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Tehseen Poonwala, Indian Congress & #Brussells bombings

This is a very symbolic tweet from a Muslim Indian, Tehseen Poonawala, a @IndianCongress spokesman, about ‪#‎Brussels‬ bombings – obviously someone who is educated & fairly intelligent – and we need to analyse it in a dispassionate manner.
He basically says that @DonaldTrump & Narendra Modi are responsible for the Brussels attacks !!!! But :
1) Is not Donal Trump is a BYPRODUCT of the Islamic onslaught on the western world ?Otherwise he wouldn’t exist, as he only gets support because ordinary people are fed up with their politically correct politicians who refuse to see the danger.
2) Even if we agree that Mr Trump is obnoxious, outrageous, has he rammed planes full of innocent people against towers full of other innocent people, has he bombed airports, machine gunned cafés, blown himself up in stadiums? NO. But the trick of Islamists and Leftists is to ALWAYS compare what cannot be compared – and get away with it.
3) The problem is not so much with the jihadists – eventually, like Hitler, they will LOSE the battle, as they cannot take on the whole of the democratic world – the problem is with the Muslim MAJORITY, which after every bombing, says “yes, BUT”. The whole hitch is in the BUT:
“yes we condemn violence, but Donald Trump”; yes, these are misguided Muslims , BUT Palestine (or Kashmir); Yes, Brussels attacks are wrong, BUT poverty and Govt neglect of Belgium Muslims”. Which again is totally illogical, as it means that if you are poor, it’s ok to bomb and maim and kill and rape.
In fact it is not even true. I know for a fact that the Belgium and French Govt do not differentiate between French and French Mulisms – they get the same social benefits (more even for the Muslims as they have moe children and thus more social perks). It is most of the time Muslims who chose to live together in ghettos as they do in Brussels.
4) The problem is – they are getting away with these totally false arguments which do not stand ground under scrutiny. Why? Because the Media sides with them. Just before the Brussels attacks, CNN did a long documentary in Brussels, that wanted to show that radicalism is born out of social ostracisation.
The lone journalists like me who have seen the truth, because I witnessed with my own eyes what happened to the Kashmiri Hindus, are the ones who are ostracised and called all kind of names: ‘muslims haters, saffron journalists, fascists, etc.
What do you think, boys and girls? Read and spread the message, because the problem is that most people make their opinion by what they read in the Press. This is why this appeasement is still so widespread in the world, amongst your friends and family, even, maybe F