The Mother of Pondichery once said something like this: “man is enamored of his own pain – and sometimes, he even welcomes it”!

I remember a few years ago in Kathmandu, Nepal, when the monarchy had fallen, hearing the Indian ambassador in Nepal, Shyam Sharan, announcing gleefully during a press conference that the Maoists were on the verge of taking power and that they had India’s support. I must have been the only journalist there who pointed out that the Maoists were not particularly enamored of Delhi and that India, apart of Tibet and Kashmir, would face another potential pro-Pakistan or pro-Chinese hostile country overlooking it from a strategic height. He looked at me as if I was mad. Yet, now that Nepal has become a ‘secular ‘ country, that is basically anti-Indian and pro Chinese, time will prove me right.

The Mother was correct: man sometimes actually welcomes the forces that are hostile to him or his country or even have come to destroy him. How many times did Indian maharajas, generals, nawabs, invite the enemy in their midst? All Arab and European conquerors had it easy that way.

This leads us to the attitude of the West, particularly of Europe, towards the Syrian refugees. One should not see a concerted conspiracy, but just a bunch of people who are hoping to profit from the higher standards of living and social benefits from countries like Germany or Sweden. But the question is: will they integrate to the cultures of these countries? Will they be grateful to the hands that stretched to them and fed them? Will they be lawful? Past experience tells us that it is unlikely and that some of them might even become the ENEMY WITHIN, as radicalization has taken over much of the Arab youth.

For Those in South Asia who covered Kashmir, remember the old Kashmir, where Sufism and tolerance were still alive till the late eighties, where women went uncovered, cinemas and hotels flourished. But we also witnessed the last Sufi shrine in Kashmir, Char e Sharif burnt to the ground by militants, women forced to cover themselves from head to toe, cinemas banned – and we lost our innocence in the process, henceforth always harboring some suspicion about ‘revolutions’ & ‘refugees’ in the Muslim world.


2 responses to “THE ENEMY WITHIN

  1. Sir, you are right.

  2. African and Syrian refugees are a means to cheap labor in Germany and Greece. The latter cannot pay back its debt unless it gets cheap and free labor. To employ Greek labor would mean retaining existing retirement and pension schemes. This is not a refugee scheme, but a cheap migration scheme that does not raise the hackles of local German workers. Each Syrian is said to have paid $3000 to get a “smooth” passage to Europe.

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