What is @NarendraModi’s secret?

Neither that he is more intelligent than another, neither that he is a communalist, neither that he is BJP, but that HE WORKS HARD AND IS DEVOTED TO HIS COUNTRY. If every Minister, every Chief Minister would follow his example and work hard and sincerely every day, India would take off and overtake China in the next five years.
But unfortunately, the Nehruvian legacy makes it that every Minister, including sometimes of the BJP, is too busy doling out favours, for selfish purposes, expecting something in return, dividing India on caste and religious basis, amassing black money either for himself or herself or for the party’s coffers, or utterly not doing much. And even the sincere ones have always an eye on the next state or general elections and how they can win votes, usually by pandering to the Muslim community,as the Muslim vote is playing more and more an important part in elections because of their growing numbers. This is Modi’s biggest and most difficult task, for corruption is not only taking bribes, but doing nothing for Mother India and everything for oneself or one’s party. FG

2 responses to “What is @NarendraModi’s secret?

  1. These Factors like individual blemishes have been present since Times Immemorial. One can slow down but cannot eliminate these vagaries of Human Nature.
    To Eliminate at least next election worries only the totally proven should be given tickets ,Otherwise New faces should be brought in.
    The different Community conundrum is a Serious problem(and to some extent a Global issue) which has to be managed with Skill & Patience. All aspects Cultural, Moral and Political aspects have to be addressed.
    Modiji seems to be having deep insight into these issues & I have hope that if he has a Second term Lot can be achieved. Amen

  2. girish deshmukh

    namo should get 15 yrs.

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