Is the @BJP4India Govt of @narendramodi, preparing to trifurcate Jammu and Kashmir, thereby rendering null Articles 370 & 35A? That would be a very good and clever move and fullfill MR MODI’S PLEDGE, WHEN HE WAS CAMPAIGNING IN 2014.

Of course, one will witness a huge hue and cry, as usual, from the Indian intelligentsia, the western correspondents, the NGO’s, the Marxists, the US administration, maybe even. But the truth is that Kashmiri Muslims started an armed revolt in name of Islam against the lawful elected Govt of India and chased out by terror, still in the name of Islam, 350.000 innocent Hindus from the Valley of Kashmir, so that they became refugees in their own country. I know, I was there !

We should remember what Sri Aurobindo wrote in 1940: “in Kashmir, the Hindus had all the monopoly. Now if the Muslim demands are acceded to, the Hindus will be wiped out again.” (India’s Rebirth, p. 220) How prophetic ! Because nobody cares to remember today that Kashmiris were almost entirely Hindus or Buddhists, before they were converted by the invading Muslims six centuries ago. True, today these Muslims in Kashmir have not only accepted as their own a religion which their ancestors had rejected, but they have also often taken-up the strident cry of Islam. Does any one remember too, that at the beginning of the century, there still were 25% Hindus in the Kashmir valley and that today the last 400.000 Kashmiri Pandits have become refugees in their own land, they who originally inhabited the valley, at least 5000 years ago, a much bigger ethnic cleansing than any other in the world?

Most journalists say that India alienated Kashmiris through years of wrong policies. But those who have been in close contact with Kashmir, even in its heydays of tourism, know for a fact that as a general rule, Kashmiri Muslims never liked India. There was only one thing that attached them to India, it was the marvelous financial gains and state bounties that they made out of tourism. Even those Kashmiris who are now settled in India make no bones about where their loyalty lies. Talk to them, specially if you are a Westerner, and after some time, they’ll open their hearts to you; whether it is the owner of this Kashmir emporium in a five star hotel in Madras, or the proprietor of that famous travel agency in Delhi: suddenly, after all the polite talk, they burst out with their loathing of India and their attachment to an independent Kashmir.

Today, Kashmiri Muslims have taken over the Souvenir trade in India, whether in Pune or Pondichery – but it’s a one way traffic, as Indians are not allowed to buy land or start business in Kashmir. Thus, if @AmitShah, @AjitDoval and @narendramodi really plan to remove this iniquity, we can only bow down to them: they will do what no other Govt, dared ! Of course, there will be a backlash in the Valley, but Ajit Doval made sure that there are enough troops to deal with it – and with time, Kashmir Muslims, who are businessmen at heart, will settle down. The unrest though will never completely go, as long as India and Pakistan do not reunite – by force or by the will of the people- as both Germanies did and eventually both Koreas will do


Francois Gautier

Author of “ In Defense of a Billion Hindus” (Har Anand, New Delhi)  available on Amazon









HINDU POWER 12: The Prithviraj Chauhan Syndrome

It is worthwhile here to recount the story of Prithviraj Chauhan & Muhammad Ghori, because it has a strong moral for today for Hindu Power – or rather the fear by Hindus of their own power.

Prithviraj Chauhan was born at Ajmer in 1166 A.D. & Muhammad Ghori in 1149 in Afghanistan. Ghori’s obsession was India, which he attacked savagely many times, though he was first routed in present day Gujarat by Rajputs and again in Kayadara near Mount Abu, in 1178 A.D. He then decided to enter India through the Khyber pass and first encountered Prithviraj Chauhan at the battle of Tarain in 1191. Prithviraj’s cavalry charged and routed the Muslim cavalry and captured Ghori. Ghori begged for his life & Prithviraj allowed him to go, despite his generals telling him not to do so.

And surely enough, the following year Ghori came again. Prithviraj advanced with his army and sent a letter to Ghori, asking him to turn back as he had been already defeated was spared his life. Ghori replied that he was in India on the orders of his brother, Ghiasuddin, and that he could only retreat after he got a word from him. This letter was sent in the evening and thereafter Ghori moved his camp back a few kilometers to feign retreat. On receiving this letter and seeing Muhammad move his camp back, Prithviraj assumed that Ghori got the message. But Ghori, knowing that Rajputs did not fight in the night, attacked in the early morning hours when Prithviraj and his army were sleeping and thus was able to win this one battle. 40, 00,000 Rajputs were taken prisoners and executed & 22,000 women and children were captured & enslaved.

Prithiviraj was beaten-up and taken in chains to Ghor in Afghanistan There, he was presented before Ghori and fearlessly looked straight into his eyes. Ghori who ordered him to lower his eyes, whereupon Prithiviraj told him how he had treated well Ghori as a prisoner and that the eyelids of a Rajputs are only lowered in death. On hearing this, Ghori flew into a rage and ordered that Prithviraj’s eyes be burnt with red-hot iron rods.
Prithiviraj was regularly brought to the court to be taunted by Ghori and his courtiers and ultimately put to death.

Mr Narendra Modi has been re-elected PM. Will he, again, like a good Hindu, like Prithviraj Chauhan, forgive Hindus’ enemies, such as Sonia & Rahul Gandhi, who have been mercilessly going after him when they were in power for ten years, ruthlessly & shamelessly using the arms of the law, the CBI, the IB, the judiciary, compliant judges, the Election Commission, etc. ?

Don’t laugh: Mr Vajpayee did it before him. He came to power & could have done anything he wanted, but gave orders to leave Sonia Gandhi alone. His Friday man, Brajesh Mishra, is even said to have rescued Rahul Gandhi, when he was caught in the US with a suitcase full of dollars. Did it earn Sonia Gandhi’s gratitude? Not at all! The BJP lost the next elections, as Prithrivaj lost his next battle to Ghauri, and Mrs Gandhi mercilessly went all out after the BJP and Narendra Modi. If she could have had Mr Modi imprisoned, or maybe indirectly killed by Islamic terrorists, as nearly happened when Chidambaram unleashed Ishrat Jahan, by having removed the mention ‘suspected terrorist’ Home Ministry file, on her Mrs Gandhi would not have shed a tear.

It is thus important that Narendra Modi goes after the Gandhi family now that the BJP is again in power. There are plenty of legal justifications to do so: the Gandhi family have stolen from India huge amounts of money: in the Forbes list, Sonia Gandhi is listed one of the richest politicians in the world. Priyanka’s husband has unethically multiplied his fortune by 600 times in a few years. Moreover, this family who has ruined India since independence, and it has ruthlessly been after Hindus, side-lining them, ostracising them, imprisoning their gurus, allowing Islamists to bomb their temples & kill them.

May God protect Mr Modi & the mistake of Prithivaj Chauhan be not repeated

François Gautier

* Author of “ In Defense of a Billion Hindus” (Har Anand, New Delhi)


When India’s space agency ISRO launched a successful mission to Mars, prior to the successful moon launch in July 19, the New York Times ran a demeaning cartoon, showing an Indian farmer with his cow, knocking at the doors of the Elite Space Club…

And this triggers an important question: 70 years after Independence, are western journalists and correspondents still biased against India – and Hindus in particular, a country they are supposed to report honestly about, so that their readers, who are mostly ignorant, get enlightened?

Well, from a western correspondent himself, the answer is.. YES…

There are four reasons for that sad fact:

  • India is never in the news in the West, unless there is some major catastrophe, or huge elections. Thus, if you want to write and be published, you have to find alternate stories, that often border on the sensational, the marginal, or even the untruthful…
  • Your editor in New York, Paris or London, has often set ideas on India, even though most of the time he or she has never set foot here. You need to toe the line, otherwise you may not be published, which is tough if you are a freelance, that is paid per piece. Most western correspondents thus rein in. I had one guy like that in Paris, Charles Lambroschini, in, who believed that the RSS was the most dangerous outfit in India…
  • Three, or even five years, which is the usual period that foreign correspondents are posted (as well as diplomats) is not enough for understanding a country that is so vast, so diverse, so contradictory sometimes. In fact one needs to go beyond the appearances in India. Indeed, the western sense of the hygienic and the esthetical, is very different from India’s and the first contact of dirtiness, slums, or poverty, often scars the perception of many western correspondents who then refused to go beyond that barrier.
  • Delhi, where everybody is posted, is physically so far from the rest of India, and so disconnected. The same ideas and clichés are heard in parties and embassies’ cocktails and repeated ad infinitum, till every foreign correspondent thinks they are the gospel truth: ‘secularism, minorities, Hindu fundamentalism, human rights in Kashmir, right wing saffron’ etc…

Is this why @CNN or @NYtimes, or the @Independent, haves been particularly nasty in the last few years against #Hindus, the @BJP4India and @narendramodi, even after he was twice democratically elected by 100 million Indians? It feels more like a biased witch-hunt than actual reporting. For instance very very very few western journalists cared to mention that the 2002 Gujarat riots were triggered by the attack by a Muslim crowd of the Sabarmati train, where 56 Hindus, 32 of them women and children, were burnt like animals.

But the pioneer of them all has got to be the @BBC, which has been the inspiration of much of the slant of the foreign journalists against Hindus which seems to stem from an unconscious sense of superiority (same is true of western Indologists). I remember when I used to cover Kashmir in the late 90’s how Mark Tully, then a beacon to all foreign correspondents & Indian journalists, used to say all the time that it was ‘untrue that Pakistan was sponsoring arming and sheltering Kashmiri militants’. Which everybody repeated (bar this writer). He even had a Kashmiri stringer, who was named Yussuf, I think, that informed the militants. When the army arrested him Yussuf, Tully kicked such a ruckus that he had to be eventually released.

Speaking of stringers, the sad fact is that most of the Indian stringers (95% of them Hindus) of major western media outlets, such as @BBC, or @AP, or @CNN, toe the line, that is report what their masters want them to say. In fact they go sometimes even overboard, to paint a negative and clichéd image of their own country. No doubt the Nirbhaya rape was a horrible happening and the guilty should have been punished in a harsher manner (and not released, like the so-called juvenile). But this was so much reported on, so much hyped, particularly by the @BBC, that every westerner thinks now that India is the land of rape. In fact when any western girl wants to travel to India now, she is warned, “careful – you might be raped”. Yet proportionately there are less rapes in India than in Sweden, which has the maximum number of rapes in the world, for instance and it is safer to walk at night in Delhi than in certain suburbs of Washington or Paris.

India should have a look at China, which gets a lot more respect from western journalists. Why? Because China does not take insults lying down. Paradoxically, western journalists have so much more liberty in India, where they can move freely. Whereas in China, they still need permission before going anywhere and need to submit the subject of their reporting. They can be censored too, or their websites even blocked.

Sure, there is no conspiracy that I can see, and most western correspondents come to India with a sincere aspiration to report fairly and faithfully. But again, the first task of a foreign journalist, without being blind to India’s faults – and there are many, but not more than any other country in the world – should be to report truthfully and create some empathy amongst its readers or viewers for a country that is unique and endearing and whose ancient civilization, that viewed the world as One Family, has survived centuries of savage onslaught, including by the British, who are still trying to lecture India. Hindu Power thus needs to deal with this hostile force incarnated by western journalists and correspondents


François Gautier

HINDU POWER 10 & Islam

In the last 30 years, I have spoken against Islam and Islamic fundamentalism numerous times in my books as well as in in my articles and conferences. Often thus, I have been often branded as an Islamophobe or a hard-line pro-Hindu, because I have also advocated the coming of age of Hindu Power after 400 years of decline and slumber…

Yet, when I came to India, I was innocent : I did not know the difference between a Muslim and a Hindu. And as a journalist I had the same prejudices and ideas about India as any other Western correspondent. In fact I embraced the same ideas: ‘secularism, the Congress is the only party that can unify India, Hindus too can be fundamentalists’, et cetera…

But then, I started covering Kashmir during the 90s, when separatism bloomed and violence set fire to the Valley. It is there that I saw the first Hindu leaders whom I had interviewed previously, assassinated in the most savage manner, such as doctors, lawyers, or All India radio broadcasters. And then, when Benazir Bhutto gave her famous speech of ‘Azad Kashmir’, every mosque in Srinagar and the Valley repeated that cry, telling Hindus: “Convert or die”. And in a few weeks, 350,000 Kashmiri Pandits left their ancestral houses and land, for no other crime than being Hindus – and that without firing a shot in self-defence – becoming refugees in their own country, a first in the world.

Thus my eyes were opened and I lost my innocence. Since then, covering many other countries, I witnessed the same phenomenon in Bangladesh, Pakistan or Afghanistan, of Hindus being the target of hatred, as Jews have been for centuries. This set me to study Indian history and I quickly realised that great Hindu heroes such as Shivaji Maharaj or Maha Rana Pratap, had been bypassed in Indian history books, to a single paragraph: Shivaji Maharaj who represent one of the best instances of true Hindu Power and fought alone with his wits, extraordinary courage and a few hundred men, defeated the most powerful army of the world of his time, is a ‘plunderer’; and Maharana Pratap, also an incarnation of wonderful, secular, fearless Hindu Power, is described as a small chieftain, although he is the only Rajput to have fought the Moghols and to have held Akbar’s army at bay the Hadilghati battle. The irony is that tyrants such as Aurangzeb, who were monsters not only towards Hindus but also with their own family – Aurangzeb poisoned his own father, beheaded his brother Dara Shikoh, imprisoned his son – are lauded in history books as ‘firm but just emperors under whom arts flourished’ (Aurangzeb actually banned music at his court, because it was un-Islamic)….

…It happens that my wife and myself are teachers of the pranayama and meditation techniques of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, which we have practicing for the last 25 years and which have changed our lives, giving us energy, enthusiasm and commitment. We do this free, as a sewa, to partake of this great gift to humanity that originates from India.

We taught once in Sri Sri’s Bangalore ashram a pranayama course to a batch of Iranians. Our group, which had many girls and ladies, some of them who always covered their heads, was reserved at first, but as the course progressed, there grew a bond of affection and warmth between us all. We could perceive so much love and humanity in all of them. And by the end of the course, we all danced and hugged each other.

Now it is not because I have fought Islam and strove for Hindu Power, that I did no know before this course that Muslims are as much as the others, decent human beings, warm, family oriented, hospitable. I remember when I drove to India by road from Paris, crossing many Muslim countries. My best friend was then a Muslim French Moroccan. He would say “AssalamoAlaikum », and doors would open, smiles were flashed, we would be dined, entertained, respected. This universal brotherhood of Islam does not exist in the Hindu world.

So this set me thinking: Islam was born in Iran and since Khomeini’s takeover, though it has a Shia majority, Iran has an image of a hard-core Islamic nation, where the Sharia reigns supreme and which is ready even to use a nuclear weapon to impose the supremacy of its faith. Yet these people we taught were the opposite and showed values of refinement and love that are today missing in the western Christian world….

I do understand even more now that most Muslims are good, witness the many human right organizations, journalists or intellectuals that fight for their rights as refugees, at the moment yet the stumbling block remains the Koran, a wonderful scripture, no doubt, but which was written for people and mentalities of 1400 years ago, when realities were harsh, punishments even harsher and survival a matter of life and death. Nobody has read the Koran properly, except the Islamic terrorists of today: it does say that the Infidels should be slayed, that Islam must be the world religion, that women can be stoned if unfaithful, or that being gay is a crime punishable by death. Logic would say that Muslim scholars of international repute should get together and reform the Koran, as Christians have done, so that it becomes adapted to the 21st century world. Problem is that nobody dares touch it or question it for fear of death. Problem is that even within the most moderate, educated and enlightened Muslims, logic and good sense, stops when it comes to the Koran…

Thus, I will continue fighting Islam, in the sprit of the Bhagavad Gita: so many of my brothers and sisters are in the opposite camp. I have come to love them and respect them too… Yet, I know that willingly or unwillingly, consciously or unconsciously, by accident or by karma, they are born in a religion that is harming the world, that is on the side of the anti-human and anti-divine forces. Therefore it must be challenged by Hindu Power, even if it is with love in the heart – and not hatred.

Nevertheless, this course also opened my eyes: Sri Sri reminds us that we are One World family, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Let us not forget that…


François Gautier


Belgium Indologist Koenraad Elst defined very well what is NEGATIONISM : ‘Negate truth, as many times as possible, even if it is outrageous, until it puts doubt in people’s minds’.

Hitler’s propaganda Minister, Goebbels, was the first one to use negationism on a large scale and since then, it has been utilized by many historians, to negate for instance the Holocaust of 6 million Jews by Hitler, which was so well documented (I have good German friends in Auroville, who tell me ‘6 millions, impossible’!), and in India, to negate the genocide of Muslim invasions and replace it, as Romila Thapar has done, ‘that it was only because there was so much gold in Hindu temples and thus it was not a religious crusade’.

In my humble opinion, the Congress has used skillfully and efficiently Negationism in cases of the Rafale and the Balakot strike. Most of us, when you announced the deal in Paris, thought it was a brilliant stroke, absolutely above board, but after so many stories, counter stories, denials, counter-denials, doubt has crept in the minds of many and the Congress certainly has gained a few points. The same is true of Balakot: it appears to me that much of the glow and national pride that rose immediately after the strike, has diffused, and people have given some credibility to an often hostile western & even Indian Media and their satellite photos.

Instead of keeping a dignified ‘above the fray’ attitude and have some of its spokespersons, speak for instance about Negationism, citing examples, the BJP Govt allowed itself to descend into arguments and counter-arguments and hence gave some grip to the lies and untruth of the Media, the Congress and Rahul Gandhi, which are asuric in nature & anti-dharmic.

Once more, the PM may need some out of the box advice from non BJP, non Government friends and well wishers, who have experience. It is essential that he incarnates true Hindu power, so as to implement crucial reforms in the fields of the Constitution Education, the Judiciary, etc, without which India cannot fulfill the dreams of Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and so many avatars. At the moment though, it looks to me and quite a few others, that he does not want to be seen as incarnating Hindu power. Yet was he not elected by 97% Hindus- the remaining 3% only, by minorities? Hindu power needs to fight negationism at all costs. We see how it is used to paralyse the Parliament, to belittle Hindus and their beliefs. And however much Mr @narendramodi tries to be ‘secular’, he and his party, the @BJP4India, will continue to be attacked with false claims, accusations of attacks on minorities, fascism, etc. This is true negationism and it aims to destroy Hindu power.

François Gautier

Francois is the South Asia correspondent of the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles (, as well as the editor in chief of the Paris-based La Revue de l’Inde, published by He is also the author of “A History of India as it Happened” (Har Anand, Delhi). His latest book In Defence of a billion Hindus is available on Amazon


(Corruption & Black Money)

After @NarendraModi’s brilliant stroke against Black Money & Corruption, during his first term – & 4 years later – it’s worthwhile to ask this question: are Hindus more corrupt than others?

We will look only at Hindus &l leave aside Muslims, as they were the masters of India for so long, that they needed not be corrupt. The same is true of the British, who made their riches out of India and did not have to cheat their own Government – and hence the class of Anglo-Indians they had fashioned to be the go between them and the ‘natives’ was not corrupt either. India’s 3% present Christian minority is thus excluded from this study. We will be also be looking at statistics and facts over the last ten centuries, as it will give a more complete overall picture.

I have defended Hindus enough – lately through these series of articles on Hindu Power for, that I may allowed to criticize them: Hindus of today – and yesterday – are indeed corrupt, deal a great deal in black money, cheat their Government, whether it is Congress or others, and they will be the main target of the @BJP4India Govt drive… But let me first excuse them.

First of all, Hindus have been so heavily traumatized by ten centuries of savage Islamic invasions, that cheating, breaking the lines, finding the loophole, hiding, became a matter of sheer survival. Hindus were killed, their women and girls taken as slaves, raped, their temples razed, they were forbidden to ride horses or palanquins, and more than anything, they had to pay a heavy & humiliating tax , the Jyzia… Naturally cheating and hoarding happened – and it became a habit – even after it was not needed anymore.

Secondly, at Independence, Nehru, who was a great admirer of the British socialist system, chose to tax the rich for empowering the poor. Industries and individuals were levied up to 90% of their revenues for decades and of course they cheated. Once more it was more the Hindus, as Muslims were often in the less fortunate categories and Christians a tiny minority. It can also be added that the poor, under successive @INCIndia Govts, never really benefited from whatever amounts the taxmen got from the rich, as bureaucrats took their cut on the way down (pity that Mr Modi’s last budget seems to have taken a leaf from this habit of taxing the rich to benefit the poor).

Thirdly, contrary to Christianity, there is no concept of guilt in Hinduism. Thus there is no moral brake to corruption and black money, as there is in the West, and I have often observed that Hindus from the poor to the rich, do not feel they are doing something wrong when they are defrauding their own Government. I will never forget in Almora, seeing a village woman cutting a young tree sapling for firewood, in an already dwindling forest, and when we pointed it out to her, she said: “so what, it belongs to the Sarkar”…-

The paradox is that in my 45 years in India, I have come across so many honest Hindu Collectors, police officers, bureaucrats and I have never been asked for a bribe, maybe because of my white skin. Yet living in Delhi, I know for a fact that my fellow foreign correspondents fellows pay extravagant prices for renting their flats in Jorbagh, Golf Links or Defense Colony – at least 40% of which are in cash or on foreign accounts, most of them owned by Hindus. As I said in an earlier article, I remember how horrified a colleague from @LeMonde newspaper was, when she asked the owner of a Sujan Singh Park flat in Delhi (a part owner of the Imperial, New Delhi), where were the bathroom for the servants – and he told her nonchalantly that they could go to the public toilets of Khan Market ! This dreadful attitude can even be seen at airports today, where there are no toilets for the staff, even in Delhi’s T3, and they crowd the passengers’ toilets. I know also that builders in India are the most corrupt and the ones who hoard the maximum black money. Anybody knows that to buy a flat, you need to pay 40% in cash. Again, most of these contractors are Hindus.

Hindu politicians are also exteremely guilty. How will they buy the one laptop per student, or the one TV per household, that they dispense by millions like lollipops, at the time of elections? How will all the Mulayam Singhs, Stalins, Mayawatis, Mamta Banerjees, deal with this huge cash problem? How will the Hindu leaders of the Congress – yes, 97% of Congressmen and women are Hindus – get the cash to buy votes, or MP’s, as shown by the cash for votes scam, exposed by Suddhendra Kulkarni? Unfortunately, we did not see a great transformation in Hindu politics, thanks to the 500 & 1000 Rs notes ban. Economically too, has this been a great game changer and at last will we witness an India capable of catching-up China, its deadly enemy? Does not seem so….

In conclusion, it is the system that triggers the temptation to corruption. Hindus, because of tremendous colonial and invasional traumas, have made of cheating a habit. Nehru prolonged it, by severely taxing the rich and not so rich. Mr. Modi had opened a channel to reverse this trend – but seems to have partially gone back on it. It is first in their minds, that Hindus must lose the habit of cheating. Then will it happen on the ground.

A true Hindu power has to be honest, Chanakya and so many others great Hindu kings, the last one being Krishna Deva Raja of the mighty empire of Vijaynagar, have shown that true Hindu power is Dharmic in spirit, that is honest, hard working and generous to all, irrespective of their ethnic origin or religion. One must congratulate the BJP Govt for having initiated what in 70 years plus of power since Independence, the Congress did not dare to do.

François Gautier


Did you know that the greatest brain drain in the world is – and has been – that of Indians?

What started as a migration of coolies or indented labour from India towards Mauritius, Fiji or Madagascar, turned into the Great Brain Drain from the 60‘s onwards. Scientist, engineers, doctors, all looking for better salaries or opportunities, started immigrating to the US, UK, Canada and others countries, when it was still easy to obtain visas and eventually citizenship. In turn, in the 70’s till now, Indian students applied for scholarships from great American and British universities – and often got them – as Indians are good students, capable of memorizing pages and pages of study materials (see how they always win the Spell Bees competitions). It therefore became a fashion to study in foreign universities for children of upper class and even middle class families.

Today, though India is doing much better economically, this trend is still going on and the best brains of India are still deserting their country. Did you know that 75% of British doctors are of Indian origin – and that the whole system would collapse if they would leave? 60 % of the engineers of the famous Silicon Valley are Indians, and in the last 10 years, the migration of Indian engineers and scientists to the United States has increased by a whopping 85 %!

In 2019, under Narendra Modi’s rule, when you meet any official in Delhi, bureaucrats or politicians, even from the BJP or RSS, and you ask where are their children, the answer will be: “Harvard, or Cambridge, or even McGill University in Canada.” The sad thing is that these children and their children and their grand-children will never come back to India and are a loss not only to India, but even to the US or the UK, as they quickly lose their Indian-ness and bring nothing novel to their country of adoption.

They often do not have even gratitude towards India, who gave them education, most of the time free, and become more Americans than the Americans, more British than the English, sometimes even ashamed to be Indians. This Great Brain Drain MUST BE stopped. Indians, who have succeeded abroad, MUST be coaxed back to their native country and contribute to its present development, economical, political and even cultural.

How to do it? Well first, there is the negative indirect consequence of this tightening of visas in the US and elsewhere, because of the refugees problem. This is unfortunate but the consequences can be seen as positive, as it lessens the Brain Drain. Good too the fact that westerners, Americans, particularly, are sometimes not able to differentiate between Arab refugees and harmless Indians. It will help Indians in the US to start thinking about immigrating back to India, even if it is out of fear.

On the positive side, Mr Modi should facilitate the coming back of NRI’s. What he has done so far: the OCI, tax rebates, liberalising the economy, is good, but not enough. Indian Scientists in the NASA, for instance, researchers in American universities, teachers, doctors, which India needs so badly, should be offered more incentives to come back home: on par salaries and perks, affordable homes, and other facilities.

What the Chinese have also shown is that nationalism and the PRIDE to be Chinese, is the biggest incentive to come back. Thus, in the same way, the Indian Government should induce a feeling of duty and nationalism in NRI’s: “Come back to your own country, help to make it a great nation, India is the future super power of Asia – of the world even…”

As a westerner, when I see those long queues in Delhi in front of the American embassy, I find that it is demeaning to this great nation that is India. And I dream that one day westerners will also queue to apply for working visas in front of Indian High Commissions into their own countries, because India will have become a land of opportunities. Thus the Great Brain Drain will be not only stopped, but also reversed.

François Gautier