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This book is not going to help heal the wounds of Godhra

Swami Agnivesh is a respected figure in India, known for having saved countless children from bonded labour. His just published book, in collaboration with Reverend Valson Thampu, “Harvest of Hate, Gujurat under siege”, is a deserving attempt at recording in exacting details the plight of Muslims at the hands of raging Hindus during the Gujurat riots.

Unfortunately, this essay, which could have done so much to bridge the widening gap between the two communities, is all about hate, as its opening statement illustrates: “Even if we forget the Mahatma’s ideals, we should never forget who killed the Mahatma”. He rants against the the Sangh Parivar: “It is a medical analogy that explains the prevent convulsions (of the Sangh Parivar) best – that of de-worming –when the worms in their final twitch of desperation release their poison”. But the first mention of the burning of the Sabarmati Express only comes at page 37, merely giving the Muslim version of the story: “the so-called kar-sevaks would order tea from the Muslim vendors and force them to shout ‘Jai Shri Ram’, before serving the tea; and those who refused to oblige would be roughed-up”. Why does the good Swami not mention that in 1991, in a Godhra madrasa, all the Hindu teachers who were voluntarily tutoring the children, were massacred. Or that today the Electricity Board is afraid to go in the Muslim area of Godhra, where 80% of the electricity is illegally tapped ? The Bhajrang Dal might have created hate by the power of the sword, but this book will create more hatred by the power of the pen !

It is true that during these riots horrible things, which no human being should condone, happened. But Swami Agnivesh and the Reverend forget to mention that that 25% of the people killed during riots were Hindus; or that, according to police records, the 157 subsequent riots which happened in Gujurat were all started by Muslims. He is also unable to explain to us how 125.000 Hindus, many of them Dalits, tribals, or even upper middle class, came out on the streets of Ahmedabad with such anger after the Sabamarri burning. While condemning their terrible acts; one has to at least understand the cause of their deep-rooted rage, as Hindus throughout the ages have shown that they are patient and tolerant of others. There is also not a single mention of Hindus reaching out to Muslims after the riots, such as this Hindu business man who built ninety houses in Ahmedabad for Muslims whose homes had been destroyed by fire.

Swami Agnivesh seems to have taken blindly the cause of the Muslims: “it is incredibly sad, how the Muslim community seems almost wholly abandoned by the rest of the country”. Or: “Can we really blame the Muslims of Gujurat if they come to prefer Dawood Ibrahim to Narendra Modi” ? Ultimately, this book will only strengthen the Muslims extremists, incite moderate Muslims to become Jihadis, and is so anti-Hindu, that it might even prompt moderate Hindus to support the Bhajrang Dal, a most counterproductive result, which we are sure, the Swami did not intend at all when he set upon writing the book .

François Gautier

“Harvest of Hate, Gujurat under siege”,

Swami Agnivesh / Valson Thampu

Rupa & C°

Hindu India is under Increasing Assault

Hindu India is under Increasing Assault
Francois Gautier
I have often been accused of being a ‘Right-winger’, a ‘saffron journalist’, a ‘Hindu-lover’. Actually I am proud to be a lover of the Hindus — 850 million in India, a billion in the world, one in every six humanbeings on this planet. I am proud to defend people who have always accepted others, who have given refuge to all persecuted minorities in the world, and who still possess knowledge of karma, yoga, avatar and the hidden realities behind life. People who still produce gurus, ashrams, individuals for us to learn from.
What surprises me the most is that there must be around 200 foreign media correspondents posted in India and that I do not know another one who defends Hindus, except maybe Mark Tully, in a roundabout manner.
I am appalled at what is happening at the moment. For, make no mistake, it is not a question of buying MPs to get through a dubious vote of confidence, it is not even a question of the Communists versus the Samajwadi Party, or even so-called secularist forces against the BJP, or the unleashing of terrorism on Indian democracy. It is, in fact, an all out attack on Hindus and their values.
Nobody wants to call a spade a spade, or else, apologists of Islam will say that Islamic fundamentalism happens because of Palestine or Ayodhya or the Gujarat riots. But make no mistake. All these attacks in Jaipur, Mumbai, Varanasi, Bangalore and Ahmedabad are only targeting Hindus; it is an accident if some Muslims also get killed. Why is it then that at the moment India seems to be paralysed into inaction in the face of an all-out war against Indian liberties and values by Islamic terrorists?
One is really shocked and suspicious as to why Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appears hell-bent to impose upon the nation a nuclear deal with the US which will neutralise India’s nuclear weapons in the face of the aggressive nuclear weaponisation of China and Pakistan, and negate India’s independence in foreign policy, as well as to bring with it immense Westernisation, not to speak of a huge influx of Christian missionaries. Here again, Hindus will lose.
Most of today’s media, sadly, is anti-Hindu. Nothing symbolises this more than CNN-IBN. This channel has chosen to sit on sting operation tapes that clearly show someone close to a very senior Samajwadi Party leader handing over a crore of rupees to three BJP MPs as inducement for abstaining from the trust vote moved by the Prime Minister. If the tapes had been aired, it would have immediately led to the postponement of the trust vote and the UPA would have ultimately lost confidence motion.
Instead, CNN-IBN decided not to telecast the tapes. It sat on them for 24 hours before handing them over to the Speaker. Is this the role of the media? Can a mainstream television news channel, which is associated with a well-known international television organisation, be so partisan and unethical? And get away with it?
Whenever Hindus are hit, the Government looks the other way. It happened when four lakh Hindus were chased out of the Kashmir Valley and many were killed in terrorist attacks over a period of time — both the Centre and the State Government just kept watching. It happened over the recent Sri Amarnath Shrine Board land transfer issue. How dare Mr Omar Abdullah make a self-righteous yet untruthful speech in Parliament and then complain that he was booed?
And now look at the inertia of the Union Government and the media after the Bangalore blasts followed by the the horrible bombings in Ahmedabad, killing more than 50 innocent people.
Does the UPA think that the common citizen of India is a nitwit and does not understand that the Government of India, by pointing its finger at Pakistan’s ISI, or at some Bangladeshi outfit, is trying to deflect attention from the fact that most of the recent terror attacks have been perpetrated by Indian Muslims, with or without Pakistani or Bangladeshi (or Al Qaeda) help?
It is not only a matter of vote-bank in times of election but also a fact that politicians in India want to keep their citizens blindfolded and pretend that nothing is happening. Does not the Government realise that we have all become cynical to its usual conduct on such occasions. It first condemns ‘in the strongest terms’ the ‘barbarous act’ and appeals for calm and ‘communal harmony’, and then gives a few lakhs each to the families of the dead or injured, so that they shut up, and finally never catches the culprits. And so it goes on till the next terrorist strike.
I am a born Christian, but I marvel at the greatness that is Hinduism and Hindus. Ms Sonia Gandhi and Mr Manmohan Singh are doing all they can to cut Hindus to size. Unless Hindus wake up now, unless they realise that they are under attack from all sides, one of the greatest civilisations of all times will slowly pass away. That will be a great loss to the world.
Source: The Pioneer