#JNU, #Kashmir & Discrimination

I think  that we should use our own discrimination and judgment. Since all times, students have revolted against the established older – even though 99% eventually settle and work in the very society they once despised. This we have to accept. Many of us have done it in our time. There is no Sedition there, but youthfulness, enthusiasm, idealism, even if it is misguided and exploited by Marxists, Indian National Congress, the Media, etc.

I remember the 1968 student revolt in Paris: there was real raw joy, thirst for change, beauty even. Thus we need to give those boys and girls of #JNU some degree of sympathy.
But no sympathy at all for the Kashmiri Muslims, who are infiltrating them, brainwashing them, using their innocence to tell them that India is occupying the Valley of Kashmir and that the army is committing terrible human abuses against the poor Kashmiri Muslims. Here are the real facts:

1) Kashmir was for a very long time a Hindu kingdom, Shivaism was born there and since time immemorial, Hindus have considered Kashmir a holy place. Today they even go to Amarnath, in spite of all the dangers.
2) Buddhism flourished there too – and at some point the Valley of Kashmir was also a holy land for Buddhists
3) Most of the Kashmiris who clamour for independence today, are converted Hindus – and often converted by force. The invasions of Kashmir from the 10th century onwards, were some of the most ferocious and bloody known in the history of humanity. At some point, it is said, most of the Hindu population was either converted or wiped out.
4) There were still a million Hindus in the Valley of Kashmir in 1900. But slowly they started emigrating as Islam became more and more intolerant.
5) In 1947, every ruler of Indian states were given the choice by the British to choose between India and Pakistan. The Maharaja of Kashmir chose India. Furious, Pakistan sent soldiers disguised as mercenaries to take back one third of Kashmir. It is actually Pakistan who did not play the game of which they had accepted the rules.
6) It is the Muslims of the Valley of Kashmir, who STARTED an armed insurrection in the late 80’s, began killing Hindu leaders, raping, maiming and challenging the Indian army, who only responded to protect India’s interests.
7) Benazir Bhutto’s famous “Azad kashmir” of 1990, was the spark that ignited the fire in Kashmir. The next day – I was there – every mosque asked Hindus of the valley of Kashmir, either to convert to Islam or die. And they fled, 350.000 of them WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT IN SELF DEFENSE. AND THEY BECAME REFUGEES IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.
8) The strife in Kashmir is NOT a freedom movement, it is a RELIGIOUS war that Islam has launched against a people that they consider kafir, infidel. It has no other justification.

This is a message you need to spread to the youth of India in JNU or elsewhere. It is because they are not informed of these simple and straightforward facts by their own Media that they have been misguided. FG

3 responses to “#JNU, #Kashmir & Discrimination

  1. Is this a nation filled with brain less idiots ? Some woman called Benazir says Azad Kashmir & the Kashmiri Muslims have to turn a paradise into a terror state.What if she asked them to shoot themselves ?
    These terrorists tell the students they are victims.& those educated fools react like lunatics without using their thinking skills for a moment.
    Many of were students when.this terror issues developed in Kashmir during the 90s .With access to some newspapers( and without Francois Gautier to enlighten & put things in a proper perspective) we knew better than to feel sorry for those with a Pakistani mind set never mind which side of the border they stood.

  2. The JNU students should know they are playing right into the hands of terrorists who would kill them as soon as they achieved their goals. It is the same that happened in Iran. Iranian leftists joined with the Islamic militants to over throw the Shah and as soon as that happened, the Islamic militants executed and persecuted those same useful idiot leftists.

    Look what was chanted in JNU
    “The date chosen for the Feb. 9 event at J.N.U. was the anniversary of Mr. Afzal’s execution. Upon learning of this, the university authorities initially reacted by shrugging and looking away: Students will be students. But a video made the night of the gathering soon went viral, and it seemed to show shouting students and activists vowing to break up India into small pieces. It ended with the calls, “Inshallah! Inshallah!” “Allah Willing! Allah Willing!””

    And now how is this any different than what Hafiz Mohammed Saeed said in 1999, this is the same Saeed of the same LeT that massacred nearly 200 Indians in 2008:

    “In November 1999, Lashkar-e-Taiba sponsored an international mujahideen conference. The highlights of the first day of the conference, as cited on Lashkar-e-Taiba’s website, http://www.dawacenter.com, included a 40-foot-long banner portraying Lashkar-e-Taiba’s 3.dagger penetrating the national flags of the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, India, and Israel. According to the website, Hafiz Mohammed Saeed included the following in his speech to mujahideen from around the world gathered at the conference:

    As the Prophet (Pbuh) said that Allah has placed his sustenance under the shadow of his sword. If Jihad is abolished, the infidels would snatch on us the same way a hungry person snatches on food. The mujahideen of Lashker-e-Taiba have continued the Jihad despite of all the negative propaganda against them . . . Today, people, more then ever, are prepared for Jihad. They are not afraid of any constraints. If India can brutally invade Kashmir then why can’t the mujahideen confront her there. The Jihad is not about Kashmir only. It encompasses all of India including Junagarh, Mavadar, and Hyderabad, etc. . . .

    About 15 years ago, people might have found it ridiculous if someone had told them about the disintegration of the USSR. Today, I announce the break-up of India, insha-Allah. We will not rest until the whole India is dissolved into Pakistan… May Allah bestow martyrdom on us and enter us into the higher ranks of Paradise by His mercy.”

    LeT also has been seeing the disintegrate India for the last 20 years. JNU students are turning themselves into the useful idiots of Islamic militants.

  3. Dear Gautiere Ji,

    A lot of separatists cite the Jammu genocide of 1947 (about 500000 muslims) to incite hatred in muslims’ minds. Could you shed some light on the reality of that event? Because if that is true then the blame of ethnic cleansing will have to be shared by both communities.

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