The thing you have to understand boys and girls is that enemies of Hindus – and when I say Hindus, I mean the ancient, universal, wonderful spirituality that props-up Hinduism from behind – will unite together in these crucial times, whether against @NarendraModi, @SriSri , or the@BJP4U You want me to name these enemies : Muslims, Christian missionaries, Leftists, Dalits, Kashmiris from the Valley, Pakistanis, Chinese, Nepalese, Western Indologists, Indian National Congress… Got it? You want more? So now is the time FOR ALL HINDUS TO UNITE, FOR ALL GURUS TO COME TOGETHER, TO INVOKE THE ANCIENT SPIRIT OF THE HOLY BHAGAVAD GITA – THAT WHEN YOU COUNTRY IS IN DANGER, YOUR BORDERS ARE NOT SECURE, YOUR ENEMIES ARE FACING YOU, YOUR SPIRITUALITY IS IN DANGER – IT IS TIME TO FIGHT…


  1. Being a Hindu saint is the biggest crime in present day Bharat Varsha, the nation which in the past did win 2 freedoms: one from Yavan rule (800 years) and another from Mlechch rule (200 years) in the year 1947. But unfortunately, since then, Bharat has again been enslaved by Marxist Deep State (comprising “secular” politicians, intellectuals, journalists, media persons, writers, painters, playwright, NGO operators, section of civil servant and judiciary). A war of independence against this Asuric “Deep State” is needed to gain our third freedom. To borrow a phrase from Sh. David Frowley (Acharya Vamdev), only “Intellectual Kshatriyas” can fight this war.
    Take the case of Puja Sant shri Asaramji Bapu – a God realised saint and Vibhuti – who is relentlessly serving Bharat Varsha in rural areas and among lower middle classes for last 50 years. With 5 Crore followers, his is the single biggest contribution towards revival of Sanatan Dharma in this sacred land. Yet he is languishing in prison on fabricated charges, without bail since last two and a half years. His erstwhile shishyas are namesake rulers of Bharat Varsha – who are not doing anything – fearing the real rulers of India – The “Marxist Deep State”.

  2. girish deshmukh

    at times i feel you are a lone voice in india, then i remember , swami vivekananda and console myself

  3. Dear Gautier
    I would remove the Chinese and the Nepalese from the list of enemies and the rest is ok. He–Gautier is not alone out there–doubt not!

  4. It’s all about the doctrine and ideology that one follows. The doctrine brain washes people to the extent of hating others people because of their habits, creed and religious backgrounds. Hinduism is totally opposite to other religions and ideologies including Communism. Hindus believe in idol worship among a host of other beliefs. India may have cordial relationships with nations but nobody is a friend in this age. Hindus need to be collective and take care of their own interests. Unfortunately it is not engrained in our DNA. Look at Israelis they are the champions in every aspect. Inspite of being surrounded by SWORN ENEMIES they kick their butt. No Muslim country has the guts to wag their tail in front of Israel. Then why can’t Hindus take a leaf or two out if their book and be like them?

  5. Hardcore capitalist

    Hello Mr.Gautier, I have a strange request. I want to send a mail to ‘The Republicans’ France party but their website has no provision for English. So please tell them to win the next presidential election, embrace unadulterated capitalism and lower the Rafale jet price tag for India.

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