THE RATS ARE OUT (@ShashiTharoor &C°)

As soon as Narendra Modi & the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power, a deadly serpent raised its head. No serpent is the wrong choice of word – snakes are noble animals that are worshipped in India – in fact it’s only in stupid western cartoons that snakes attack people. Anybody who has some experience of rural India, knows that 99% snakes only bite in self defense, when they are stepped upon, for instance.
Rats are also worshiped, but for lack of a better word, I will say the ‘rats’ came out. It is not only the Shah Rukh Khan or Aamir Khan rats that came out, speaking about ‘Intolerance’, whereas their very success as Muslim actors in India, often performing in films that subtly or not so subtly mock Hindus, their Gods and beliefs, is based upon THE VERY tolerance of these Hindus.

But also the rats of the Indian National Congress. Shashi Tharoor, for instance, whose wife died in suspicious circumstances, alleges in this video that Narendra Modi is going after Muslims & Christians in India. Nothings further from the truth – in fact many of us are nonplussed that Modi is going out of his way to please the Muslims – inviting Aamir Khan to meet him, for instance, or that rabid Imran Khan (official) – when so many personalities who gave their support to Modi when he was hounded by the Congress and Sonia Gandhi, cannot even have one minute of his time.

Then we just saw this tweet of Rajnath Singh telling Christians that they can directly call him if anything happens to them. What about Hindus, who are targeted in their markets, temples, whose gurus and leaders are jailed without proper trial, who are ignored, mocked, vilified by the Media and the likes of Barkha Dutt or Rajdeep Sardesai? Are they going to be ignored and bypassed by their own Government which THEY VOTED TO POWER.

Such videos do immense harm to India, because they give the impression abroad that India is not a safe country and that it may not be healthy to invest there, plus the facts hat all the Human Rights agencies in the world, that are often subtly controlled by anti-Hindus use these to the hilt.

The rats are out ladies and gentlemen, and they are all consciously or unconsciously participating in a campaign to bring down this government and reinstall Sonia gandhi at the helm of India, snuffing out this wonderful Renaissance that India so badly needs.

Thus, it’s time you fight them, boys and girls, ferret out the rats and deal with them as Arjuna did on the battlefield of Kurukshetra 5000 years ago. And you have the power, you people who are 850 million in india, a billion worldwide. Please tweet your protest to Shashi Tharoor. FG

2 responses to “THE RATS ARE OUT (@ShashiTharoor &C°)

  1. Though I am a supporter of BJP, and Narendra Modi in particular, I am surprised that some of his party men are uttering some statements which are given undue prominence by media and the Congress Party big names. These small groups who make irresponsible statements do not represent Hindus, and despite being aware of this the media chooses to project the whole of India as being intolerant. Placating the minorities is not the answer, but carrying on with the development agenda is the only befitting answer. Let the economy grow, and let the job opportunities open up. In addition, the intolerant speeches of those from the minority communities should be given prominence through social media like Face Book, Twitter and messaging. Counter propaganda in its most vigorous form should be unleashed through the above mentioned social media. The motivated English media can not attack what is in the social media. In fact the attack through social media should b e so strong that they should run for cover. Every one of them, who wax eloquent these days about the increasing intolerance in India.

  2. R.Parthasarathy

    Itotally agree with yiur facts and analysis. All that needs to be done to introduce some correction is only to issue strict warning to lose canons in Bjp not to talk on controversial topics unrelated to the main development agenda or out of sync with BJP govt’s stated objectives. PM Modi has been doing a tremendous job to lift the country out of poverty and low growth of which the opposition particularly the Congress is opposed as they want his plans to be derailed purely for their own political agenda. Congress must come out of its desire to continue sticking to power by hook or crook and let the govt function. Rahul Gandhi has not got over the fact that his party was trounced in the elections largely owing to its own undoing over the past 50 odd years of misrule and corruption. Modi cannot work miracles in a year and half amidst such unprincipled opposition day in and day out disrupting Parliament functioning

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