At the time where there is a concerted campaign to distort history and shift the blame ffor the exodus of 400.000 Kashmiri Pandits from Islamic terrorism to the Hindus themselves, it’s important to be reminded of the true facts:
There is a lot of misconception in people’s mind, that Kashmir did not always belong to India, or that it is a “disputed area”. This is why we recently FACT (Forum Against Continuing Terrorism) chose to do an exhibition in Habitat Centre, which was a great success. Here are some of the facts we highlighted.
For two thousand years, the Himalayan valley of Kashmir in Northern India has been the home of Learning and Wisdom. From this small valley have issued masterpieces of history, poetry, romance, fable, and philosophy and many of the greatest Sanskrit scholars and poets were born and wrote in the valley. Kashmir flourished under some of India’s greatest rulers, such as Mauryan emperor Ashoka, who reigned between 273 and 233 BC and is recorded to have founded the old city of Srinagar. Under his sovereignty, many Buddhist scholars, missionaries, and intellectuals permanently settled in the valley. Or the great Hindu King Harsha (1089 to 1101 A. D) who was versed in many languages, a good poet, lover of music and art, making his court a centre of luxury, learning and splendour.
Unfortunately In the beginning of 14th century, a ferocious Mongol warlord, Dulucha, invaded the valley through its northern side Zojila Pass, with an army of 60,000 men. His savage attack ended for all purposes the Hindu rule in Kashmi and he is said to have destroyed many temples and killed thousands of Hindus. Muslim rule was further tightened in 1389, during the rule of Sultan-Sikandar. He banned all celebrations and would not even listen to music. He imposed Jizia (tax on Infidels) upon Hindus and stopped them to use tilak. Almost all the Muslim chroniclers of that time speak of the wholesale destruction of Hindu shrines including the famed ‘Martand’ Temple, and forcible conversion of Hindus to Islam. Thousands of Hindus fled to India to save their religion and holy books, and also to escape the wrath of the Sultan
Then, after a period of relative tolerance and peace, came the rule of Afghans warlords till 1819, roughly a period of 67 years. The very first Afghan governor Abdullah Khan Aquasi, immediately after assuming powers, started a reign of terror. People were looted and killed indiscriminately, and even soldiers began to amass wealth beyond any imagination. Fortunately, in 1819, 30,000 soldiers of Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh attacked Kashmir, defeated the Pathans, and the state became a part of Ranjit Singh’s empire for nearly forty years, providing some relief to Hindus in Kashmir. But the British defeated the Sikhs and became undisputed masters of India. Not interested by Kashmir, they sold it in perpetuity for 75 lakhs of rupees (appr 150.000 $) to Maharaja Gulab Singh of the Doghra dynasty (what wonderful merchants the British, who sell something which does not even belong to them!).
By treaty, conquest, or inter-marriages, the Doghras created a state comprised of five major units, which are fundamentally very different from each other in terms of geography and ethnicity and have further complicated the problems of Kashmir: the territory around Gilgit (today in Pakistan), which belongs basically to Central Asia; Ladhak, which is an extension of Tibet and is peopled at 55% by Buddhists and 45% by Muslims; the area around Muzarrafad which is today under Pakistan control, comprised mostly of Punjabi Muslims; Jammu, which in essence belongs to Himachal Pradesh and is Hindu in majority; and the valley of Kashmir, of course, which was Indian Muslim at 95 % in 1947.
Finally, India gained its independence from in 1947 and was disastrously divided by the British, against the advice of saints and seers, such as Sri Aurobindo, along religious lines into India and Pakistan. Although many Muslims chose to stay in India, knowing that they would be granted the freedom of practicing their own religion, most Hindus had to flee Pakistan as they were being slaughtered mercilessly. Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir decided to attach his state to free and secular India. Furious, the Pakistan Government invaded Kashmir, and encouraged the Muslim tribal people to carry loot, plunder, death and destruction into the hearths and homes of innocent Kashmiris in general and among Hindus in particular.
Since 1947, Pakistan, aided by China, which also claims parts of Indian territory (did Modi, you got conned again by the Chinese, like other PM’s before – I don’t think so !), has initiated three wars to regain Indian Kashmir, four, if you include the Kargil war fought in the icy reaches of upper Kashmir. Worse, the proxy war which they are waging on India today, by arming, training and financing not only Kashmiri separatists, but also Islamic militants coming from Afghanistan, or even faraway Sudan, has cost the lives of nearly 60.000 innocent people, both Hindus and Muslims. It should be added that Pakistan decided in the late eighties that it would be easier to regain Kashmir if all the Hindus were pushed out by a campaign of terror, both in the valley, where they are a tiny minority and in Jammu where they still have a thin majority. Thus 450,000 Kashmiri Pandits, constituting 99% of the total population of Hindus living in the Kashmir Valley, have been forcibly pushed out of the Valley by terrorists. Since 1989, they have been forced to live the life of exiles in their own country.
People should also be reminded that terrorism in Kashmir is not about separatism only, it is also an ideological struggle with specific fundamentalist and communal Agenda. Terrorist violence aims at the disengagement of the state of Jammu and Kashmir from India and its annexation to Pakistan. It is a continuation of the Islamic fundamentalist struggle.
Finally, I would like to thank all those who have contributed to FACT and help make the exhibition on Kashmiri Pandits be permanently housed in the Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History, Pune
François Gautier


  1. Nallaperumal

    Excellent unbiased article I read recently. Not one way traffic but with wisdom it is eassyed. Thank You, sir!

  2. Thanks for the marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it,
    you happen to be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will eventually
    come back someday. I want to encourage you to ultimately
    continue your great work, have a nice day!

  3. Kashmir Kashyap

    The complete and total Shivaization of Kashmir .

    The order were given by Shiva full rights to build temple, United Shiva Hindu force.

    What happened to the ruins of temples.

    All in all, Kashmir’s demography and its culture had been wiped clean off the slate and replaced with total Shivaization hindu. Kashmir in just a few years became a hindu majority region.

    The culture of using freebooting Kattar Hindu .

    The practice of allowing all these Hindu mercenary militia to operate , they came in handy in Kashmir.

    The dice was to be cast, now came with more than just an army – you came with large groups of Shiva Hindu faith militants.

    These should hindu groups that acted as a hindu faith police army , demolishing all type Islamic faith, and implemented Shiva Shakti at the street level. These were Shiva orders arriving from United Hindu groups which acted as strong arm street level enforcer units.

  4. Sadly not a Real History. You have missed out on a lot. Kindly stay in Kashmir, brush up you knowledge and then rewrite this article again.

  5. this fake history,this so called writer made his own history.i request to all reader do not believe this types of lair. he is distorting kashmir history.

  6. It is a sad but true storey. It is a pity that the British did not enforce what they had agreed. State of each prince was given a choice by the British that they choose which country ( India or Pakistan)they wanted to unite with. The maharajah of Kashmir chose India. But Pakistan did not like it invaded India to subjugate part of Kashmir. Had British enforce the choice made by the maharajah, we would not see this dispute between India & Kashmir. Many people in Pakistan has not heard of the choice made by the maharajah. Very true work by Francoise.

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