indian Christians is well known and I will say it again in a few lines:
Christians in India have had such a good deal for twenty centuries, because of the Hindu ethos of tolerance and Hinduism’s, concept of the avatar, which recognizes that God can manifest Himself at different times, under different names – hence Jesus Christ was accepted as an avatar by Hindus (whereas Krishna or Ram were never accepted as ‘sons of God’ by Christians). Once upon a time in Kerala, Christianity had integrated itself in the mainstream Hindu society and prospered in peace, because it did not try to impose its own beliefs on the majority community. Then came the Jesuits and everything changed.
Today, Christians such as John Dayal, Kanchen Ilayah, Valson Thampu and many other Indian Christian leaders and bishops, are not only practicing a Christianity which had its place 50 years ago in Europe (but is no more today, as Western Christianity is evolving), but are also re-embracing the old colonial missionary concept that Christ is the only ‘true’ God and that all ‘heathens’ Hindus have to be converted.
Your aggressive conversions drives, with the money donated by innocent Westerners, is creating havoc in the Indian social and cultural fabric. You say that you have been ‘persecuted by the Hindutva brigade, but actually, the few incidents that have occurred were mostly a backlash of your aggressive, insensitive and unethical conversions efforts in tribal and backward areas – and I have no pity for you. You have wiped out in your minds 2000 years of freedom and well-being and are only harping endlessly on a few years of a few difficulties. You show no gratitude to Hindus and are biting the hands that fed you and accepted you whole heartedly.
Christians have been the worst persecutors in the world, wiping out ruthlessly entire cultures, like those of the Aztecs in South America, yet you always position yourselves as persecuted.
Yes, there are flaws in the Hindu social fabric and Dalits is one of them. But you have pushed it overboard. Indian society has tried so hard to rectify that flaw since 1947 and succeeded to a great extent, putting a Dalit as President of India and having so many Dalits coming-up in society, thanks to the sometimes flawed reservation system. If you and other Christian leaders persist in the hysterical trend you have set against the Narendra Modi Government and your unethical conversion drives with India’s poors, you are committing self suicide. Sonia Gandhi is not the Empress of India anymore and the Hindus’ patience may one day run short
François Gautier

7 responses to “#MissionaryTerror

  1. girish deshmukh

    well said , to the point

  2. Fg your guts we proud and all true C alredy loosing in C majority nations and backlash yes is true

  3. The irony is that Christianity is being literally wiped out in its birthplace the Middle East thanks to Muslims and dying out in Europe where churches are routinely being converted to mosques.

  4. Now with this massive Middle Eastern unstoppable migration into Europe, the end of European Christianity is probably going to accelerate.

  5. Very clear and well written article on conversion:

    Atrocity literature as a tool to defang Hindus and Christianize India

    That the Christian Church has been one of the foreign policy arms of Western powers…

    Sandeep Balakrishna @sandeepweb
    Persecution & Proselytisation | 12-01-2015

  6. That’s why the family break down and can’t sleep without wine and women

  7. Yes sahaj yoga also says Christ was Ganesha and placed higher than Krishna at sixth Gaya chakra

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