About ‪#‎ParisClimateConference‬ . I am not one of those doomsayers

, who are predicting the end of the world in another 50 years because of ‪#‎Climate‬ change or warming-up of the Planet. Ecologists today are often opportunists, who have made a business of doomsaying – Remember how Rajendra Pachauri, the head of IPCC & TERI, faked data to show that Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2030? H e nevertheless got a Nobel Prize!
True we are polluting the earth with our carbon emissions and waste of electricity. But man in his small ego always thinks he can do and undo everything. The truth is that throughout the Ages, when there was no man-made pollution, there have been periodic warming and cooling of the earth. The Saraswati river disappeared during one of those warming of the earth. The ancient dinosaurs also became extinct when the temperatures increased.
Environment, which started as a genuine concern for humanity’s welfare, has become perverted today and many of its members are actually anti-Hindu, anti-Modi, witness @GreenPeace. FG

One response to “About ‪#‎ParisClimateConference‬ . I am not one of those doomsayers

  1. So golbal warming made the dinosaurs disppear, Mr. Gautier? And what were you doing, writing a fanciful hindu history of India? Your brain should be permanently preserved for posterity to learn from.

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