Michel de Nostredame, one of the world’s most famous authors of prophecies, was born in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in the south of France in December 1503. His family was originally Jewish, but had converted to Catholicism during the previous century. Nothing is known about his childhood, but at the age of fifteen he entered the University of Avignon to study for his baccalaureate. After little more than a year he was forced by the Plague to leave again. In 1529, after some years as an apothecary, he entered the University of Montpellier to study for a doctorate in medicine, and created a “rose pill” that was widely believed to protect against the plague. He is most famous for his book “Les Propheties”, which consists of rhymed quatrains (4-line poems) grouped into sets of 100, called Centuries. Nostradamus is credited with predicting the French Revolution, the atom bomb, the rise of Adolf Hitler and the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Recently, French scholar Bamprelle de la Rochefoucault uncovered in an old trunk which had been sold for two francs in 1876 to an antics dealer of Bordeaux, a document written in Latin which he has attributed to Nostradamus. Curiously, there are two full pages, which deal at length with India, particularly with the Bharatiya Janata Party and the forthcoming general elections.

We are giving here the first words in Latin, along with a rough translation in English.

Politicus Bharatus Janatus Indicus veni grandus est vingtus unus centurus – Congressus oublium est …”
The Bharatiya Janata Party will come to dominate India in the 21st century, as the Congress, will slowly sink.
“Politicus Bharatus Janatus Indicus veni grandus est para Indus cognisant Indica tum est… ” The BJP will represent the aspirations of the Hindus, the overwhelming majority of India.

He goes on to explain who are the Hindus: “Indus terrum nostrum grandus homo manus onum unus familium planetum est. Indicus pax pacis terra est ferrum tempus…” They will be the most tolerant people, even in the Age of Iron, because they will still accept that God may manifest Himself at different times under different names, using different scriptures. Hence all persecuted people throughout the ages, will always found refuge in India, where they will practice their religion in peace.

Then Nostradamus makes his first prediction: “Indus cursum est trahisum nostrum est… Politicum Bharatus Indicus trahisum est…” But the curse of the Hindus will always be disunity and they will betray each other to the enemy again and again.

Next, another prophecy: “Politicus Bharatus Janatus Indicus tri pillarus est, Vajpayum, Advanum persistum est et Narendrum Modum. Vajpayum emergum est…” The BJP will have three pillars: AB Vajpayee, LK Advani and Narendra Modi. Eventually, Vajpayee will no longer have an active life, Advani will persist and Narendra Modi will be emerging.

He goes on: Narendrum Modum supremus chefum, ironus manus est et economicum grandum est…” Narendra Modi will raise himself as a national figure, not only because he is an iron man, but also because he has made of his state a model of economic efficiency.

Then comes another forecast,: “Duo millenum novo treizus, Jesus Christum postum, Advanum racontum narrates est Narendrum Modum grandus princeps est et Modum dux ducis rector est, sixtum legatus est…” Mr Advani will oppose Narendra Modi as BJP’s, Prime Ministerial candidate, but still the BJP will win the elections.

Nostradamus is not done, but thezre he may have got it wrong: “Congressus, corruptianum est,duo millennium terzus tombum est”. “The Congress Government will be riddled with so many corruption scandals, that it may fall before 2014”

And, he goes on: “Politicus Bharatus Janatus Indicus prnonuncio Ramum templum et Christanium consto est et gurum defendo est, kashmirum macto est…” The BJP will also make it known that it will build the Ram Mandir, protect temples, stop conversions and keep Kashmir for India.

Michel has also some forecast about foreign policy: “Chinum pugna est, Tibetum sanctum est, proctectiorum, amen ; pakistanus attakum est et ereptor latrunculus iugolo, caido.”
The BJP will reaffirm its commitment to eastern states (he probably meant Arunachal Pradesh), stand-up to China’s bullying, and support Tibet to counteract Beijing which is propping-up Maoist Nepal. It will swiftly punish Pakistan next time it attacks India by proxy.

However, added Senor Nostradamus: “Politicus Bharatus Janatus Indicus comes, comitus amicus desertus est congressus victis .” Only if the BJP stands true to the aspirations of its Hindu voters, it can come on its own at the Center.

Why? “Independantum Blancum copium est; necessarus changum indianus cumum facus est”… As India has heavily borrowed from the White Man (British?) at Independence, it will become necessary to “Indianise” the nation so that it may manifest again its true unique soul.

What is it? “Lex legis mutation, presidentum auctorita dato est, confuto desisto lex legis…” Introduce a common civil code, repeal false laws (article 370?), reform the Judiciary, change to a Parliamentary system, which will give true powers to the President who can nominate a Prime Minister from the majority.

Nostradamus goes on to explain why these changes are important: “Congressus niveus domina regnus, Indicus forcus inmicus est. Maurus, Christianus presentum est.” Under the reign of the White lady (Sonia Gandhi?) forces inimical to India have crept in. Madrasas have sprung up everywhere and so have churches that are converting by the thousands, Hindus gurus are jailed and mocked at…

Finally, Nostradamus has these concluding words: “Lentamentus, Indica Indus solvo eripio licens et quidnam et politus falsus, Dharmus popularus est. Srious Ravous Shankarous pranayamous, et novus spiritualitus ex religus planetum estblishum est”.
What was non-acceptable today will become politically correct tomorrow and Hindus will rule themselves again and reestablish Dharma in India.
“Scienta, garnutas, conscienta va do incedo totus el mundus rulus est, paxus, harmonius est.”
And the knowledge which was preserved in India for millenniums will spread in the world and bring peace, happiness and Harmony to All”.

64 responses to “NOSTRADAMUS AND 2014 ELECTIONS

  1. This seems hoax. Is this real?

  2. Is this really true ! How can we verify this with the original book

  3. You’ve gotta be kidding me….fake alert!!!

  4. brilliant article.amazing and astounding to know how much nostredame knew.Almost like ancient rishis .Restores the faith.. 🙂

  5. Vineet Ahuja

    Nostradamus did not say anything about AAP and Kejriwal ; )
    “Politicus Amum aaddm kejriwallum anarchistttum……….”

  6. hilarious !!

  7. “THIS REEKS OF BJP”! Nostradamus has never ever specified any names in any of his predictions then how can he make an exception for “Politicus Bharatus Janatus Indicus” or “Congressus” just fr starters. The height of all is”The BJP will have three pillars: AB Vajpayee, LK Advani and Narendra Modi. Eventually, Vajpayee will no longer have an active life, Advani will persist and Narendra Modi will be emerging!” Ha HA…LLLMAAOOOOO! Truely UNETHICAL & Blasphemous! Please don’t take Indians for granted or being ignorant any more!
    This post makes for good satire, but the fact its written by Gautier allows for fiction b’coz of his association and awards with & frm BJP and hindu organisations and is totally biased. So be careful!

  8. Did they “forget” to translate “Srious Ravous Shankarous pranayamous, et novus spiritualitus ex religus planetum estblishum est”. 😛

  9. Very interesting Francois! It would be great if some of the non believers on this blog could see some documents to give some credibility to what has been written. I for one stand by you.

  10. Ramakrishna Rao

    In the era of traitors n pseudo secularists the article is atreat to the eye n music to ears

  11. this is highly unethical and a mockery of freedom. I endorse Vineet Ahuja

  12. surya kant agrawal

    Hahaha… good fun

  13. too many ‘us’ in every word to believe it. Sounds more like a wish list of someone. Very creative indeed – whoever did it.

  14. flexiblebird659

    whatever it may be true or false but being a hindu I support this. I do not hate Muslims and Christians but hate they convert hindus, hate the way the spread violence and get all the benefits and hate the way they hate hindus. there is no one to protect hindus. all political parties wants to give benefits to non hindus for vote.

  15. Reblogged this on funddfinders and commented:
    Funny to be True !!!

  16. Dreamum wakeupum criticial conditionum

  17. Nice try!! Even if Nostradamus hasn’t predicted, India’s future looks bright and all that is imagined above will be achieved once Narendra Modi takes over the reigns of this misruled country.

  18. Primus Idiotus Francois writus crappus
    justfius murderous mass-killerus!

  19. Est ce que ce M Bamprelle de la Rochefoucault existe vraiment? Apres avoir googlé je ne trouve que des references lie a vous. Bonne blague! MDR….

  20. holy shit….this is insanity

  21. Jaigurudev francois ji

  22. Political parties and its agents talk about wave is known but can go down such a low label was not known.

    Hired even french guys to talk about India…

    You should know that more than 80% prediction in the book did not come true.

    There is no name in the book and neither about any country leave alone India r Vajpayem, naredrum hah.

    Grow up guys….

  23. Maximus Humorous

  24. This seems to be a publicity stunt by the political party described here. Did Mr. FRANCOIS GAUTIER not mention about the missing Malaysian Airlines MH-370, it could have helped the investigators.

  25. New and original spin on “paid journalism” catering to the Indian ethos of superstition… Wonder why our “god men”, soothsayers and “astrologers” have not been pressed into election predictions…

  26. Plainum bullshitum

  27. guys wake up!! he is tearing his heart out!! A french who made india his home. An outsider who sees her in all her beauty and purity. someone who has made this motherland his home and worships it. It is such a tragedy that we mock such a person. What does it say about us? He is asking us to wake up to possibilities if we were to open our eyes, but reading the comments here, I don’t know what to say. What a job have the invaders done. It still not only lingers but also flourishes. We are our own enemy.

  28. in 2009 francois wrote this… no Narendra modi then by Nostradamus?

  29. though I am hardcore modi fan but cannot digest this. This may be a prank played by Francois on his readers.

  30. This has also appeared in a 2009 article here when Modi was nowhere on the Prime Ministerial scene (in fact it was Advani was the PM candidate then)

    See it here

  31. Please send me about 2014 indian parliament election

  32. Sandeep Chowdhary

    Serious horse S**t. How can any one with even less intellect that a retarded cockroach even for an instance believe this bull. Nostradamus my eye. Whoever M. Gautier is he is clearly is a BJP lickspittle.

  33. I have high regards for Francois Gautier. But this article looks far too accurate to believe. He should also post the source of this article. It looks totally cooked up!

  34. Hey! It is not April 1st yet!!!

  35. pure propaganda.. doesn’t make sense. frenchie you’ve lost ur mind

  36. Ashok Sharma

    God bless you drak

  37. This is clearly written in a non serious note and not to be taken literally.. I do not always agree with Mr. Gautier. But I expect better stuff from him.

  38. It is funny and entertaining. But utterly nonsense!!!

  39. Too good to be true.Nostradamus only gave descritions viz. “man in turban”,”Big trees will fall” , “yellow men” etc….He never gave names.

  40. It is time that the Adharmic (unrighteous ) forces were contained and vanquished.

  41. Jagdeep Gahlot

    Fake from the word GO!

  42. independent verification??

  43. Excellentum Aprilum foolum.

  44. This is crap….. Nostradamus never used names… He used references i.e. for indira gandhi he had said,” a lioness will be killed in her own garden”

  45. why does it always end till the future that we know? 2019? 2024? No great things will occur. None mentioned? Just the ones which r known to us know! In 2009 – Gautier came with the same painum bullshitum to say that Advani will become PM and Narendra Modi will become Home Minister. It seemed Nostradamus changes his mind as the future happenings change.

  46. You missed one more prediction… let me add it for you..
    Un blog sera écrit avec mes faux prédictions et tenterait de faire sonner réel en ajoutant “us” et “est”derrière chaque nom et de la peine, respectivement.
    A blog would be written with my fake predictions in it and would try to make it sound real by adding “us” and “est” behind every name and sentence respectively

  47. how strange, how strange…

  48. Sumit kewat

    Is this all true or just fr publicuty ?????

  49. i have read this limited content book before, this all was not included in that book but what i read is somehow true with this . ” In that book its written that in 21st century the name of person which start with “M” ll be PM ( confusion MOdi or Manmahom ) & ll make India into super power catogory by 2017.

  50. how can some people ask “is this real?” and be real? seriously.

  51. God Bless You Dark….!

  52. Shahajan Khand

    Is it True….. Was there Nepal’s forecast?

  53. it has become true by some means 🙂

  54. Muthu Kaleeswaran

    Why did not you publish this before election? 😀

  55. Now Nastradomus predictions have come true. Those who has talked ill about Francois or Narendra Modi is not writing any comments.

  56. For everyone who is thinking this article is absurd see this. This a article by guardian published in 2009. ………read this and dont talk trash about francois gautier

  57. He also mention Indianum Marsum launchum Uno stattiltum under modum uno timum….sucker..i love BJP and MODI too but these articles not only make u look foolish so does it for all of us…sucker.

  58. That’s the best laugh I’ve had in ages. ‘Antics dealer’ indeed. ‘Antique’ is a French word, for heaven’s sake. Methinks the Frenchman is doing a bit of leg pulling here.

  59. Krishnarao

    This reaks of some congress or aap fool trying to make Modi and BJP look bad. Congress and aap will do anything.

  60. Reblogged this on HINDUISM AND SANATAN DHARMA and commented:
    Is he a Ram Rajya King of Nostradamus

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