AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PRIME MINISTER @NarendraModi about ‪#‎BiharElections‬

Dear Mr Prime Minister,
Journalists, Leftists, intellectuals, will say Bjp4india lost Bihar because of intolerance. But my feeling is that the consolidated Hindu vote in Bihar got very confused by your image of extreme tolerance in the face of so much slander, demonization, falsehood, personal attacks on yourself, which have damaged India’s reputation abroad. – and your silence about it.
The truth is that while in Gujarat, you were in the center of India and you had still had access to people who dared tell you the truth, not only Delhi is an arrogant, self centred, decentred capital, far way from central and south India, but there are also a hundred layers between you and the people of India, from security, to bureaucrats to your ministers.
There also always has been in your country a bhakti-like tendency to tell the kings, maharajas, gurus, prime ministers, WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR, not what is the reality and you are a also victim of that streak.
Your top people, advisers, are not telling you that the grassroot votebank of Hindus, from the Dalits to the Brahmins, who voted massively for you in the general elections two years ago, are getting very confused. For they voted for the fiery, no nonsense, non politically correct @NarendraModi, who dared to call a spade a spade, who was not afraid of pointing at his enemies and falsehood, who in short, was a defender of the Hindu values, this universal Dharma, that is in fact the most tolerant and wise surviving Knowledge, in a world racked by monotheistic credos.
True you are the Prime Minister of every Indian, and everybody understands that. You yourself, have given ample proof of that since you came to power, by reaching out to even those who wanted you dead. But nobody understands why you have not raised your voice against the terribly untruthful media and intellectual campaign that has been going on against Hindus and yourself for two years. Nobody understands why you seem more tolerant of these enemies than your own people. For instance, MANY OF YOUR HINDU VOTERS DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU LET Subramanian Swamy OR @ARUNSHOURIE BE ATTACKED BY YOUR OWN PEOPLE. THEY HAVE STOOD BY YOU AND SHOULD BE DEFENDED BY YOU. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF MR VAJPAYEE: HINDU LEADERS WHEN THEY COME TO POWER WANT TO BE LOVED – EVEN BY THEIR ENEMIES – WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE. YOU NEED TO BE THE PUTIN OF INDIA – MAYBE HATED BY YOUR ENEMIES, BUT LOVED AND RESPECTED BY YOUR OWN PEOPLE WHO VOTED YOU TO POWER.
Also, why is it, that as every Congress Prime Minister before you, you go to the Valley of Kashmir and announce huge economic packages, which not only subside the separatist movement but also CHANGE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO THE PRO-PAKISTANI FEELING OF THE MUSLIMS OF THE VALLEY OF KASHMIR?

16 responses to “AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PRIME MINISTER @NarendraModi about ‪#‎BiharElections‬

  1. Please don’t lecture Modi. He knows his job and let him handle it. Thank you – who ever you are.

  2. Pragmatic,straight to the heart of the matter. Very practical and frank.
    Good !

  3. Agree again Mr. Gautier.

  4. Agree again Mr. Gautier. He indeed must become the putin of india. That is the only way for success today. The more he bows down the more he is trampled over.

  5. Sri Narendra Modi must remember two points :
    1 ) Indian people want populist development with their age old Hindu culture.
    2) The first point must not be forgotten at any point of time .

  6. I am of the opinion that you should leave copying Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. You should keep up ideals of Vallbhbhai Patel and Bose.It suits to your fiery personality which made you win Loksabha.: It is good and necessary thing for our nation .You should carve image of our country , as the forerunner of the World.Sir ofcourse you tryed and fared best too ,but halfheartedly.Need I say that Bihar election would worry us as much as to you.True to say Behar doesnot stand in relevance to Indian ideologies, religion and culture.I hold no right to talk any thing to you.Whatever I have submitted my feelings for you.Hope you would excuse me sir. My best regards forever for U sir.

  7. Dipti Mansabdar

    Sir , thank you for exactly pin pointing the facts which modiji’s rule is ailing from … We Hindus are actually cowards and have been brainwashed by distorted history , our fake secular constitution and our psyche has been permanently charred by previous experiences …we can never imagine a Hindu rashtra or a pro Hindu ruler ruling over us .. We are very much accustomed to being subjected to harassment in our own country by our own media , pseudo secular s , corrupt political parties and fake intellectuals … We know pretty well in the deepest of our heart that this gang of all idiots is going to hurt us more and more in coming future … Also we know that this is our last chance to regain at least something which we have lost in last ten decades … but still as usual some of our ppl wnt to believe foolishly that the mandate that Modiji got in may 2014 is just for development alone and nothing more than that … They don’t have the slightest idea about art 370 , uniform civil code and the Ram Mandir which we all want to see in its proper place … We know that after our great Maharana Pratap and Shivaji Raje … we have got such leader who can push for the just , pride , and the things which righteously belong to us … But it seems that destiny is playing the same game again for us which was played during these two great king’s rule … Both suffered loneliness , both were deserted by their own ppl and allies , both had to fight through out their lives , both were truly secular and were in complete favour of Hindu rule … Both were termed as misguided Hindus …but still whatever left today about Hindus or Hinduism is just because of these two great Hindu warrior kings … Likewise now also we are still hopeful that this defeat is going to resurrect modiji again for the betterment of this nation … If not now then when …. Destiny never does injustice to anyone …

  8. Sudipto Borat

    I 100 % agree with you.

    From: FRANCOIS GAUTIER To: Sent: Sunday, 8 November 2015 1:10 PM Subject: [New post] AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PRIME MINISTER @NarendraModi about ‪#‎BiharElections‬ #yiv3879084777 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv3879084777 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv3879084777 a.yiv3879084777primaryactionlink:link, #yiv3879084777 a.yiv3879084777primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv3879084777 a.yiv3879084777primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv3879084777 a.yiv3879084777primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv3879084777 | François Gautier posted: “Dear Mr Prime Minister,Journalists, Leftists, intellectuals, will say Bjp4india lost Bihar because of intolerance. But my feeling is that the consolidated Hindu vote in Bihar got very confused by your image of extreme tolerance in the face of so much sl” | |

  9. The media and the political pundits portray the defeat of BJP in Bihar elections as a referendum on PM Modi’s popularity, which is totally wrong. BJP and the allies failed because they could not project a leader as popular and charismatic as Nitish Kumar to rule the state of Bihar. People trust more in the leader than in the party, whatever it may be. This is a big factor to win any election. People cannot vote for a weak leader. Of course Modi is the PM of India. He was not the CM candidate of Bihar.

    Secondly, the results show that Hindus cannot be united or organized into a single community like Christians and Muslims, who vote with religious agenda. Hindus have no religious consciousness. They have the collective responsibility to protect the faith of their motherland. This lack of religious awareness of Hindus shows that for long Hindus have lost their dharmic base for whatever reasons. Hindus are divided on the lines of castes, cults and sects. Because of the existence of innumerable sects like Saivism, Vaishnavism, Sakteyism, Tantrikism, etc. the Hindu community does not have strong and collective spiritual bond between them. One sect would not like the rise of the other sect despite the veneer of apparent ideological and ritual homogeneity.

    The present Hindus have no proper awareness or memory about the history of their persecution and enslavement in the past by the Islamic rulers and the Christian British kingdom. Millions of their ancestors were butchered because they were Hindus. Their gurus were subjected to a most humiliating and horrible death for preaching their religion. The Hindus forget to remember that Islam and Christianity do not tolerate any other religious beliefs. Unlike Hinduism, Islam and Christianity preach an intolerant religion and promise hell for the non-believers, who do not accept their version of God. During Islamic rule, penal tax was levied on Hindus and Christians who were not adherents to Islam. There should be a worldwide awareness about the threat of religious intolerance and terrorism in the name of religion.

    To many lower caste Hindu communities, the revival of Hinduism creates an apprehension that they would lose social equality because of the upper caste politics, which is a misplaced fear because the constitution has changed and it ensures equality for all. There is no scope for the perpetuation of caste system in the constitution. Therefore, it is a misplaced fear. Moreover, the Dalits and backward communities have moved up the social and political ladder and today India cannot be ruled without the participation of these communities and their leaders. So the resistance to a nationalist party like BJP is generally not in favor of India’s tolerant cultural and spiritual tradition.

    Although they have escaped humanity from the dark ages of superstition and provided it a platform of monotheism and democratic values, Christianity and Islam cannot provide save the human race now. The tenure of the spiritual renaissance they have brought about has ended. When we see the past and present history, the human race has suffered much bloodshed in the name of Christianity and Islam and it continues to be so now. The human race is suffering from disquiet and moral corruption of all sorts.

    It is time for the Hindus to unite and reinvigorate Hinduism, the most ancient wisdom tradition in the world, under a strong spiritual leadership that preaches the belief in the only one God Brahman (not the trinity god Brahma) rejecting all traces of caste references from their scriptures. The Santana tradition of Indian spirituality (different from the temple tradition) provides a world view that unites all religions and people and provides them a path of purity, wisdom and spiritual fulfillment. After the time of Sri Sankara, such a spiritual leadership has arisen in the southern tip of India, where the three oceans meet. The Guru Parampara of Navajyoti Sri Karunakara Guru is a promising socio-spiritual movement that can lead the human race to the next age of spiritual fulfillment uniting Hindus, Christians and Muslims and all others under one banner without the barriers of caste and religious divide.

  10. Sir, I agree with you completely. I even tweeted back to Namo

    … the issue is simple.. you cannot win over your enemies. that is too naïve. You have to neutralise them …if some of them turn to you as friends , can be be it…. but do not be magnanimous with enemies..that is too stupid…and Hindu leaders are doing it again again for few thousand years now..

  11. Make sure that you always get paid. Your masters are wonderful in cheating also.

  12. Dhirendra Pandey


  13. Dear Mr. Gautier:

    The brown sahibs who run the “sickular” Indian English media and the white-skinned hypocrites who work as India correspondents for American and European publications are all reading what they want into the results of the Bihar elections.

    The truth is not that the Bihar result is a rejection of divisive politics; instead, the Bihar result is an acceptance of divisive politics. It is the caste equations that did the BJP and its allies in. The average Indian does not care about Dadri or Moodbidri for that matter, and the award-wapsi movement is only fit for the nightly menstruation that passes of as debates on English TV channels.

    But, for the presstitutes of the Indian English media and for the fifth column that is represented by the Indian Left and their pet “intellectuals,” caste-based voting is an expression of progressiveness, while religion-based voting is not, unless of course it is communities other than Hindus who are voting as blocs.

    Thank you.

  14. Agree wholeheartedly with the writeup (except the bit on Aurn Shourie who has made himself bitter and indefensible).. I sincerely hope this and other letters to the PM actually reach him… Very important that he and the BJP team gets to at least read it.

  15. Someone should hand deliver this letter to the PM

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