#MotherTeresa canonization

As a westerner and a born and brought-up catholic, I am aghast that #MotherTeresa ‘s canonization is seen as an occasion of national pride for India, to the point that the @BJP4u government has sent @Sushmaswataj to represent it. Mother Teresa is the worst publicity that can be for an India that wants to move in the 21st century, for her image bring to the minds of westerners poverty, old people dying on pavements, orphans that are abandoned, things that are slowly disappearing in India. I am also shocked at ho much the Indian Media is glowingly reporting it. The @Hindustan Times, or @NDTV must have been paid huge amounts to devote page after page, newscast after newscast to the canonization, which even Christians today think is a sham. Many saints have been discovered no saints at all. And then the question arises: are Indian minds still colonized? Did Macaulay succeed so well in creating a class of brown sahibs, that Indian love to be demeaned, that even the @BJP of @narendramodi, a Hindu party, that is attacked by the very people the Indian Govt is promoting, now falls for this trap?? Cry O My Beloved India: look at what Thy children do to Thee

12 responses to “#MotherTeresa canonization

  1. Professor Dr. Gopalkrishna Sharma

    I agree with you.

  2. Kudos ! I fully endorse your views.

  3. Fantastic, I fully endorse your view,it is total intellectual apathy of we Indians who fallen to this trap of so called being ALWAYS politically correct.

  4. Sunil Chandra Mohan

    It is not that the Narendra Modi Govt. has fallen trap, but it is a goodwill gesture of the Hindu Prime Minister to the Christian community in India as well as abroad.We Indians, are indebted to her involvement in the social work she had herself identified with, at time when no one chose to. It would be a grossly ungrateful to speak of a departed soul, so we join in with this canonisation for the as remembrance of her deeds, rather than the fake miracles she supposedly performed.

  5. Francois Gautier, we Indians appreciate hard efforts and while appreciating this we dont look at caste, creed or nationality. Am proud of my country and proud of my Prime Minister and ofcourse Mother Teresa too.

  6. Does any Christian criticise you or any hindu? That is the different between what Jesus taught and what others taught… Your attitude and language speaks for your values..

  7. Hindu philosophy is inclusive in nature. It accepts various schools of thoughts on what being a Hindu and this is reason it survived for ages. I mean to say if a person does not believe in idol worship still he is Hindu and if he in future course of life starts believing idol worship even this is accepted; if he changes again to old school of thought even that accepted being Hindu. In this scenario if India sent its Foreign Minister for Mother Theresa Canonization is no wrong, it is acceptable. Soon a day comes when westerners realize how mis-information is blatantly spread about India and its Values…..

  8. I’m sorry that the whole purpose of Gautier’s critique of the canonization is lost on some of the commentators. He says that sending Sushma Swaraj over there was a mistake because India is not really proud of what Mother Teresa did- she only served to highlight the misery and filth that India wallowed in at the time she started her Mission and long after. Gautier could have added that the motive behind her Mission was perhaps less to minister to the poor than to convert them to Christianity.
    I’m a nonbeliever myself but I almost fully endorse Gautier’s views in this regard -‘almost’ because i doubt if anybody has paid the media to cover the event – what has done the trick is the hype around Mother Teresa

  9. Hinduism is based on the dharma.
    Just Because of She is the Christian or the purpose is to spread Christianity not counts.What she is did is saintly no doubt about that.
    As a Hindu we born repeatedly to purify ourselves from Karma each one Different and way to attain the Motcha is again vary.
    As Time is indefinite and all the Atrocities will not be forever.
    also god has send us to be controlled by physical Laws so we learn and Elevate our selves.As said in vaishnavism “vaigundam” selvathu mannavar vidhiye”(its predestined everybody will reach vaikundam) only the time will vary.
    Better to appreciate the good things in everybody.
    the different between criticism and appreciation is like doing the workout in the GYM or doing the Real work later will give you Double Benefits.
    i understand youre angry and there is a real reason behind it.
    also i wanted to self examine Is hinduism is set of rules? or Dharma towards all? if you thought about the later im sure we are 90 percent Non veg killing animals for food when alternatives exist.
    what we should expect for Brammam when we ourselves at fault.
    unless we stop all the bad things we will destroy ourselves earlier than all bad peoples.
    because we do it with full Knowledge.
    Maybe The Hinduism is Great
    But not all of us Hindus…

    Jai Shriram

  10. You are a real Indian and Sanatan Dharmic by spirit than many people born in India. Thank you for your honest opinions which I think are true and logical. Hope India wakes up to its past greatness and present reality.


    Great information for me. I am completely in agreement with your views. This is high time to reform Hindus, realize the threats and work on these.


    Great information for me. I am completely in agreement with your views. This is high time to reform Hindus, realize the threats and work on these.
    We must realize now.

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