I have spoken so much against ‪#‎Islam‬ boys and girls, that I should say something good about it. I have also defended Hindus so much, that I may be allowed to criticize them too. So, here it is:
1) Contrary to Hindus, Muslims are proud to be Muslims and do no shy from flashing their identities and beliefs.
2) There is a universal brotherhood in Islam. When I came to India, I drove from Paris to Delhi in a a caravan of five cars, my best friend then (he died unfortunately) was Ahmed Mzali,a French Moroccan. In all the Muslim countries we crossed – Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan – he would say ‘Salaam Alikum’ and people would smile, open their doors, give us drinks, food, share their hookas.
‪#‎Hindus‬ however, must be some of the most selfish and individualistic people in the world. Rich Hindus never help their poorer brothers and sisters – thats why the Mother Teresa’s and Sonia Gandhis are able to flourish in India. A Hindu abroad never acknowledges another Hindu, but pretends he or she does not exist.
3) There are some boundaries in Islam – such as no alcohol, or smoking, which attracts new converts or even draws back Muslims who have strayed away from the path. Whereas in Hinduism, there are no such rules and drinking’s a huge problem for India – mostly by Hindus, rich and poor alike.
4) Muslims will die for their beliefs – in fact they will kill if they feel their God has been insulted, even in a mild way. You can insult Hindus and their Gods and Goddesses as much as you want and nothing will happen to you.
5) Muslims are very religious and pray five times a day towards the Mecca. Most Hindus don’t give a damn about their religion and will attend temple or pujas, once a year when their dear ones die.
6) Muslims feel for their brothers which they think are persecuted, in Palestine, Chechnya or Kashmir. A billion Hindus dont have not raised a finger about the 360.000 Kashmiri Pandits who became refugees in their own country after they were chased out by terror from the Valley of Kashmir in the 90’s.
7) Muslims make sure their kids learn bout the Koran, whether it is at home or in Madrasas. They also see to it that as soon as they can, they start praying. Hindus today don’t give a damn whether their children know about the Ramayana, the Mahabharata or the Bhagavad Gita, where every truth that needs to be known about life, after life, karma, dharma and soul is taught. Modern Hindu children do not go to temples, pray or know what is a puja.
8) Muslims have also learnt to compete with Christian College education by starting their own Colleges, with high academic standards, such as the Delhi Jamia Millia Islamia university, while making sure they are Islamic in their outlook, and structure.
Hindus do not care to have colleges where Hindu values are imparted. and the only one ever, the Benares Hindu University, should not be called ‘Hindu’ anymore, as nothing Hindu is taught there anymore.
8) Muslims love and cultivate a different language -Urdu for that matter. Sanskrit, the world’s oldest language, the most sophisticated and subtle, that could have a myriad uses such as programming, has totally fallen in disuse, as no Hindus cares to teach it to their children.
9) Muslims respect their historical heroes. Aurangzeb, for instance,whom many historians still consider as a stern but just emperor, though he was cruel even to his own family, is revered by most Muslims. In Pakistan, fathers still name their sons ‘Aurangzeb’. Compare this with the Hindus: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who alone with a few hundred men, stood his ground against the most powerful emperor of his times, has practically no place in Indian History books and is often described as a petty chieftain or even a plunderer. So is Maharana Pratap, the ONLY rajput who fought against the Moguls and actually defeated Akbar in Hadilgathi. Does Maharana Pratap have his rightful place in Indian History books. You tell me.
10) Muslims strive to preserve their identities and communities. they tend to live together in villages and towns, so that some bonding and common practices are kept. This is not true of Hindus who tend to merge and melt wherever they live – and in the process, lose some their identities and togetherness.
11) Mahatma Gandhi called Muslims ‘bullies ‘ and Hindus ‘cowards’. Was he far from the truth? It is true that Muslims will fight for their beliefs – albeit violently – and that Hindus at the least sign of trouble, go underground. (To be followed)


  1. Best article which every hindu must read

  2. deshdeepaksharmaa

    Very Well Written. 100 % True. We Hindus are more Selfish in general.

  3. I strongly agree with ur views..

  4. Rather sad but true commentary on modern hindus. After a 1000 years of subjugation hindus today have a total lack of confidence in their identity. Most have already rejected hinduism though they appear to go through the motions and are nominal hindus. Im not sure where the selfishness originates from. Is it our genes or is it a culture we developed.

  5. Sweetheart…surely there must be more to life than religion,blind faith and mobbing religious ? BTW he best whores can be found in Tirupati..personal experience

  6. To mr venu…what exactly is a hindu ??

  7. I agree.
    Any philosophy which have democratic principal in it will be like this.Also it is being kaliyuga morel values and indepth thinking will have less takers.But be sure whatever happens don’t worry.The time as we experience is comparatively tiny.
    Dharma will Prevail
    Om shanthi.

  8. Islam is the best and perfect religion in the world.
    Frankly speaking there is no comparison between Islam and Hinduism. Because Pak-Indo separation’s main concept is “two nation theory” which means both nations are completely different from each other.

  9. Hindus are charitable its just they don’t flash it for everyone to see.Besides theres a Telugu saying (I’m translating it)
    “If you do charity with your right hand even your left hand shouldn’t be aware of it”.

  10. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam(“the world is one family”.) the basic concept of Indian philosophy.(I don’t prefer to use word Hinduism, because it has been derived from Persian version).Tendency of living together in villages and town in polarized system doesn’t matter in this sense because, I born and brought up in a village in Karnataka where We(Muslims, Hindus, and others – sorry to mentioning names of religions) never felt difference. Regarding charity there is no publicized version, it is in born and practiced whole span of our lives.

    We need not to celebrate the days like Women’s day, Father’s day and so on like in Western culture, every moment our soul is celebrating these.

    Language particularly you are indicated Urdu, in our region so called Muslims alone speak more than 8 languages like Urdu, Kannada,Bary, Bhatkali, Konkani Telugu, Marathi, Tamil etc, even some never understand single word Urdu, who are not speaking Urdu.

    Some people for sake of their self advantages polarizing and splitting the society.

    Mr. FRANCOIS GAUTIER, My respected advice to you study Indian society’s life styles, before penning polarizing articles like this. Please note that We Indians don’t want to be like Europeans geographically divided. I think there will be no equivalent words in western languages that Indian languages have words of love towards a fellow human.

  11. @aayan khan – pakistan, the land of the pure, was carved out by its founding father who was a muslim, a pork-eater & an alcohol-drinker & a shia, after exhorting the followers of the best religion of the world to kill others for his demand, starting from the day of ramadan….then the land of the pure went on to authorize slaughter of its own creators, the ahmadiyas & shias as well as all non-sunnis, as one of the national duties of pakistani sunni-citizens…………clearly, islam is the best religion in the world, as a death-cult to be used to cull the population, until no human is left, because a pious muslim’s focus is on achieving shahada in the way of establishing a dar-ul-islam by any manner possible; life on this plane is the least of his concern. thus, frankly, there is simply no comparison between islam which is a religion, and Dharma.

  12. Zafar sharif choudhury

    Indrid cold you son of bitch our islam is a religion of love where blood of innoncent is shown importance unlike hinduism where a person is killed for beef hinduism is utter nonsense and y ur caste system

  13. Best Article sir.
    But is hindus really are coward? No.
    In our constitution article 30, which prohibits dharma education to hindus but allows Muslims and Christians for their religious education. Article 14 says all people of India should be treated equally but article 30 denies hindus to have their own rights on temple, education and much. was not this a conspiracy by Nehru and British.

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