About #NirbhayaCase , @FirstPost, Hindus & Muslims

When it comes to accusing Hindus, the Media has no qualms
saying the name ‘Hindus’ repeatedly, even if these are false accusations. But in the case of the nameless juvenile, who has been rumored to be the one who pushed an iron rod in Nirbhaya’s vagina, thereby ensuring that she would ultimately die, not a single article has mentioned the fact that he is a Muslim. But note in this article that @Firstpost says that he is being released because he is a model inmate ‘offering namaaz five times a day and fasting during Ramzan’!!! Do not the ISIS terrorists also faithfully do their namaaz five times a day! What hypocrites your Media, girls and guys, why don’t you protest with FirstPost? They are part of the @CNNIBN group, which is basically anti-Hindu, even after @RajdeepSardesai’s departure. FG

4 responses to “About #NirbhayaCase , @FirstPost, Hindus & Muslims

  1. Shubasree Vaidyanathan

    Francois, trust you to find out something that others don’t and express the truth with courage.Now let the poeple question how a heinous crime can be condoned on the basis that the criminal was fasting during Ramzan & praying 5 times everyday.If anyone wants to complain about intolerance, they can scream as loudly as they want to and if they want to leave India they can by all means.

  2. Irrespective, it is a massive miscarriage of justice.

  3. Yes. This guy was tried under Juvenile Justice law only because he is Muslim… Now he will be out… And he has been reportedly radicalised while in Juvenile custody… So a bigger danger… rapist + terrorist

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