The greatest fault of Rajiv, Sonia, Rahul or Priyanka Gandhi is not that there are bad people per se, BUT THAT THEY HAVE NO CONNECTION TO INDIA’S SPIRITUALITY. The genius of India is in its ancient knowledge. Any foreigners who came to India and could not connect to it, ended-up leaving without any clue, or even hating India, like many diplomats and foreign journalists in Delhi ultimately do. For then, you only see the flaws of India – and there are so many – poverty, dirtiness, corruption, chaos…
In these photos, you can see the new India that Narendra Modi is trying to bring in – or rather it is the ancient India which is resurfacing again in domains where it had completely disappeared like politics, because of three centuries of colonization and eight decades of Nehruvianism & Indian National Congress rule. But it’s going to be a long battle for Mr Modi, for he has also to bring back this “Indian-ness’ to education, which is totally westernized today and just produces clones good for export. FG

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  1. Sir what would you suggest if I wish to learn Indian ancient knowledge! more precisely, who is interpreting it correctly? whom to learn from and where to go? what to read?

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