About the @NobelPrize​ & @SriSri

. I went once to Oslo for peace conference. I was surprised to see that many Norwegians were supporters of the Naxalites and the LTTE. What you have to understand is that most Norwegians – and that includes the Nobel Committee are Protestants, with a Leftist view of the world. Hhence the prize this year to the Tunisian quartet. But the so-called Arab Spring is actually a misnomer. Tyrants were replaced by bigger tyrants with a hard islamist view f the world .The irony is that the West supported this move -and still does – look at Syria where the Americans, the French and the English funded and armed Islamists groups, including the ISIS against Assad. What an irony that the ISIS turned against the Americans!
Of course, Hindus and Indian spiritual leaders, such as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar​, who actually contributed to foster a peace agreement between the Colombian Govt and the FARC rebels, are not taken into account by the Nobel Peace Committee. Sri Sri travelled to Cuba at the end of June to meet with the leader of the FARC-EP delegation, Ivan Marquez and further representatives of the FARC peace delegation for intense peace talks. Subsequently, on 28th June 2015, the FARC in a joint press conference together with Sri Sri declared a unilateral ceasefire for initially the duration of 1 month. But the Indian Media never mentioned it. Do you think that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar should have got the Nobel Peace Prize? He has the biggest volunteer force in the world after the Red Cross, and his pranayama techniques have brought joy and relief to millions of people. FG

2 responses to “About the @NobelPrize​ & @SriSri

  1. Veeresh Sharma

    Definitely Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji must get Noble prize for peace initiative arou d the world.

  2. There are more shakers and moovers and culminating dhama the ak awaken kundalini to become light /jyotirgamya will work it out Not Noble via TNT/ why Gandhi didnt get this?

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