#BhagavadGita & 2d Kurukshetra War

Arise O Hindus, think not that being a Hindu is only going to a temple or doing a puja from time to time. You are the children of Rishis who lived thousands of years ago and devised for you a series of codes and scriptures that are so universal in their nature, that they could be rightly called the ‘Future World Religion’. You are the descendants of millions of avatars, gurus, yogis, saints, sannyasins, yogis, who did tapasaya, so that your spirituality could survive untold atrocities, invasions and assaults.
You are the children of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Shri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo…
You are the inheritors of the most sacred Scripture ever written, that of the Bhagavad Gita, where everything that has to be said has been said.
Arise my Hindu sisters and brothers, it may very well be that we are fighting now the second Kurukshetra battle. But the enemy has multiplied ten fold: islamic terrorism which India had endured for 15 centuries, Christian conversions, which are creating havoc in your social fabric, Marxism, which hates you, the Gandhi family and the Indian National Congress which has denigrated your values since Independence, westernization which is wiping out so fast your village culture, your own Media which has sold its soul…
Remember the message of Lord Krishna to Arjuna: when your very dharma is in danger, your women are being raped, your children are being converted your temples are being bombed, your gurus are being imprisoned, your land is threatened by separatism, your brothers and sisters of Kashmir become refugees in their own country, you must fight, with all the means at your disposal.
Arise O my Hindu sisters and brothers. Nationalism is the need of the hour.

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