For 40 years, India did not have relations with Israel. Yet, India and Israel share so much in common and both can learn a lot from each other ! Hindus and Jews, far from being the persecutors of minorities, that the Marxist, Arab and INC lobby like to portray, have been persecuted for nearly two thousand years and have been the victims of the two worst genocides in the sad history of humanity : Hitler, in his monstrous quest for a “pure” Aryan race, murdered six millions Jews in his gas chambers during the Second World War; and Belgium historian Koenraad Elst estimates that between the year 1000 and 1525, eighty million Hindus died at the hands of Muslim invaders, probably the biggest holocaust in the whole history of our planet.

Indians and Israelis of today also share in common an awesome problem with Muslim fundamentalists. And India should learn a lesson of two from the way Israel handles this problem, however much it is criticized by the western medias. Unlike India, which since Independence has chosen to deal with this problem in the Gandhian spirit, that is by compromising most of the time with Islamic intransigence – if not giving in – Israel showed that toughness first, accompanied later by negotiations pays much more. Basically, the “land for money” concept is something that India should learn from : in 1967, Israel was threatened to be engulfed by its fanatic neighbors, so it stole the initiative by crushing them in a lightning six days war and kept some land which it used later as bargaining chips with Egypt and Syria. India is also surrounded by hostile Muslim countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan, and more and more Bangladesh. So far, India has followed the Nehruvian policy of Good Neighborhood : you give first, expecting that your neighborhood will reciprocate the gesture later. Unfortunately, history has shown that India mostly gets stabbed in the back for its generosity by small insignificant nations such as Bangladesh, which owes its freedom to the sacrifices of India’s soldiers and is more and more lending its territory to the ISI. If during the 1965 Indo-Pak war, India would have kept a chunk of the Pakistani territory it has conquered, or if during the Kargil war, it had carried on with its victorious momentum by seizing some of the Pakistan-held Kashmir, which could be used as a buffer zone, there would be probably today less cross-border terrorism.

There is another area where India has a lot to learn from Israel, it is the VIP security. We all know how it has become here a status symbol, a constant hassle for the ordinary citizen, who has to wait endlessly in his car for the VIP motorcade to pass by, or in his plane for the Prime Minister of India to land. Sonia Gandhi must be the most protected leader in the world – and it is a very heavy-handed, unfriendly and ultimately inefficient protection, which is not realy warranted, as she is a friend of the Muslims and the Marxists. But look at the Israelis: their Prime Minister moves around with only a few boyish looking men, in sneakers and civil dress and they don’t rough up onlookers or hassle innocent citizens. As for potential hijacks of Indian planes, again we have to look towards Israel, whose airline, EL Al, is the safest in the world, in spite of being the most threatened. But for them, no rude cops who hardly talk any English frisking you at airports, but civil and educated EL Al employees, who ask polite but pointed questions and unobtrusive security in the airports and aboard their aircrafts. Israelis have also shown that you should NEVER give in to terrorist demands and also that its commandos are the best. 24 years ago, when an Air France airplane, carrying mostly Israelis, was hijacked by Arab terrorists and forced to land in far away Uganda, which like the Taliban, in the case of the Indian Airline hijack under Vajpayee, were actually protecting the terrorists while pretending to help in the release of the passengers, Israel in one of the most daring rescue operation ever, sent its commandos flying in the dead of the night over half of the world, killed the terrorists, freed the passengers and brought them back to Israel with very little casualties. Unfortunately, India adopted a total opposite attitude during the hijack of IC 814, with the catastrophic result that we know : the terrorists released are today openly preaching in Pakistan a jihad unto death towards India.


There is also one more aspect from which India can learn a great deal from Israel and it is its language. In 1948, Israel regained part of it Holy land and Israelis, who had been scattered all over the world, came back to live in Israel. There was one problem though: they all spoke different languages and no tongue unified them except Yiddish, a bastard language spoken by the Jews of Eastern Europe. So the state of Israel set its scholars to revive Hebrew, Israel’s ancient language, which had fallen in decrepitude, so that today everybody speaks Hebrew and it has unified Israel like nothing else. India should invite some of these linguists and they should sit down with Sanskrit scholars and devise a way of simplifying and modernizing Sanskrit, which is the mother of all European tongues, a language so subtle and rich that it will energize and revitalize the whole Indian culture.

And finally, Like Indians, Israel is one of those ‘elected people of God’, of whom Sri Aurobindo speaks in his book the “Hour of God”, who have managed to keep their spirituality alive in spite of oppression, invasions and genocides.  Both, in their own ways, are becoming again powerful nations, vibrant with spirituality and vigor.



  1. The Nectar of Bharatavarasha

    Great article, but I reckon it is too far – fetched. Yes , we have to dream big but to what extent.

  2. Great. I would very much like to read all your posts. You will make it easier for me to do so if you can add a feedburner plug in which will advice those interested by email every time you write a blog post. Thank you,

  3. Muthuramalingam Rajavel

    Dear Mr Francois,
    I wanted to write this heartfelt letter to you after watching and reading your work. You are doing a great service to Hindu dharma, people of India and the world at large. You deserve more accolades, and more recognition. But as our dharma says – To work you have the right, but not to the fruits thereof. The Upanishads is full of saints, their names lost to the mists of time who propounded great theories and professed great knowledge. At a time, when Dharma is besieged you chose to fight for the right side. That alone, in my humble books, is enough to grant you a place among the great saints and sages of Dharma.

    I might not be able to give you awards. What I can give you is my gratitude, and bless you to stand tall as a true Kshatriya, as one of the bulwarks against the extinction of the knowledge that God is within us. Your service to this nation and its people will forever be remembered in its collective consciousness.

  4. Very good article. Thank you sir.

  5. JGD. Francois Gautier; possibly, it is the design of DESTINY that you (just like Baba Ramdev) are standing up for the Hindus in these times. Keep up your good work.

  6. Venkatakrishna Kalepalli

    Very great work done by you sir, I appreciate your efforts.

    I became a follower of you. All posts, articles you are writing are absolutely true.

  7. A really good insight. Many of us, Indians, wish to be more like Israelis,in so many things. This, I believe, is one of the best articles, putting forth that view , so assertively and clearly.

  8. All good but sounds like it’s coming from a naive and ignorant person, some of your ideas are extremely dangerous for India because it does not have a sugar daddy or dads in the form of US/EU having its back as a holocaust survivor refugee State with perpetual $$ coming in forever (or until the next Hitler) The painfully ignorant statement, idea of a single language will rip apart India to 50 different nations, secondly unlike Isreal’s backward and genetically unintelligent neighbor’s Pakistan is a nuclear power with King Kong of the area as it’s best friend China who is inching slowly around India’s neck to choke it to death, also the Middle East is not going to stand by idly if India was foolish enough to try and attack, also EMP weapons make most billion dollar military budgets obsolete like in the case of USS Donald Cook which scared 100’s of sailors to ask be discharged from active duty, Isreal also had a top of the line F16 shot down, most advanced weaponry and it’s advantage slowly gets neutralized F35 billion dollar fighter jet is an example causing pilots to black out, so India should forget the irrational ideas of Isreal
    which is a failed welfare State, which will collapse as soon as people lose interest and the Holocaust goodwill which is at 10% evaporates. India should be smart and approach the issue and make it’s neighbors like Canada/Mexico or try to create a south Asian union win win for everyone and the warmongers go to hell 😉


    it could be sanskrit or tamil…. since tamil is oldest languagae and was spoken by entire india..

  10. Not everything is correct in your article. You have said that Afghanistan and Bangladesh are enemies of India, whereas the situation on ground is altogether otherwise.

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