#CharlieHebdo one year ago. Any lessons learnt?

Remember that the ‪#‎CharlieHebdo‬ attacks one year ago? Do you think the world has learnt anything? Or is it still “oh, it’s only a few misguided terrorists. The rest of Islam is peaceful”. Or “This is not what the ‪#‎Koran‬ teach”. Or @Jihad is only about inner struggle”? Do you think that saying that will get me labelled as an Islamophobic? Or is Islam ready to listen and adapt the Koran to the 21st century? Which means accepting that there are other religions, other credos and that they need to be respected while staying faithful to one’s belief. Do a small test: ask your Muslim neighbor/friend/colleague whether he is ready to respect the fact that Hindus have their Gods, or that Christians believe in Jesus Christ. If he says yes, ask him or her to come to your temple and your church, as your yourself, as an Hindu, have not only respected Mohammed or Jesus Christ for centuries, but have no issues going to church or a mosque, thinking you are committing a mortal sin. FG

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