There is a wonderful aphorism of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: “Don’t be a football of other people’s opinions”
The problem with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) – this Govt and the one of Vajpayee, is that it always wants to justify itself, primarily in the eyes of the Media, Indian and foreign. Problem is: Media and intellectuals (and JNU students) still hate as much the guts of the BJP & Narendra Modi! Arun Jaitley is a brilliant speaker and lawyer, but does he understand that Dharma is also ruthlessness towards the enemy ?
So why not just govern, for the good of Mother India, without caring for the opinion of others??? This is the ver crux of the question at the moment and the very reason why BJP might again lose the next elections and the Indian National Congress, which got wiped out in last elections, come back to power.
if that does happen, the fault will be ENTIRELY with the BJP leadership and not by any merit of the Congress, which is using every dirty trick, every kind of blackmail , treachery, foolhardy, without giving a damn about the good and the progress of India.

O Hindus, I love you so much, but why do you keep repeating again and again the same mistakes? This time such a great chance was given to you by the Divine Grace to imprint your wonderful, universal, all encompassing way of life on India, TO LIFT HER TOWARDS AN ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL SUPREMACY NEEDED FOR HER SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP TO POUR ONTO THE WORLD, but you seeM to be bent on wasting that chance. FG

3 responses to “@SRISRI, OPINIONS & @BJP4U

  1. I, with respect, admire your knowledge and forthright. Dharma says that you need to expose the intent of enemy. Was it not Dharma that was ready to negotiate with Kauravas? Krishna knew that Duryodhana was evil but still approached him requesting him for 5 villages? Did Rama not continuously defeat Ravana and yet did not kill him and resorted to killing when all other channels of negotiation were tried? I look forward to your usual insightful response.



  2. Shubasree Vaidyanathan

    Those of us who feel that BJP leadership should be tough on opposition are right.These leaders Do Not Need Their Permission Or Support.Thank God for social media & the level of awareness on the part of the people. All of us who voted for the will stand by them if they can stand up for themselves and their commitment to our nation s well being and prosperity.

  3. politics , most difficult profession. If Sonia n Yechury bent upon wrecking India from within and denigrating every action of govt, not allowing parliament to function and rajdeeps barkhas denied foreign jaunts and liquor and biryani which PM Manmohan provided , perceptions do matter.it is a tough job first for us to delearn what fmly has made us believe as our inferiority and then to infuse national pride.

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