@Narendramodi is wrong about Sufism. here is why:

Narendra Modi inaugurated the World Sufism festival – & praised it to heaven. But he was wrong on three sides:
1) Sufism today is just dance and singing with a sprinkling of very basic spirituality. In fact Sufism is defunct in India: in Kashmir, the last sufi shrine, Shrar-E-Sharif, was burnt in the 90’s by militants: and the so called sufi dargah of Ajmer, practices such a rigid Sunni creed, that every Pakistani President makes a pilgrimage there whenever they come to India (as well as all those stupid Bollywood Hindu stars – do Aamir Khan & Shah Rukh Khan go to Tirupati???)
2) what made Sufism different from Sunni Islam in India, was the influence of Vedanta & Upanishads. See how the only great Sufi scholar and saint Dara Shikoh, Aurangzeb’s elder brother (who should have rightly become emperor of India, as he was also Shah Jahan’s favorite), had translated the Upanishads in Persian and kept saying that Islam owed a lot to these ancient Hindu scriptures. Unfortunately, Dara was beheaded by Aurangzeb for apostasy. Today, Dara Shikoh, a true tolerant Muslim is totally forgotten, did not find mention in the world Sufi Forum that the PM inaugurated, while Aurangzeb is everywhere.
3) as the article below explains, Sufism was often used to convert Hindus and Sufis always believed in the supremacy of islam versus Hinduism. It is still so today
In conclusion, do you think, boys and girls that the PM reachiing out to Muslims will pay dividends & that Muslims will vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in next sate and central elections???

3 responses to “@Narendramodi is wrong about Sufism. here is why:

  1. Actually there is nothing called sufism.It is just a Ploy to convert People to islam.Perfect example Kashmir.Kashmir which was Hotbed of Sufism in India Today Sufism nowhere to be seen in Kashmir as Most people were converted in the Name of sufism and those who did not convert were thrown out of valley.Unfortunately Modi is behaving like just an anathor sickular.Instead of going after Real Issues like uniform civil code and illegal bagladeshi imigrants Modiji enthralling audiences with sufism.Wah Wah

  2. And the worst part is the next day they asked Modi/government to list out the steps and actions that will be taken in case of a riot, and asked that muslims should be made to feel safe in india. Shame that being the second majority population and increasing at the fastest rate, they act like they are so vulnerable, when in fact they actually are the threat to the Hindus, and are trying to dig their roots in deeper, and the real minorities like parsis etc. have no such fears and are doing very well. What they are asking for is that even if an incident like godhra train coach is burnt by some muslims, government should take care that other muslims are not harmed… A leopard can never change its spots.

    Modi and Advani have lost their balance on such occasions earlier, when invited to a function such as this, or on visiting Pakistan.. ironic, but hopefully Modi will come to his senses quickly enough.

  3. Gautier
    Israelis also face jihad which began long before the modern state of Israel came to be in the mid 20th century. They face Islamic colonization too. Hearing their experience as well as other victims of jihad is helpful. Here is one example of how Islamic invaders colonized the Middle East https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh62iJKj3kA

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