about @IndianCongress, @Aamir_khan & Hostile forces

Let me come back girls and boys to the asuric element that is prevalent India at the moment with much of the Media, intellectuals from the Nehruvian school, Bollywood, Congress politicians etc.

From a logical, cold mind point of view, this campaign against Narendra Modi & the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Government’s supposed intolerance, by the likes of @Aamir_khan, Shah Rukh Khan, or the Indian National Congress, does not stand to scrutiny : you can pretty much do and say what you want in India – in fact, Sonia Gandhi, who is a born foreigner, living like an empress in India, worshipped by mostly Hindus, should be the first one to admit it.

You only have to compare it to countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Qatar, etc, where minorities such as Christians or Hindus, do not have the same rights as the indigenous population, to deflate the Intoerance argument in one shot.

Yet, we see also that the Media, particularly NDTV c/o Barkha Dutt or India Today at the hands of the ubiquitous Rajdeep Sardesai, are the main vectors of this slanderous and untruthful campaign, although some small part of their consciousness must be telling them that it is wrong. Of course Leftists intellectuals, Muslims, Christians, sycophants of Mrs Gandhi, are not very far behind.

And it is working – the biggest mistake of the BJP and Mr Modi is to underestimate these enemies and think they can work for them. It breaks my heart to witness the Parliament again stalled and to see all the PM’s and Mr Ajit Doval’s work at the risk of being jeopardized on domestic policies.I know Mr Modi may be confident to override all this, but time goes so FAST : if next state elections at lost, because of all this negative untruthful campaign general Elections will be around the corner and the huge, fearsome possibility that the BJP might LOSE power once again.

How is it that it is working, when it is so false and does not stand to scrutiny? How is it that so many forces are working together against Mr Modi, the BJP and the Hindus, without any apparent or possible concerting together (I doubt that Mrs Gandhi, Amir Khan, or JNU type intellectuals have secret meetings to discuss strategy against Modi)? Because of the Asuric or hostile forces which are very active at moment and find easily ready instruments to do their destructive work.

All gurus have always said that the human earth is the field of a play between hostile and divine forces. Let us all be then on the side of the Divine, let us unite and fight the adharmic forces which at this crucial juncture are attacking ancient and spiritual India. Are you ready for that battle? And what can you do for your country? This is the question that all of you have to answer NOW. fg

5 responses to “about @IndianCongress, @Aamir_khan & Hostile forces

  1. Sir, I have such high regard for you, I could not agree more on this one. Narendra Modi has DEFINITELY underestimated the challenge these forces could be.

    The sooner he accept the fact the for ugly people solution is ugly. He need to counter and finish them. Otherwise this country will in another great paralysis. I do not think that Modi is equipped fully with “attitude” required to take some bold steps.

    His line of thinking seem to be I will work for the betterment of people and rest my lord will take care of it ! tha’s too bad. It is good for common man, as individual !

    Its dangerous for politician, and also PM of India. Unless he shows courage, even those who support will desert him like anything. He has to show that he can go after his enemies, even if there is little huge cry ..let it be… but as you said sometime back…. better to be loved by supporters always…than to be deceived by enemies!

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  3. While it is best that someone internet savvy instals it for you, you can do it yourself by following the procedures here – http://www.wpbeginner.com/beginners-guide/step-by-step-guide-to-setup-feedburner-for-wordpress/

  4. India is the only civilization in the world where the spiritual cosmic connection has always been continuously celebrated and reinforced through different festivals , ceremonies and rituals all around the year . If we look at the zodiacal signs and constellations then we find that all these symbols are connected with different avatars of Shri Hari Vishnu like Pieces with Fish Avatar ,Leo -with Man-Lion Avatar , Sagittarius with Horse – Faced Vishnu ,Aries – Mars with Lord Rama ,Lord Shiva’s vehicle Bull is connected with sign Taurus , Shiva ‘s son Kumar -kartikeyan is linked with constellation of Capricorn etc. Virgo -Venus ,Pleiades are invoked through the celebrations of Goddess in different seasons . Winter/Summer Solstice and Equinoxes are celebrated by worshiping of different gods and goddesses . And not only that the zodiacal animals of Chinese , Tibetan , Egyptian Native -American astrology are also associated with different gods and goddesses either as their vehicles or as their servant – helpers . And these festival celebrations and performing of rituals,that is what gives gives the sustaining power to Indian civilization . The Kumbha Mela (fair ) is associated with Sign Aquarius – a twelve year festival . This cosmic geography is revisited by Indians every year by celebrating different festivals , by performing many rituals and many different types of ceremonial – worships .

    According to Master’s everything that is going on in Europe WILL NOT turn into Third World War. Though the refugees are not , what they look like ,they are not ordinary humans. They are representative of Hostile Forces and they are there to mess it all up in Europe and through Europe will try to affect the whole world .But how are they going to do it since they can not have repeat performance of WW2. So what new strategy they will have and that is to bring about a greater psychological crisis then in comparison to what right now the Europe is facing ,which will be more visible in coming months and years.
    According to Indian Mythology (as it is written in Ramayana , Mahabharata and in other Puranas) ,on Earth along with race of humans ,there always existed the races of Rakshasas,Daityas ,Danvas , Asuras and Pishachas (vampires) in ordinary human form. That means they have human like bodies but with some supernatural powers,which they even develop more,when they grow..In fact ,they are born with these extra-sensory powers,as it is described in Indian Puranas,when the lives of all Hostile Beings are narrated. And since these Anti-Divine Beings have these Magical Powers so they attack humans on Psychic plane and it is where the ordinary humans are defenseless,as they are not spiritually advance enough to ward off these attacks.
    Even spiritually advance beings like SA & TM and JK remain under attack from these beings,as we know from their statements.
    These are the Aliens, about which the Western New Age generation talks about ,since they are not familiar with Indian Mythology,they do not have any real assessment of the situation..
    To save oneself and ones’s own families reading and reciting of BagvadGita,DurgaSaptashati(700 verses in the praise of goddessDurga) or any other mantra or holy scriptures would be great help.
    So European will be facing both mental anguish plus soul crisis too.
    This battle eternal is an on going thing -never stops,like The Day and The Night .We humans are creatures of the Day and hostile beings are creatures of the Night.And that is the reason why Indian scriptures warn humans not to roam around unnecessarily after the Sun-Down as during those hours until the Dawn creatures of the Night remains powerful.

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