How many of you are from Varanasi boys and girls, or have been there? The most ancient, holiest city in India, there where magic flies at every corner?
Well, at the moment, Varanasi is a a huge mess. The four lane highway from airport to city that was mooted decades ago is still a dream. traffic is hell, chaotic, dangerous. There is a thick cloud of dust pervading the city, that affects newborns and children with asthma and other respiratory diseases. Where are the flyovers long promised? garbage is everywhere, slums are sore eye, encroachment is a way of life here. The Ganges has receded so much compared to the days where I used to come regularly and as dirty as ever.
Yet, a few simple decisions could effect tremendous change in Varanasi: relocate the bus stand outside the city, The cantonment takes a huge space in the city, whereas Benares is not particularly a a sensitive military target. Part to the whole of the cantonment could be shifted to outside Benares, where the army has plenty of property, thereby freeing valuable land fo civic use. Like in Delhi, an odd and even rule could be enforced for the rickshaws only, who alone create the most chaos. Littering could be punished on the spot with a 100 Rs fine. A few flyovers and Benares could see tremendous improvement. But who will take that decision? Mayors have no power in India and there is so much power brokering in Varanasi, even amongst the BJP.
What about Benares Hindu University boys and girls? Well the word ‘Hindu’ should be removed, for there is nothing Hindu left in that university. Nor is yoga taught, nor pranayama, nor meditation, nor the lives of Shivaji Maharaj or the Rani Of Jhansi, nor the marvelous poetry of Kalidasa, not the tremendous philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, nor the eternal truth of the Bhagavad Gita. The standards of teaching have gone down tremendously, thanks to a succession of incapable vice-chancellors, including the present one, Prof Girish Chandra Tripathi, who seems to have been chosen, because he is related to the the BJP named Governor of Bengal.
BHU has a marvelous campus, Contrary to Varanasi city, green, clean, with plenty of accommodation, but the only Hindu university in India, when there are so many Islamic colleges and even more Christian schools and colleges, who are proud of their roots, has lost its relevance and is ashamed of being Hindu. There needs a radical and revolutionary change in BHU, boys and girls. DO you think Mr @NarendraModi knows about it? Should we tell him, as Varanasi has elected him for CHANGE. Your opinion please. FG


  1. Our PM promised so many things for Varanasi when he visited the holy city soon after becoming PM. At least acting on the suggestions of Mr Gautier could help save the city.

  2. Hindus were fools to believe that Modi would save Varanasi or Kashi. What he said before LS 2014 poll was to win election. Two years on, there is no sign that he would fullfil any of his promises to Hindus. He is too busy travelling all over the world.

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