The release of the #Nirbaya rapist also is a leftover of the British Raj and part of India’s inferiority complex. Indians always want to be more democratic than the West. Hence Indians judges, instead of adapting judgments to Indian conditions, which are vastly different from the West, apply to the letter, rules and laws that were mostly made by the British and suited their temperament. Also, this fear of Islam, that is unconsciously present in the Indian psyche, which has been terrorized by Islamic invaders for 15 centuries, which encouraged rape, because it is sanctioned against non Muslims in the Koran, makes them scared of this particular rapist is a Muslim, though the Indian Media never mentions it. This an should stay in jail for 20 years, as he is the one who rammed an iron rod in ‪#‎Nirbaya‬’s vagina, which brought her ultimate death. In the USA, he would never had been freed. FG

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