#NationalHerald, #Aryan, #IndianCongress

Watching Sonia and Rahul Gandhi walk into Patiala Court, surrounded by all these bodyguards, police, courtiers, sycophants, it really felt as if they were royalty and we were still in the British Raj. I am also a White person like Sonia Gandhi, but I do not have that arrogance, because I felt so many times that it is India that gives me, not me who gives to India – and if I give something of me to India – it is only in return as a gratitude for all that She has given to me.

It is a pity that Indians have still that inferiority complex, which coupled with the fake Aryan Invasion, which never happened, makes them worship White Skin. I worship India, its people, its tolerance, its temples, its spirituality, its great gurus, its wonderful friends, its unique atmosphere. But the Congress and millions of Indians, particularly its warped Media, worship Sonia Gandhi her white skin, her fake Aryan origin, her arrogance, her imperiousness. The Empress…

Yet there is no doubt that the Gandhi family is one of the most corrupt and richest in the world today. I knew well Rajiv Gandhi, he was a fairly decent man, with no clue about India, like his son, who got embroiled in the Bofors case, thinking that the bribe would go to his party’s coffers. Thereafter, scam after scam has been unearthed. The #Nationalherald case is only the tip of the iceberg. Mrs Gandhi has more money that she will ever need in this life and the next one..

When @NarendraModi came to power, we all thought that the Gandhi family was finished and that Sonia would go back to her country to escape the ugliness of Indian politics an enjoy her money. But this not the case. Because of the arrogance and inexperience of the @BJP4U and the mysterious ways of Mr Modi, it looks that her Indian karma is not finished and that the @IndianCongress has a chance to come back in 2019.

Sad, sad, bothers and sisters….
Cry O my beloved India, look at what Thy Children are doing to Thee…

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