As usual in human nature, one goes from one extreme to the other.
It is true that Dalits for a long time were the most downtrodden in India, though, as Sri Aurobindo emphasised, in ancient India, every caste had its place, purpose and pride.
But since independence, the Government of India, including the @IndianCongress has gone all out to uplift the Dalits.
As a result, Dalits have become MP’s, ministers, chief ministers, presidents of India, generals and is not today’s Prime Minister also from an OBC caste. Is that not a proof that anybody can rise in India?
Little is known that Brahmins and other upper castes, have become today the Dalits of India,
working as coolies, toilet cleaners, often unemployed, sometimes ostracised (in Tamil Nadu), benefiting from no quotas or subsidies.

Contrary to what is portrayed by the Media concerning the suicide of the Hyderabad Dalit student, being a Dalit today in India is a definite advantage and there is a good chance that the Government will look after you from birth to death, if you are smart enough to know how to fill up forms and know the loopholes. In fact it has sometimes become a business tp be a Dalit today and I know quite a few leaders who are exploiting their status to make money and appear on TV channels,claiming to represent all the Dalits of India.

Dalits such as Kancha Ilaya, are usually christian converts, extremely aggressive and obnoxious against anything Hindu and Brahminic, promoting drinking, meat eating and anything that could offend Hindus.
I am not saying that there are no more caste inequalities in India, but only that you should be careful when you read black and white, sensationalised statements in the Media about this suicide.
When you read some rubbish about Dalits, think about this: Amrita Anandamayi, comes from the lowest caste in India, that of the Kerala fishermen, she was poor illiterate and look what she has become: brahmins prostrate themselves at her feet, she has created world class hospitals, universities, some of the brightest brains of the West are her disciples. Is not anything possible in Hindu India? When your media goes in frenzy without doing some proper investigative journalism, like in the Hyderabad story, it gives fodder to all the Hindu hater intellectuals and Indologists abroad, the Wendy Donniger, Witzel’s Christophe Jafferlot’s who have harped for decades about caste inequalities in India and harmed the image of your country WHICH GIVES A CHANCE TO ALL REGARDLESS OF THEIR CASTE, RELIGION AND SOCIAL STATUS.
You tell me boys and girls…. FG


  1. NDA govt is the most impartial and does not encourage appeasement. It wants to undo the wrongs committed in the name of minoritism and resrvationism.

  2. girish deshmukh

    rightly said sir , i know people who have suffered at hands of dalits. dalit student suffering is a big news and it should be , but suffering of any student irrespective of caste or religion should be big news. These students r future of India and they must not suffer. The day all students suffering [irrespective of caste or religion ] is equally noticed then India will progress

  3. Dear Mr. Gautier:

    First of all, we should stop using this word “dalit;” it promotes feelings of victimization and entitlement on the basis of that victimization. There is no end to such feelings.

    People belonging to the so-called deprived castes now seem to have a free pass for insulting and assaulting institutions as well as people of other communities. The sickular Mainstream Media and Hindu-hating Left support such attacks because they embody “social justice.”

    A vote on the basis of caste is a vote for change, according to the Mainstream Media and Nehruvian intellectuals. But, a vote on the basis of religion is regressive, unless those voting belong to a minority.

    Castes such as the Gounders, Gowdas, Lingayats, Yadavs, Jats, and Thevars have been the unworthy recipients of the government’s hamhanded efforts at social engineering. People belonging to these communities are caste oppressors and not victims. Thus, social justice has been reduced to a mockery.

    Social justice, according to this warped thinking, will be achieved only when the so-called upper castes are relegated to the lowest jobs available. Sadly, those who propagate such ideas themselves belong to the so-called upper castes. God alone knows why they hate their own kind with such intensity.

    Thank you.

  4. Can’t agree more with you!.

    Kancha Ilaiah always seems to me like some one who got serious issues when he was a child, untreated. I know him from very close enough to understand his agenda but far enough keeping safe from his/pseudo followers lash. His book “why I’m not a Hindu” is supported by people from Vatican and English Church (he received awards from British Parliament, what a democratic institution has got to do with a non-citizen, you may understand!). But it is the tolerance of the majority Hindu Indians which these people take for granted and publish this kind of s**t. I wonder could he dare to say something like “Why I am not a muslim” (Ofcourse he is not, he is converted Christian)? Would British Parliament dare to award him for that book with out getting bashed by its Muslim citizens ( again there are sizeable Hindus in UK, who are tolerant to this farse).

    Coming to the dalit issue, being a dalit is now-a-days a boon. They can do what ever they want. If somoone tries to say what they are doing is wrong, they play the SC/ST act card. Ofcourse not all dalits misbehave, but I think it is not wrong to say nearly All dalits use this SC/ST act.

    I want to state one thing (reference The Vedas, source of all literature of this land), DALITS ARE HINDUS, period. As Hindu a Brahmin is, as Hindu a Kshatriya is, as Hindu a Yadava is, as Hindu a Vysya is, as Hindu a Patel is, as Hindu a Nadar is.

    We all need to understand one thing, politicians have stooped so low that the current opposition (every one out of NDA, see Mahagatbandhan where no ideology is concerned only greed to get power) and the current polity has become so performing that the opposition has run out of ideas 🙂

    Despite all this, as an NRI, I can only see bright future for India. Check WEF 2016 Davos, IMF’s prediction for India, anything world is talking about India is only good. These opposition can try any thing but they will only be punished more in next elections. They will never learn from their mistakes, good for this country 🙂

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