Hello boys & girls. I am compiling a LIST OF THE 50 BIGGEST ENEMIES OF HINDUS, dead or alive. I need your inputs: whom do you consider the most harmful enemies of Hindus and two lines explaining why. There should be no hatred, no animosity, no rantings. We should do this in the spirit of the Bhagavad gita: enemies have to be fought, this is the Lila of this world, but they need not be hated. Nevertheless, so far these enemies have got away with slandering, making fun off, harming, belittling , one of the gentlest, most tolerant, most spiritual people on this Planet. We need to take them to task the way Aamir Khan was. Thus, we will Facebook, tweet, blog, mail that list, so that it spreads around the world and these people are known. are you with me? FG



  1. Great initiative sir. We all are with you.

  2. first big enemy of SINDHI HINDUS was MOHANDAS GANDHI. Sindh in undivided INDIA had a Muslim majority, but several of its eastern sub-districts had a Hindu majority. These sub-districts were contiguous with India, but Sindh was totally surrendered to PAKISTAN. Sindhis were expected to get converted to ISLAM, Hence i say that mohandas was our enemy number one. He could have given us the districts contiguous with INDIA for HINDU SINDHIS, but he was pro-islam. and he did not give us anything, any state in INDIA. He sacrificed full sindh as if it belonged to karamchand.

  3. Great initiative sir. list of enemies goes long starting from Jawaharlal Nehru,sonia gandhi to Rahul gandhi these are the big enemies of Hindus .

    jai Hind !!

  4. Narayan Sharma

    Entire present Congress leadership; few SP Leaders: Kashmir separatist Leadership.

  5. Literally all the enemies are within.
    Ungnana is only one or all.
    When you pointing to enemy entity its the “wrong idea” or “perception” not the person himself. Every Humans is after all a beliver and manipulatar.
    if he has given correct algoritham in childhood things will be better.
    Actually we have madeup of two parts one is purely logical part aidded by brain another is heart or invisible atman.
    Nearly “education” the whole world assumes is logical thinking.
    That’s why Terrorists also come from educated background.
    But their beliefs come from childhood teachings.
    The real enemy is identifing wrong ideas.
    I personally belive eating meat is the major reason for chaos of the world.

  6. I am just wondering who is not enemy of Hindus…

  7. You are an idiot!

  8. Majority of Sunni Muslims in India
    Entire converted Christians in India especially the downtrodden ones
    Sikhs living outside India
    Zaid Hamid
    Majority of Pakis who believe in Wahabism
    Some back stabbing Congress politicians who play minority card
    Owaisi brothers
    People living in the old city area of Hyderabad
    Morally corrupt anchors like of NDTV, Times, CNN-IBN etc
    So called minority loving secularist Hindus who use Social networking sites to spread hatred against their own kith & kin
    Muslim Bollywood actors / actresses
    Communists everywhere
    M Banerjee
    MS Aiyer
    S Gandhi
    R Gandhi
    AAP Delhi CM
    S Ghosh
    R Sardesai
    K Thapar
    Hindu women who marry Muslim men and vice versa for example S Swamy’s daughter who married a Muslim
    Mubashir Lucman
    Some idiotic White trash
    Not sure about Shia people????????
    Stupid obese lady anchor of NDTV what’s her name again yes B Dutt
    And everyone in India / abroad who hates the colour Saffron and things associated with it.

  9. Sumitro Bandyopadhyay

    Hindus, I think, are the main enemies of the Hindus. Yesterday, one incident took place in West Bengal. One Viresh Sarkar buried is mother in front of their house and offered Shroddha (close person sons remembered her) instead of routine Shraddho. He did it informing the villagers that it was the last wish o his mother. The villagers boycotted him as he did not invited the so called brahmins. If he converted to any other religion, I think, Hindus will be responsible.

  10. One of my friends from school converted to Islam and he is practicing it seriously. I just asked him, did he used to go temples regularly when he was a Hindu? He could not answer. He knows Arbi well. I asked, whether he learnt Sanskrit with same efforts. He answered, NO. He was a good student, and I told, if you learnt Sanskrit, it would be better for both Sanskrit and you!
    Hindus, who do not practice their own tradition and feel ashamed to perform/ practice its traditional rituals are the enemies of Hindus.
    Hindus, who are against the sacrifice of animals in Pujas and eat meat, are the enemies of Hindus
    Hindus, who supports govt decision to stop Visarjana of devi Durga due to religious festivals of other religion, are the enemies if the Hindus.
    Hindus, who fears to declare himself Hindu proudly, are enimies of the Hindus.

  11. The worst enemies of Hindus are not those who practice other religious faiths, but those who still sport Hindu names given by their parents & constantly berate the religion of their birth- Hinduism for sake of some commercial & political gain. These are those who masquerade themselves as “secular” while being nothing other than conveniently ant-Hindu for pursuit of their personal agenda while being within the Hindu faith. Thus those who practice other religious faiths are not enemies of Hindus, but the enemy no. 1 is what is popularly described as “Psuedo-secularists”

  12. Hindus are the worst enemies of Hindus.An educated elitist Hindu begins to distance himself/herself from his roots and began to speak as a Westernized Anglophile – Brown Sahib.Hindus do need enemies they are capable enough of destroying Hinduism along with Bharath themselves. Bad Politicians are created by good/educated/elitist people of India who don’t vote collectively.After all scamster politicians in India are highly qualified post graduates,they find ways to evade Income Tax/Service Tax/Corporate Tax. It is highly qualified crooks (mostly Hindus who are Secular and want to be politically correct )who are destroying India.After all Wealthy Hindus fund all political parties (whether Pro Hindu party or Anti Hindu Parties)

  13. girish deshmukh

    sir 50 may be too less

  14. Rama Krishna Majety

    The following are enemies of Hindus
    1. absence of sense of unity among themselves
    2. No regard for their rich heritage and the Adhyatma Vidya, which by no means anybody can fathom.
    3. The external elements like conversions, pseudo secular forces, Islamic forces do never can hurt hinduism. Hindu who never considers himself as a hindu and does not practice his religion and dharma will hurt themselves the most.

    Now it is time to take on these elements head on.

    First become hindu and Unite. Uttishtha Jaagrutha remember what Sri Krishna advised Arjuna and Vivekananda advised the entire humanity and attain nirvana.

    Thank you for initiating really great thought sir.

  15. Top 3 –
    1. Ignorance about Hinduism among Hindus
    2. New Hindu aspirants who tweak the Bhavata Geetha or any mythological work to drive their personal agenda
    3. Double standards of Hinduism followers

    No one can harm us than ourselves. We decide to stand up for ourselves, no one can break it.

  16. 1. Those who promoted Hindi as the national language of India instead of Samskrit.
    Samskrit would have found greater acceptance across the country including southern India and could have replaced english in the national thought.

    2. The history that is taught at schools. the history of the Hindus is not taught. Instead Moghul and English rule finds pride of place.

    3.Foreign language electives in schools and colleges do not offer other Indian languages as alternatives but languages spoken outside India. How great it would be for every Indian to learn an Indian language other than his mother tongue.

  17. Anti-Hindu Hindus or apathetic and politically naïve Hindus are the worst enemies, and there are plenty and plenty of them amongst Hindus, unlike Muslims who are always very politically reactive. Such types of Hindus have allowed all these injustice to go on under their nose and do nothing about it which has helped the free growth of Muslims and missionaries in India.. How Pakistan has made itself an Islamic nation, and Hinduism even after making itself secular has made itself answerable to the secularists on every little action, and made itself very self destructive. Making India secular was the first biggest mistake.. In Nepal Muslims wanted that it continue as a Hindu nation, as they were afraid that in a secular setup , Christian missionaries will have a free run.

    Some of the others who are misusing the setup to run their anti Hindu agenda are the
    -Fake Gandhis, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi
    -Congress members
    -Most of the so called secular parties of India.
    -Missionaries with their ability to convert Hindus en mass.
    -Muslims with their ability to fill up the population, and get radical and demanding.
    -A lot of recently converted Chrisitans who are very rabid in their outlook.

  18. A. Sonia-Rahul
    1. Court Affidavit Ram a Myth so destroy Ram Setu
    2. Against Ram Mandir
    3. Fake Saffron Terror
    (Samjhauta express Chidambrum shared Evidence of Pak Hand in Terror with World & India./ Shinde Locked Hindus without Evidence & Case doesnt go to court for 7 yrs. Again Multi City Bomb blasts implicated Officer sent to spy on Hindu Orgs & Sadhvi Aseemanand ; Case is not in Court )
    4.Saharanpur Gurudwara Shot at and Stones pelted by Congress MLA IMRAN MASOOD (incidently also said would cut Modi to Pieces). After Gurudwara committee members called Punjab CM->HMO->UP CM Police took Mob to Police Station. Mob Burnt Police Station and then went on to Burn SIKH shops/Businesses vehicles etc Still RAHUL Shares Dias with him. So evidently Gandih’s support action.
    5. Blame RSS VHP & BJP for anything

    B.SUNNI Muslims in General / Mughal Rulers
    They Dont Live Peacefully anywhere in the world where they are at least 20% of the population. First <20% they Demand Freebies to Improve Condition; But how will Condition if they multiply rapidly 2011 Census Avg Kids 11 per family. Once they cross 20% demean other religious groups including Shia Muslim, as are mostly barely educated at least 1 kid ends up with goons/ Dons for extortion, Kidnapping, Murder etc Then start Imposing Religious Fundamentalism on all. …

    Sunni Mughal Rulers . Akbar, Aurangzeb Forced CONVERSIONS, Jazia and Mass Murders. Destruction of Temples.
    Sunni Imams of Delhi's Jama Masjid

  19. Macauly for destroying Indian education and by extension the Hindus pride.
    Max Mueller for his horrible Aryan Invasion Theory which still divides the North and South as well as the so called upper castes and lower castes.
    Politicians who invoke caste.
    “Intellectuals” (Ms Thappar and her ilk in places like JNU,Ms Donigerand her brain children)
    The Gandhi-Nehru dynasty.
    The Congress and its comrades.
    Bollywood (For producing “art” like pk and Haider)
    People with Hindu names who aren’t Hindus (Like Ms Roy)
    People who don’t know anything about Hinduism yet believe all the misinterpretations
    Pakistanis who believe in Wahabism

  20. You should call the list the top 50 biggest Hinduphobes.

  21. ‘Secular’ Hindus like Mulayam-Sharad-Lalu Yadavs, Manishankars, Digvijaysinghs, Nivedita Menons, Barkha Dutts, Rajdeep Sardesais, Yechuris,Rajas, Shatrughan Sinhas, the filmy Bhatts etc

  22. we have to remove the secular tag for india until we cancel all indian-citizenship of muslims , converted christians and missionary christians.

  23. Look in the mirror 50 times

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