What was called in the ancient times Sanatan Dharma, which has come down to us today under the name of Hinduism, with its many branches, sects and gurus, is in great danger today, as it is attacked by many forces.
The enemies of Hindus are united, even if it is in disunity, even if it is a temporary arrangement based on a common hatred. Christian conversions, the onslaught of Muslim fundamentalism, the abhorrence of communists for Hinduism, the infinite dangers of Globalisation and Americanisation, the disregard of India’s intellectual elite of India for their own culture and spirituality, are slowly but surely making a dent in India’s psyche …
There are so many great gurus incarnated in India at the moment. Yet not only are they not united against the common enemy, or for the common good, but they often compete against each other for disciples or territory and even criticize each other.
Disunity has always been the curse of Hinduism and India and whichever enemy conquered this country, did it not because of superior strength, but because they were helped by Hindu betrayers. Remember the last great Hindu empire, that of Vijaynagar.
The Christians have a Pope, the Muslims the word of the Koran, communists have Der Kapital of Karl Marx, but Hindus are fragmented in a thousand sects, which often bicker with each other.
It is thus of vital importance that Hindu gurus and swamis regroup under one umbrella. Each group and guru will retain its leadership and autonomy but will meet three times a year.
There are too many gurus and swamis all over India and the world and it would not be possible to assemble them all in one group. Thus we propose that the twelve gurus in India who have the most disciples, represent all the other swamis and gurus. Amongst them of course, we should find Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Amrita Anandmayi, the Shankacharya of Kancheepuram, Guruma of Ganeshpuri, Shri Ramdev, Satguru Jaggi etc.
The leadership of this group will be rotated every year and so can membership for that matter, as there are quite a few other gurus of India who have a huge following.
It is not only Hinduism which is at stake, but the Knowledge Infinite which came down, through the ages and has survived today only in India in a partial form. This Knowledge only can save the world.
FACT-India, which is building the Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History in Pune, particularly dedicated to Hindus, is a non-political, non-partisan, NGO, & will provide the umbrella under which all the gurus can meet three times a year and issue a number of ‘adesh’, which will be binding to 800 million Hindus in India, a billion worldwide. Let Hindus at last understand that not only they have the numbers, but also that they are one of the most successful, law abiding and powerful communities in the world.
Long Live Mother India
François Gautier / Factmuseum.com

3 responses to “On this day of #GuruPurnima – AN OPEN LETTER TO ALL THE GREAT GURUS OF INDIA

  1. Rajendran K S

    🙏 Thanks… ! A brilliant suggestion from a true hindu follower… ! As Veda Mantras say… “samani va akutih samana hrudayani vah
    Samanamastu vo mano yata vah susahasati” …. May our intentions and aspirations be alike, so that a common objective unifies us all… !

  2. I fully support and agree with this plan to unite Hindus.We Hindus need a basic spiritual manual to guide our daily lives based on the tenets of Sanatana Dharma.I know of many great and successful Americans that believed in and followed the principals of Hinduism.I suggest inclusion of
    Sad guru Bodhinatha Swamy and the Kauaii Adheenam in the core group.Vasudhaa Eva Kutumbakam is fine but needs to be specifically defined in today’s world.Satyam Vadaa ,Dharmam charaa….. Is fine.
    Sahanaa Vavatu…. Is fine.But Satyam Ekam Vipraa Bahudaa Vadanti
    Needs to be modified for the changed and changing world. Vijayee Bhava.
    Om Shanti.

  3. It’s an amazing article in support of all the online visitors; they will
    get advantage from it I am sure.

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