MR @NarendraModi, it’s time to be tough

The murder of a Hinduleader gets 3 lines, but the #JNU debate, which is once more stalling Parliament, costing huge amounts of the taxpayers money, damaging India’s economy, harming Mr Narendra ModiModi’s image, endangering the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s government chances at next general elections, is getting realms and realms of media attention. The Indian National Congress and the Media are delighted: this Govt walks in every trap they set for it: what reason was there to debate the JNU affair in Parliament when there are so many important bills to be passed!. Are you delighted boys and girls? A party, which was trashed in the last general elections, which has only 44 PM’s in Lok Sabha, its lowest ever, is sabotaging your future in the most cynical and selfish manner, not thinking for one minute about Mother India. are you going to take this lying down, boys and girls? you should be in the streets, manifesting your anger. You Delhites should have the guts to go and sit in protest in front of the residence of Sonia Gandhi. Mr @NarendraModi should stop trying to be the goody PM and be the PM for those who have elected him and trusted him to be a tough, no no nonsense leader FOR CHANGE. FG


One response to “MR @NarendraModi, it’s time to be tough

  1. Shubasree Vaidyanathan

    That is the whole truth, nothing but the truth &that too very well said.Think everyone who feels the same way should protest in front of every BJP office in each & every corner of the country.

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