We see more and more today that Indian History has to be rewritten according to the latest linguistic and archaeological discoveries, if Indian children are to understand who they are and where they come from. We know now that not only the history of India’s beginnings were written by European colonizers, with an intention to downsize, downgrade and postdate Indian civilization, but that unfortunately, generation after generation of Marxist Indian historians, such as Romila Thapar, Irfan Habib, KN Pannikar and Mridula Mukherjee, for their own selfish purposes, endorsed and perpetuated these wrong theories, such as the Aryan invasion, which divided India like nothing else, pitting South against North, Aryan against Dravidian, Untouchables against Brahmins.
Not only that, but British and these sold out Marxist historians, eager to give prominence to the Congress, which was in the first place a British institution, robbed of their true places in history giants, such as Sri Aurobindo, who, apart from being the avatar of the ‘supramental’ age, was the early prophet of Indian independence, when all Congress wanted was a few crumbs from the British. As a result, very few Indian children know about Sri Aurobindo today.
Very few people know that there is a museum of Indian history in the Lokh Sabha annexe in Delhi, which was conceived by Somnath Chatterjee, Speaker of the Parliament till 2008. One is extremely surprised to see that for the communists, Indian history starts with Ashoka, a politically correct king because he was supposed to be Buddhist, then passed on to Akbar, another acceptable figure to Marxists & Muslims, as he was an ‘enlightened’ emperor (but pretty ruthless in his early reign), then practically jumps to Subash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru, who are given prime importance in this museum. Not a word about Sri Aurobindo, Tilak or Bipin Chandra Pal, the real revolutionaries of the Indian Independence Movement.
The sad thing is that this beautiful museum, with state-of-the-art facilities, such as the re-enacting of Nehru’s ‘Tryst of Destiny’ speech, with animated wax figures, is seen by so many Indian school children and college students. Hence the need for another Museum, ours: http://fact-india.com/, which we hope will set the record straight. Francois Gautier


  1. Indian history must start from the Rishis and Sages, who gave India its unique spiritual and cultural character. These rishis and sages are the founding fathers of India. A history which has no hindsight is rootless and rubbish.

  2. girish deshmukh

    yesterday heard on times now the great Arnob. He was telling Ramayan And Mahabharat is not real. Hope he reads Aurobindo and in search of Cradle of civilisation by GF, DF, and SK

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