What we see in the world today, and in India in particular, is ugly, ugly, ugly. Untruth, adharma, horrible, horrible….

Rule N°1,boys and girls, never believe what you read in the papers or see on television. The world of journalism has unfortunately been taken over by what Sri Aurobindo called the asuric forces, nasty little beings who control men’s thoughts and make them do wild things, so as to which always try to disrupt the Divine plan. All you have read about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar spoiling the fragile ecology of the #Yamuna is just crap. I have never met a guru who cares so much about the environment. He is selfless guy, who never has a moment for himself, who is hounded all the time by devotees, who gives and gives constantly and is always on the move. Yet in 25 years, I have never seen him get ONCE angry or lose patience with someone. Knowing human nature, knowing MY nature, I know that only great yogis, divine beings, can achieve this.

Yet, he is has been described as guru of the rich, when he is always stretched for funds, starting universities, spending crores on cultural events that showcase India’s ancient spirituality . And in the case of the The World Culture Festival, he has been dragged in all kinds of muck and slander, which is a joke when you know the state of the Yamuna river or all India’s rivers for that matter. I do hope that Narendra Modi will stand by him and not back out like Pranab Mukherjee, who must have got his instructions from Sonia Gandhi, for Sri Sri stood by the Prime Minister when he was hounded and he helped him get elected to the post he is now, by instructing his hundreds of thousands of volunteers to campaign for him.

Mr Modi should realize that he and Sri Sri are attacked by the same people, the same forces, who have the same goal: go after anything remotely Hindu. The irony is that Sri Sri has many Muslim disciples and teachers and is popular in Pakistan or Iraq. Please tell me boys and girls, do you think the National Green Tribunal would have dared go after a Muslim mollah who is planning big event on a river bed?????

Please answer this question and disregard what you have read in newspapers.

Men crucified Christ and they keep crucifying all their gurus. I will finish thus by an immortal quote from Sri Aurobindo: “Since the man refused the meal I had prepared with so much love and care, I invoked the God to take it.”

Give your support to Sri Sri, forward this message to all

Francois Gautier/ Editor in Chief La Revue de l’Inde

Correspondent South Asia Valeurs Actuelles

Author A New History of India


  1. Dear Sree Gautier
    I wouldn’t agree when you say that “Men crucified Christ”. Here see how Jesus masterminded his own execution and as well as of those 12. A proof for Jesus having masterminded his own execution is contained in John 7:20: “Why do you design to kill me? he asked. The multitude answered, Thou art possessed: who has a design to kill thee?” Jesus clearly is out here to implant the homicidal notion against himself in the Jews. (“Implant” is thus defined by Merriam Webster’s: “to set permanently in the consciousness or habit patterns.”)
    For the same reason that Jesus originally forbade the disciples from openly bracketing himself with the christ, he in the end orders them to preach world wide that he was the christ, and additionally to baptise the world in the pretext. The motivation behind them both is homicide of the disciples after his own execution. By the inflow of martyrs, this in turn caused his infernal religion to germinate here on earth.
    Wish you a pleasant day and thank you.

  2. Being a Hindu saint is the biggest crime in present day Bharat Varsha, the nathion which i the past did win 2 freedoms: one from Yavan rule (800 years) and another from Mlechch rule (200 years) in the year 1947. But unfortunately, since then, Bharat has again been enslaved by Marxist Deep State (comprising “secular” politicians, intellectuals, journalists, media persons, writers, painters, playwright, NGO operators, section of civil servant and judiciary). A war of independence against this Asuric “Deep State” is needed to gain our third freedom. To borrow a phrase from Sh. David Frowley (Acharya Vamdev), only “Intellectual Kshatriyas” can fight this war.
    Take the case of Puja Sant shri Asaramji Bapu – a God realised saint and Vibhuti – who is relentlessly serving Bharat Varsha in rural areas and among lower middle classes for last 50 years. With 5 Crore followers, his is the single biggest contribution towards revival of Sanatan Dharma in this sacred land. Yet he is languishing in prison on fabricated charges, without bail since last two and a half years. His erstwhile shishyas are namesake rulers of Bharat Varsha – who are not doing anything – fearing the real rulers of India – The “Marxist Deep State”.

  3. Mr. Gautier, please see this video by David Camerone.on Easter saying UK is a Christian country where government spends millions of pounds repairing churches, and allow prayer in councils, and focus on the persecution of Christians abroad. Yet the main stream media do not call him Christian nationalist Camerone, nor call him communal. Hardly anyone blinks an eye with Camerone blatantly asserts this is a Christian country. Just replace whenever he says Christian with Hindu and tell me how the India and world media would react. It is hypocrisy at its worst. http://conservativetribune.com/prime-minister-defies-obama/

  4. Imagine any Hindu politician in India saying this exact same speech but only replacing references to Christians and Christianity with Hindus and Hinduism. How would India’s media react, and even the international Western media react. We know the answer.

    “Easter [Diwali] is a time for Christians [Hindus] to celebrate the ultimate triumph of life over death in the resurrection of Jesus [good over evil and return of King Ram],” Prime Minister Cameron’s [Hindu politician] address began.

    “And for all of us, it’s a time to reflect on the part that Christianity [Hinduism] plays in our national life.”

    He then touched upon the role of the church [Hindu Temple] in British [Indian] life.

    “The church [temple] is not just a collection of beautiful, old buildings; it is a living, active force doing great works right across our country,”

    “When people are homeless, the church [temple] is there with hot meals and shelter. When people are addicted or in debt, when people are suffering or grieving, the church [temple] is there.

    “I know from the most difficult times in my own life that the kindness of the church [temple] can be a huge comfort.”

    Cameron [Hindu politician] also added that the Bible [Vedas] plays a critical role in the British [Indian] character.

    “Across Britain [India], Christians [Hindus] don’t just talk about ‘loving thy neighbor’[seva], they live it out in faith schools, in prisons, in community groups,” the prime minister said.

    “And it’s for all these reasons that we should feel proud to say, ‘This is a Christian [Hindu] country.’ Yes, we’re a nation that embraces, welcomes and accepts all faiths and none, but we are still a Christian [Hindu] country.”

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