@NarendraModi supporters are puzzled today

I know quite a few hardcore supporters of Narendra Modi​, who are puzzled – and sometimes angry- that like Mr Vajpayee, before him, as soon as he became Prime Minister of India, he changed his tigers stripes for the fluffy white cotton of a lamb, who sheds tears over the death of a dalit (who was not even a real dalit), before his people told him that the guy insulted everybody, specially anything Hindu, and repeatedly challenged the authorities of the university.

Concentrating on the economy and foreign trips only, may make him friends amongst westerners and businessmen, but Mr Modi does not seem to understand, like Mr Vajpayee before him, that he will loose the next general elections, because the common Hindu, from the Dalit to the upper castes, who elected him in a united vote two years go, don’t give a hoot about Obama, Francois Hollande and free enterprise. Mr Modi also does not seem to grasp that Muslims, Christians, Intellectuals and most of the Media, will always hate him, however much he tries to please them.

I also hear that a lot of hardcore friends of the Prime Minister, who supported him in his darkest hours, when the entire Indian National Congress​, the Media and many western leaders were after his blood, to put him in jail, are being shunned by Mr Modi & the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)​ now, have no access to him and no way to tell hm what the real people of India feel about his Government. Delhi is a big bubble, totally cut off from the real India, where diplomats, journalists, bureaucrats and politicians pat each other’s back and forget totally about rural India, whom they are going to need at the next legislative elections. Some of these disgruntled erstwhile friends of Mr Modi are now whispering that the Prime Minister has lost his fiery, down to earth, no nonsense, pro-Hindu personality and has adopted the Delhi mode of thinking, forgetting why and by whom he was elected…

he has lost the last three regional elections, they say and instead of drawing a lesson of humility from it, of reviewing his public relations, he has reappointed Mr Amit Shah​ and still listens to himself, whereas even Sonia Gandhi had a national Advisory Council, which she consulted frequently.

As in this article below, they say that nothing has changed: education is still the Congress-type of education, Kashmir is as bad as ever and Pandits are a long way from returning; Article 370 and Ram temple will never happen and Hindus continue to shrink in West bengal, Assam and UP…..

I don’t know what to think, boys and girls, as I am a great supporter of Mr Modi and I have been thinking for a long time that he is the right type of India at a crucial moment, a vibhuti, maybe even. But after listening to al these friends, I have started to doubt even myself… please enlighten me. Fr

10 responses to “@NarendraModi supporters are puzzled today

  1. Modi won indian elections on back of so called minority votes being divided by other major players. Last ten years have seen all regional party aiming to please mainly Muslim votes and get atleast vote caste under their wings. This led to fragmentation of their votes amongst many players. This is when crook Mr kejriwal stepped in. He was able to consolidate opposition votes, this was again repeated when everybody came together in bihar. Now is this a loss? I am happy atleast the enemies of nation have shown their face as one entity. Now we Cn fight against them, earlier they would all be hidden under different masks.

  2. I hope and pray that it is not the greed of power that blinds a person. Fiery, he ought to be. Tears need to be shed for a worthy cause and such things show the PM in a weak light. Tough stance on Kejriwal, Mamta and other anti nationals are required. Change education system, do not leave your good and trusted people and work for Dharma, irrespective of the results.

  3. Reblogged this on Reports & Musings and commented:
    Here’s the advise of Francois Gautier, a journalist I adore for his unflinching support for Indian culture and philosophy. Well articulated advise to Narendra Modi, the PM, in simple and lucid words..

  4. Yes..the ‘power’ strings are very glaring that one can wear only coloured glasses! NaMo is now under glaze. Your advise may fly past him…But we are hopefuls..and I hope he realise the reality at the knick of the moment and save India (or as also called Bharat !). A hope at best!! Namaste, for a beautiful article.

  5. Sir my feeling is same as you

  6. arjit trivedi

    i admire your honest opinion but i think there are still some factors which favors us(namo supporters)
    1- bjp lost delhi and bihar elections BUT in delhi, people gave vote on the name of kejriwal and in bihar people cast their votes for nitish kumar , even 2014 LS election suggests that people are casting their votes as if its Presidential system.

    2- modi’s popularity is still unfazed ,he is far ahead than pappu and kejri.people reward honest efforts.

    3- ok ~16-18% muslims n others hardcore “seculars” wont give him votes for sure but their are also 15-20% hardcore hindus( sanghi/bhakt whaever you say) who will give their votes to modi no matter what, these two segments gonna nullify each other… madi just need 20% votes out of remaining 60% “casual” janta.

    4- voting patterns at LS and VS elections are not gonna be same.

    5-inflation and employment are biggest issues, hope modi will deliver till 2019.govt already doing great work on other issues like corruption free system, roads, electricity. PERCEPTION (its tru also) IS MODI WORKS HARD …unlike papuu Europe tours or kejri’s crybaby/blame game.

    6- congess aap and others should have started this extremely negative game from 2018, they have started this game way too early(for VS elections ) ,people already have started being fed up of this negative campaign… people gonna tired and irritated if congress aap and others continue this till 2019.media is also loosing its credibility fast.

    so i say yes time is tough but not as bad as media is painting…believe in karma..modi is working hard. i guess in 2019 congess will get 60-100 seats and bjp will get 200-245 seats in my honest opinion… so with jaylalita and possibly Naveen Patnaik, modi gonna form government (if inflation stay below 10% and no major corruption scams come out)

    all the best…we are neutral these days but will rise again at 2018 end for modified india again… cheers.

  7. Completely agree! Is it not common sense that to decimate the opposition, one has to scuttle their voice first (MSM, in this case)? Phew! The I&B ministry – Does it even exist? Difficult to believe NaMo cant get this simple fact. If he is thinking SM can counter all MSM lies, it can only go so far. The context is different now, unlike 2014. Then, he had sympathy; now, he has power! Power, unless wielded, is poison – the weakness it exhibits will kill self. Aah, these Prithvi Raj Chauhans of BJP. They never learn! God Save India!!!

  8. i have posted his article on my blog. i think we all supporters of shri francois gautier should spread his message. this will be a great work in this psedo democracy. actually modi is in problem, and he do not know and beleve that krishna would act when right prayers will go to him. as per his promise in shri gita ji, chapter 4 verse 6-7.

  9. Mr. Narendra Modi and the BJP government has already done a lot to push the Hindutva agenda. They have replaced the heads of leading educational institutes with unqualified and undeserving candidates with complete disregard for the set procedures for selection of such candidates. They have tried to ban everything that hurts the Hindu mindset. They’ve even begun changing names of streets and institutions to discredit non-Hindu or anti-Hindu or pro-Muslim leaders of the past and replace them with the names of pro-Hindu leaders. They’ve ignored the thousands of protesters against these measures and effectively disabled democracy by not allowing people to show dissent. They’ve ignored complaints against leaders of their party. And they’ve tacitly approved every act of bullying performed by the various Hindutva armies while they kill rationalists and alleged beef eaters.
    But clearly this is not enough. You are right, the bhakts are worried. The right wing stance of Modi and BJP is not extreme enough. Here’s what Modi should do to win the hearts of his bhakts all over again.
    First of all he should go ahead and declare India a Hindu nation and change its name to Bharat. Then he should give 1-2 weeks to all Muslims and other non-Hindus to either convert or immigrate to some other nation. After that, every non-Hindu living inside Bharat should be arrested, jailed, tortured and then sent to a gas chamber. Like respected Mr. Adolf Hitler did with the Jews. Once the nation is cleansed, he should then attack Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and free it. Kill all of the Muslims there and invite the Kashmiri Pandits to return to the free Kashmir. He should also attack China and win back the land sold to China by Pakistan that clearly belongs to us.
    Next he should remove all reservations from educational institutes and government jobs. The shudras should be relegated to cleaning our toilets and gutters because that’s what they were born to do as stated in our holy Vedas. All beef export should be stopped and cow urine should be bottled and sold as the magic elixir that it is. Once Bharat has the caste system in place once again and our history books are rewritten to praise all the Hindus who ever lived and denounce all the non-Hindus, then the bhakts will be happy. Then and only then will Narendra Modi be worshipped as the avatar of Shri Krishna. There will be peace for everyone in Bharat. If the shudras are not happy, it will be only because they don’t want to accept their fate in life which was sealed by their bloodline. Bharat will then be the leading nation of the world, maybe only behind North Korea and our true leader, Mr. Modi will be worshipped for turning Bharat into the Golden Bird that it once was.
    This is true Hinduism and if Mr. Modi can achieve all this, only then will the true Hindu believe in him.

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