Can @amitShah & the @BJP4U win next 4 elections???

Can Amit Shah, who has just been reelected President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) unopposed, win the next four crucial state elections (Assam, West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu)? Mr Shah has lost the last three elections the BJP contested – badly at that – and it should maybe have been a warning a sign to the BJP leadership for introspection and change.
Met Mr Shah once in his palatial house in Akbar Road. For a man who spent quite some time in jail, he seemed to lack humility (he promised to help the Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History, Pune, which I am building ‘”, but I never heard of him again and all my attempt to contact him failed). But there is no doubt that he has a shrewd mind.
Do you think Amit Shah can win these elections ? It’s crucial, for if Narendra Modi were to lose all of them, there is a good chance he will lose also the next general elections in 2019… And India would be the greatest loser… FG…/story-lRDiTzXzvWnDPomyirBkQ…

2 responses to “Can @amitShah & the @BJP4U win next 4 elections???

  1. Modi is making himself weak. Even if NDA somehow manages to come back in 2019, but then it will come with greater help from allies or even from enemies like Mamta. With reduced modi-power. In which case Modi will not be PM.

    In worst case, there will be non-NDA govt.

    In all these cases, there’s little hope for Hindus left in this country.

    Modi is in hara-kiri mode

  2. If Bihar formula repeated Bjp loses. Kerala Tamil nadu WB difficult for Bjp due to maths

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