There is another daemon you have to fight, boys and girls, it is alcohol. This is a cancer that is eating India’s entrails, as much as corruption. Everybody drinks tremendous amounts in India, from the villages, where men buy cheap brandy or rum, to the cities where your young rich crowd guzzles Black Label whisky. The Indian youth think that it is hep and smart to start drinking early, but they are actually killing themselves slowly but surely.
But it is in the villages hat it is the worst: there men consume their wages in drinking, spoil their health by the time they are 40, beat up their wives and children regularly.
YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND BOYS AND GIRLS, THAT DRINKING IS ALSO A BRITISH LEGACY. In the old times, men use to smoke ganja that grew wild. They did not get violent, they did not beat up their wives, they did not spend their salaries on it. But of course, the Indian Govt had to ape the West and ban ganja on which it made no profit, whereas it taxes unto 40% alcohol. Today more and more it is accepted that Ganja or hashish are les harmful to the health than alcohol and more and more countries are legalizing it. How can we fight against this Evil that is alcohol????. You tell me….

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