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An open letter to @NarendraModi, from Francois Gautier

An open letter to the Prime Minister
Dear @NarendraModi,

I am sure you know the story of Prithviraj Chauhan & Muhammad Ghori of Afghanistan. Ghori attacked India multiple times, but he was first routed in present day Gujarat by Mularaja-II, then in Kayadara near Mount Abu, in 1178 A.D, where he was also resoundingly defeated. In the first battle of Taraori in 1191, Prithviraj Chauhan’s cavalry charged and wiped out the Afghan cavalry and captured Ghori. Ghori begged for his life and Prithviraj, like a true Hindu, allowed him to go, despite his generals begging him not to do so.

The very next year, however, Ghori re-attacked Prithiviraj with a stronger army and defeated him by attacking the Rajput army before daybreak. (Hindus followed a noble practice of battling only from sunrise up to sunset). The defeated Prithiviraj was taken as a captive to Ghor in Afghanistan, where first his eyes were burnt with red hot iron rods, as he looked at Muhammad Ghori straight into the eyes, and then executed. Thus ended the story of the brave but unrealistic Prithviraj Chouhan – the last Hindu ruler of Delhi. As you know, Mr Prime Minister, Delhi was to remain under Muslim rule for the next 700 years till 1857, and under British rule till 1947. And since 1947, until you came to power, it has been mostly ruled by the Gandhi dynasty, who think of India as their fiefdom, the same way the Moghols and the English did.

Is the story of Hindu blind and foolhardy tolerance over? Not at all! As you know, when Mr Vajpayee came to power, he gave orders to leave Sonia Gandhi alone. His Friday man, Brajesh Mishra, is even said to have rescued Rahul Gandhi, when he was caught in the US with a suitcase full of cash. Did it earn Sonia Gandhi’s gratitude? No ll! The BJP lost the next elections, as Prithrivaj lost his next battle to Ghauri and Mrs Gandhi efficiently and ruthlessly went all out after the BJP, and particularly against you, Mr @NarendraModi. She may have even known about the bombs in Bihar, during your election campaign, that could have killed you and jeopardized the entire future of India.

It is true, that for the moment you are at the top of your popularity and everything that you do is perceived positively by the public. Yet we know that all cannot be under your total control: the economy, the weather, the changing public moods can alter this wave. We have also seen also how your are not able to pass your important bills in Parliament, which has been held to ransom by Mrs Gandhi, who has only 44 MP’s, a hijack of the democratic system if there is one…

Since coming to power, you seem to be showing lenience and have no bitterness towards those who even savagely went after you when you were CM of Gujarat – including @SoniaGandhiGi, whom you greet on her birthday, as if she is your oldest friend. Nevertheless, it is my belief that as long as Sonia Gandhi is in India, she will be a danger to you, as she is the only one around whom not only the Congress can focus, but also other hostile forces: Sri Aurobindo insisted a lot on the role of ‘occult’ forces, that is asuric forces who use human beings to do harm. @SoniaGandhiG is such a person, and she did a lot of harm to India during the ten years when the @INCIndia Congress was in power when she acted like an empress, over the head of the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, though she was only an MP’s, like 525 others.

The idea is that when she goes abroad, which she does frequently and secretly, at the cost of the Indian taxpayer, she be declared persona non grata in India for all the money she stashed abroad, (I am sure Mr @AjitDoval can provide you will al the data). Facts should be then revealed to the press and you should keep away from the controversy and act as it was not in your hands. She is not a very courageous person, and I doubt she would fight at this stage. Her children should be left alone, as Rahul has already ridiculed himself countless of times and Priyanka has Robert Vadra around her neck.

I beg you Sir, do not to repeat the mistake of Prithviraj Chauhan, which cost India so dearly. You of all men, have understood the discourse of Lord Krishna to Arjuna: “that when you country is in danger, your borders are breached, your community ridiculed and ostracized, your people converted by the millions”, it is all right to use force and even sometimes violence.

Yours in Mother India’s love