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@NarendraModi supporters are puzzled today

I know quite a few hardcore supporters of Narendra Modi​, who are puzzled – and sometimes angry- that like Mr Vajpayee, before him, as soon as he became Prime Minister of India, he changed his tigers stripes for the fluffy white cotton of a lamb, who sheds tears over the death of a dalit (who was not even a real dalit), before his people told him that the guy insulted everybody, specially anything Hindu, and repeatedly challenged the authorities of the university.

Concentrating on the economy and foreign trips only, may make him friends amongst westerners and businessmen, but Mr Modi does not seem to understand, like Mr Vajpayee before him, that he will loose the next general elections, because the common Hindu, from the Dalit to the upper castes, who elected him in a united vote two years go, don’t give a hoot about Obama, Francois Hollande and free enterprise. Mr Modi also does not seem to grasp that Muslims, Christians, Intellectuals and most of the Media, will always hate him, however much he tries to please them.

I also hear that a lot of hardcore friends of the Prime Minister, who supported him in his darkest hours, when the entire Indian National Congress​, the Media and many western leaders were after his blood, to put him in jail, are being shunned by Mr Modi & the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)​ now, have no access to him and no way to tell hm what the real people of India feel about his Government. Delhi is a big bubble, totally cut off from the real India, where diplomats, journalists, bureaucrats and politicians pat each other’s back and forget totally about rural India, whom they are going to need at the next legislative elections. Some of these disgruntled erstwhile friends of Mr Modi are now whispering that the Prime Minister has lost his fiery, down to earth, no nonsense, pro-Hindu personality and has adopted the Delhi mode of thinking, forgetting why and by whom he was elected…

he has lost the last three regional elections, they say and instead of drawing a lesson of humility from it, of reviewing his public relations, he has reappointed Mr Amit Shah​ and still listens to himself, whereas even Sonia Gandhi had a national Advisory Council, which she consulted frequently.

As in this article below, they say that nothing has changed: education is still the Congress-type of education, Kashmir is as bad as ever and Pandits are a long way from returning; Article 370 and Ram temple will never happen and Hindus continue to shrink in West bengal, Assam and UP…..

I don’t know what to think, boys and girls, as I am a great supporter of Mr Modi and I have been thinking for a long time that he is the right type of India at a crucial moment, a vibhuti, maybe even. But after listening to al these friends, I have started to doubt even myself… please enlighten me. Fr

#BhagavadGita & 2d Kurukshetra War

Arise O Hindus, think not that being a Hindu is only going to a temple or doing a puja from time to time. You are the children of Rishis who lived thousands of years ago and devised for you a series of codes and scriptures that are so universal in their nature, that they could be rightly called the ‘Future World Religion’. You are the descendants of millions of avatars, gurus, yogis, saints, sannyasins, yogis, who did tapasaya, so that your spirituality could survive untold atrocities, invasions and assaults.
You are the children of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Shri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo…
You are the inheritors of the most sacred Scripture ever written, that of the Bhagavad Gita, where everything that has to be said has been said.
Arise my Hindu sisters and brothers, it may very well be that we are fighting now the second Kurukshetra battle. But the enemy has multiplied ten fold: islamic terrorism which India had endured for 15 centuries, Christian conversions, which are creating havoc in your social fabric, Marxism, which hates you, the Gandhi family and the Indian National Congress which has denigrated your values since Independence, westernization which is wiping out so fast your village culture, your own Media which has sold its soul…
Remember the message of Lord Krishna to Arjuna: when your very dharma is in danger, your women are being raped, your children are being converted your temples are being bombed, your gurus are being imprisoned, your land is threatened by separatism, your brothers and sisters of Kashmir become refugees in their own country, you must fight, with all the means at your disposal.
Arise O my Hindu sisters and brothers. Nationalism is the need of the hour.


So many of us who love India, feel ashamed, looking at Sonia & Rahul Gandhi behaving as is she is the (unelected) empress of India and he, though their party has never fared so badly since Independence, the crown prince.

However, Sonia and Rahul would be nothing without the sycophants and the blind followers of the Indian National Congresss . What motivates then the Mani Shankar Aiyar, Kapil Sibal, @SalmanKurshid, intelligent people in their own right, to surrender their dignity and act like courtiers in front of Sonia Gandhi and her children? We saw in Patiala Court how every Congressman looked for a seat for Priyanka, and ignored the poor Manmohan Singh, who looks more and more like a pawn soldier of Sonia!

Sycophancy, of course, is an old Congress tradition, although it should be said that Indian sycophancy is a perverted offshoot of bhakti, the great Hindu tradition of worshipping “That” which seems to be above us, regardless of its value; there is obviously self interest – most of the Congress bigwigs, know that without Sonia (or Nehru / or Rajiv / or Indira), they stand to get very little votes; there is the dynasty rule angle – but again, dynasty is a very western word, which applies more to the American soap opera of the same name, than to India, where the concept of bhakti, coupled with the old maharaja tradition, have always ensured respects for “royal” families; there is the foreign angle, naturally : let us not forget that the Congress was founded by a Scot, A.O Hume, and that for long it was manipulated by its British masters to ensure that India stayed with the Crown – with Sonia, another foreigner at its helm, Congress has come a full circle; lastly, there is an element which has been overlooked : the shakti element, which is so strong and prevalent in India, that it allowed Indira Gandhi to govern with an iron hand this male-dominated country for nearly twenty years and that it has even survived in the neighbouring Islamic states, such as Pakistan or Bangladesh, witness Benazir Bhutto or the two Bangla Begums. But the main cause for this morbid fascination that Sonia Gandhi, whatever her merits (and she did put some order and dignity back in the Congress) exercises on Indians in general, whether they love or hate her, is the Great Myth of the Aryan Invasion of India….

But more than anything it is #SoniaGandhi’s White Skin which binds her all these people. White Skin, you will tell me? In the 21st century? Come on, it’s not possible ! Well brothers and sisters, have you ever heard of the Aryan Invasion theory, that is still today the foundation stone of every History book on Indian – both in India and abroad?

The theorem of the Aryan invasion was devised in the 18th and 19th century by British linguists and archaeologists, who had a vested interest to prove the supremacy of their culture over the one of the subcontinent. In this theory, the first inhabitants of India were good-natured, peaceful, dark-skinned shepherds, called the Dravidians. They were supposedly remarkable builders, witness the city of Mohenjo-Daro in Pakistani Sind, but had no culture to speak-off, no written texts, no proper script even. Then, around 1500 B.C., India is said to have been invaded by tribes called the Aryans : white-skinned, nomadic people, who originated somewhere in Ural, or the Caucasus. To the Aryans, are attributed Sanskrit, the Vedic – or Hindu religion, India’s greatest spiritual texts, the Vedas, as well as a host of subsequent writings, the Upanishads, the Mahabharata, the Ramanaya, etc…

This was indeed a masterly stroke on the part of the British : thanks to the Aryan theory, they showed on the one hand that Indian civilisation was not that ancient and that it was posterior to the cultures which influenced the western world – Mesopotamia, Sumeria, or Babylon – and on the other hand, that whatever good things India had developed – Sanskrit, literature, or even its architecture, had been influenced by the West. Thus, Sanskrit, instead of being the mother of all Indo-European languages, became just a branch of their huge family; thus, the religion of Zarathustra is said to have influenced Hinduism – as these Aryan tribes were believed to have transited through numerous countries, Persia being one, before reaching India – and not vice versa. In the same manner, many achievements were later attributed to the Greek invasion of Alexander the Great : scientific discoveries, mathematics, architecture etc. So ultimately, it was cleverly proved that nothing is Indian, nothing really great was created in India, it was always born out of different influences on the subcontinent.

To make this theory even more complicated, the British, who like other invaders before them had a tough time with the Brahmins and the Kshatriyas, implied that the Aryans drove the Dravidians southwards, where they are still today; and that to mark forever their social boundaries, these Aryans had devised the despicable caste system, whereby, they the priests and princes, ruled over the merchants and labourers… And thus English missionaries and later, American preachers, were able to convert tribes and low caste Hindus by telling them : ” you, the aborigines, the tribals, the Harijans, were there in India before the Aryans; you are the original inhabitants of India, and you should discard Hinduism, the religion of these arrogant Aryans and embrace, Christianity, the true religion”.

Thus was born the great Aryan invasion theory, of two civilisations, that of the low caste Dravidians and the high caste Aryans, always pitted against each other – which has endured, as it is still today being used by some Indian politicians – and has been enshrined in all history books – Western, and unfortunately also Indian. Thus were born wrong “nationalistic” movements, such as the Dravidian movement against Hindi and the much-maligned Brahmins, who actually represent today a minority, which is often underprivileged…. This Aryan invasion theory has also made India look westwards, instead of taking pride in its past and present achievements. It may also unconsciously be one of the reasons why there was at one time such great fascination for Sonia Gandhi, a White-Skinned-Westerner, who may have been unconsciously perceived as a true Aryan by the downtrodden Dravidians and a certain fringe of that Indian intelligentsia which is permanently affected by an inferiority complex towards the West. It may even have given a colour fixation to this country, where women will go to extremes to look “fair”.

But today, this theory is being challenged more and more by new discoveries, both archaeological and linguistic. There are many such proofs, but two stand out : the discovery of the Saraswati river and the deciphering of the Indus seals. In the Rig Veda, the Ganges, India’s sacred river, is only mentioned once, but the mythic Saraswati is praised on more than fifty occasions. Yet for a long time, the Saraswati river was considered a myth, until the American satellite Landstat was able to photograph and map the bed of this magnificent river, which was nearly fourteen kilometres wide, took its source in the Himalayas, flowed through the states of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan, before throwing itself in the sea near Bhrigukuccha, today called Broach. American archaeologist Mark Kenoyer was able to prove in 1991 that the majority of archaeological sites of the so-called Harappan (or Dravidian) civilisation were not situated on the ancient bed of the Indus river, as first thought, but on the Saraswati. Another archaeologist , Paul-Henri Francfort, Chief of a franco-american mission (Weiss, Courty, Weterstromm, Guichard, Senior, Meadow, Curnow), which studied the Saraswati region at the beginning of the nineties, found out why the Saraswati had ‘disappeared’ : « around 2200 B.C., he writes, an immense drought reduced the whole region to aridity and famine » (Evidence for Harappan irrigation system in Haryana and Rajasthan -Eastern Anthropologist 1992). Thus around this date, most inhabitants moved away from the Saraswati to settle on the banks of the Indus and Sutlej rivers.

According to official history, the Vedas were composed around 1500 BC, some even say 1200 BC. Yet, as we have seen, the Rig Veda, describes India as it was before the great drought which dried-up the Saraswati; which means in effect that the so-called Indus, or Harappan civilisation was a continuation of the Vedic epoch, which ended approximately when the Saraswati dried-up. Recently, the famous Indus seals, discovered on the site of Mohenja Daro and Harappa, may have been deciphered by Dr Rajaram, a mathematician who worked at one time for the NASA and Dr Jha, a distinguished linguist. In the biased light of the Aryan invasion theory, these seals were presumed to be written in a Harappan (read Dravidian) script, although they had never been convincingly decoded. But Rajaram and Jha, using an ancient Vedic glossary, the Nighantu, found out that the script is of Sanskrit lineage, is read from left to right and does not use vowels (which like in Arabic, are ‘guessed’ according to the meaning of the whole sentence). In this way, they have been able to decipher so far 1500 and 2000 seals, or about half the known corpus. As the discovery of the Saraswati river, the decipherment of the Indus scripts also goes to prove that that the Harappan Civilization, of which the seals are a product, belonged to the latter part of the Vedic Age and had close connections with Vedantic works like the Sutras and the Upanishads.

In this light, it becomes evident that not only there NEVER WAS an Aryan invasion of India, but, rather, it could very well be, as many historians are today pointing out, that it was Indians who went WESTWARDS : the gypsies of today’s Europe, who still worship the “Black Lady” (Mahakali), were the first; subsequently, other ‘Aryan’ tribes emigrated from India because of a great drought, first stopping in Iran, where they influence could be seen later in Zoroastrianism, then in Greece, where as pointed out by many historians, Greeks Gods and Goddesses borrowed a lot from the Hindu Pantheon; and ultimately in Europe, whose Celtics had much in common with Aryan India. HISTORY THUS NEEDS TO BE COMPLETELY REWRITTEN. Then only can India stand proud and on its feet and shed this great inferiority complex, which is even in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) : every time it comes to power, it wants to be loved and accepted by all, specially the foreign press…..
Francois Gautier

#NationalHerald, #Aryan, #IndianCongress

Watching Sonia and Rahul Gandhi walk into Patiala Court, surrounded by all these bodyguards, police, courtiers, sycophants, it really felt as if they were royalty and we were still in the British Raj. I am also a White person like Sonia Gandhi, but I do not have that arrogance, because I felt so many times that it is India that gives me, not me who gives to India – and if I give something of me to India – it is only in return as a gratitude for all that She has given to me.

It is a pity that Indians have still that inferiority complex, which coupled with the fake Aryan Invasion, which never happened, makes them worship White Skin. I worship India, its people, its tolerance, its temples, its spirituality, its great gurus, its wonderful friends, its unique atmosphere. But the Congress and millions of Indians, particularly its warped Media, worship Sonia Gandhi her white skin, her fake Aryan origin, her arrogance, her imperiousness. The Empress…

Yet there is no doubt that the Gandhi family is one of the most corrupt and richest in the world today. I knew well Rajiv Gandhi, he was a fairly decent man, with no clue about India, like his son, who got embroiled in the Bofors case, thinking that the bribe would go to his party’s coffers. Thereafter, scam after scam has been unearthed. The #Nationalherald case is only the tip of the iceberg. Mrs Gandhi has more money that she will ever need in this life and the next one..

When @NarendraModi came to power, we all thought that the Gandhi family was finished and that Sonia would go back to her country to escape the ugliness of Indian politics an enjoy her money. But this not the case. Because of the arrogance and inexperience of the @BJP4U and the mysterious ways of Mr Modi, it looks that her Indian karma is not finished and that the @IndianCongress has a chance to come back in 2019.

Sad, sad, bothers and sisters….
Cry O my beloved India, look at what Thy Children are doing to Thee…

THE RATS ARE OUT (@ShashiTharoor &C°)

As soon as Narendra Modi & the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power, a deadly serpent raised its head. No serpent is the wrong choice of word – snakes are noble animals that are worshipped in India – in fact it’s only in stupid western cartoons that snakes attack people. Anybody who has some experience of rural India, knows that 99% snakes only bite in self defense, when they are stepped upon, for instance.
Rats are also worshiped, but for lack of a better word, I will say the ‘rats’ came out. It is not only the Shah Rukh Khan or Aamir Khan rats that came out, speaking about ‘Intolerance’, whereas their very success as Muslim actors in India, often performing in films that subtly or not so subtly mock Hindus, their Gods and beliefs, is based upon THE VERY tolerance of these Hindus.

But also the rats of the Indian National Congress. Shashi Tharoor, for instance, whose wife died in suspicious circumstances, alleges in this video that Narendra Modi is going after Muslims & Christians in India. Nothings further from the truth – in fact many of us are nonplussed that Modi is going out of his way to please the Muslims – inviting Aamir Khan to meet him, for instance, or that rabid Imran Khan (official) – when so many personalities who gave their support to Modi when he was hounded by the Congress and Sonia Gandhi, cannot even have one minute of his time.

Then we just saw this tweet of Rajnath Singh telling Christians that they can directly call him if anything happens to them. What about Hindus, who are targeted in their markets, temples, whose gurus and leaders are jailed without proper trial, who are ignored, mocked, vilified by the Media and the likes of Barkha Dutt or Rajdeep Sardesai? Are they going to be ignored and bypassed by their own Government which THEY VOTED TO POWER.

Such videos do immense harm to India, because they give the impression abroad that India is not a safe country and that it may not be healthy to invest there, plus the facts hat all the Human Rights agencies in the world, that are often subtly controlled by anti-Hindus use these to the hilt.

The rats are out ladies and gentlemen, and they are all consciously or unconsciously participating in a campaign to bring down this government and reinstall Sonia gandhi at the helm of India, snuffing out this wonderful Renaissance that India so badly needs.

Thus, it’s time you fight them, boys and girls, ferret out the rats and deal with them as Arjuna did on the battlefield of Kurukshetra 5000 years ago. And you have the power, you people who are 850 million in india, a billion worldwide. Please tweet your protest to Shashi Tharoor. FG

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PRIME MINISTER @NarendraModi about ‪#‎BiharElections‬

Dear Mr Prime Minister,
Journalists, Leftists, intellectuals, will say Bjp4india lost Bihar because of intolerance. But my feeling is that the consolidated Hindu vote in Bihar got very confused by your image of extreme tolerance in the face of so much slander, demonization, falsehood, personal attacks on yourself, which have damaged India’s reputation abroad. – and your silence about it.
The truth is that while in Gujarat, you were in the center of India and you had still had access to people who dared tell you the truth, not only Delhi is an arrogant, self centred, decentred capital, far way from central and south India, but there are also a hundred layers between you and the people of India, from security, to bureaucrats to your ministers.
There also always has been in your country a bhakti-like tendency to tell the kings, maharajas, gurus, prime ministers, WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR, not what is the reality and you are a also victim of that streak.
Your top people, advisers, are not telling you that the grassroot votebank of Hindus, from the Dalits to the Brahmins, who voted massively for you in the general elections two years ago, are getting very confused. For they voted for the fiery, no nonsense, non politically correct @NarendraModi, who dared to call a spade a spade, who was not afraid of pointing at his enemies and falsehood, who in short, was a defender of the Hindu values, this universal Dharma, that is in fact the most tolerant and wise surviving Knowledge, in a world racked by monotheistic credos.
True you are the Prime Minister of every Indian, and everybody understands that. You yourself, have given ample proof of that since you came to power, by reaching out to even those who wanted you dead. But nobody understands why you have not raised your voice against the terribly untruthful media and intellectual campaign that has been going on against Hindus and yourself for two years. Nobody understands why you seem more tolerant of these enemies than your own people. For instance, MANY OF YOUR HINDU VOTERS DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHY YOU LET Subramanian Swamy OR @ARUNSHOURIE BE ATTACKED BY YOUR OWN PEOPLE. THEY HAVE STOOD BY YOU AND SHOULD BE DEFENDED BY YOU. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF MR VAJPAYEE: HINDU LEADERS WHEN THEY COME TO POWER WANT TO BE LOVED – EVEN BY THEIR ENEMIES – WHICH IS IMPOSSIBLE. YOU NEED TO BE THE PUTIN OF INDIA – MAYBE HATED BY YOUR ENEMIES, BUT LOVED AND RESPECTED BY YOUR OWN PEOPLE WHO VOTED YOU TO POWER.
Also, why is it, that as every Congress Prime Minister before you, you go to the Valley of Kashmir and announce huge economic packages, which not only subside the separatist movement but also CHANGE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO THE PRO-PAKISTANI FEELING OF THE MUSLIMS OF THE VALLEY OF KASHMIR?

What is @NarendraModi’s secret?

Neither that he is more intelligent than another, neither that he is a communalist, neither that he is BJP, but that HE WORKS HARD AND IS DEVOTED TO HIS COUNTRY. If every Minister, every Chief Minister would follow his example and work hard and sincerely every day, India would take off and overtake China in the next five years.
But unfortunately, the Nehruvian legacy makes it that every Minister, including sometimes of the BJP, is too busy doling out favours, for selfish purposes, expecting something in return, dividing India on caste and religious basis, amassing black money either for himself or herself or for the party’s coffers, or utterly not doing much. And even the sincere ones have always an eye on the next state or general elections and how they can win votes, usually by pandering to the Muslim community,as the Muslim vote is playing more and more an important part in elections because of their growing numbers. This is Modi’s biggest and most difficult task, for corruption is not only taking bribes, but doing nothing for Mother India and everything for oneself or one’s party. FG