#NationalHerald & hypocrisy of Congress

The hypocrisy of the Indian National Congress. When it was in power for ten years under Sonia Gandhi, it used every dirty trick against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) its opponents & Narendra Modi, from bribing MP’s to using the police against Hazare, to imprisoning Baba Ramdev, to twisting the arm of the Judicial with false witnesses against Mr Modi. Kapil Sibal & @SalmanKhurshid were the foot soldiers of Sonia Gandhi‘s war.

And now the Congress is accusing Narendra Modi of vendetta politics about the ‪#‎NationalHerald case, whereas Mr modi has the courtesy to invite Sonia gandhi and Manmohan Singh for tea to discuss the ‪#‎GST bill (it made no difference to their stalling of Parliament) and wishing her on her birthday (but if she comes back to power, she will have no such softness towards Modi). What do you think girls and boys?

2 responses to “#NationalHerald & hypocrisy of Congress

  1. Congress never bothered about the Nation when it was in power, Be it Indira Raj or Rajiv Raj or Sonia Raj, all we have seen is Jeb Bharo-Country looto. Some of the biggest riots and cases of violence have been under UPA regime and now they are talking. If they hadn’t had the strong support of lyutens they wouldn’t have stood a chance. Riding on Anti Modi wave created and hyped by a section of Media they are Stalling progress of country. Hope to see some changes all thanks to relentless efforts by Subramaniyam Swamy. Fingers crossed

  2. Saint Thiruvalluvar a great Tamil poet and preceptor has this to say: A fine gentleman remains so even if he loses position , power and wealth.The opposite is true for others. It is only our fault to expect decency from Sonia and company.

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