About @DonalTrump & Political correctness

What do you think at Donald J. Trump’s statement of banning entry of Muslims in the USA? It seems to me an impractical idea, not feasible. But what I am surprised at is the outrage it has provoked in the world! The outrage should be about Muslims begeading journalists, stoning women, machine gunning hundreds of innocent youth, leaving your 6 months daughter before killing your co-wrokers and committing suicide… Not condemn a man’s words, which are only words and not bullets or bombs.

2 responses to “About @DonalTrump & Political correctness

  1. the world is reacting more strongly and harshly to Trump’s statement than the atrocities of the ISIS which they have turned a blind eye to and are taking for granted as something natural to them.. terrible irony.. Muslims indeed have a lot of luck.. good sense and sensibility severely lacking in the world…

  2. It seems Mr Trump is a practical person. Prevention is better than cure. When a snake enters a house we do not analyse whether it is venomous or not . We often drive it out if not kill it altogether.

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