#CharlieHebdo, #MuslimPledgeFor Peace

Every Muslim in the world should repeat every day this prayer: “I am a true Muslim. I believe that Allah is the only true God. At the same time I am aware that billions of of my brothers and sisters on this earth, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, other Muslims, like Shias, Amadhis, etc, follow different religions, have other Gods.

And while I will stay faithful to my exclusive monotheist belief, I shall henceforth accept and respect that there is a great diversity of religions on this Planet. This will ensure peace between nations and religions and an end to the war that is going on now between the West, along with India and China, against Al-Qaeda, the ISIS and other Islamic terrorist organizations. For without my silent support, these terrorists who kill in the name of Islam and the Holy Koran, will soon wither and die”.

Pass it on to ten of your friends and ask them to do the same. Please someone translate in Hindi . Francois

2 responses to “#CharlieHebdo, #MuslimPledgeFor Peace

  1. girish deshmukh


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