@MamtaBanerjee, VVIP Raj & #Hindus

Speaking of VVIP Raj, what do you think of that one? Do these Chief Ministers think they are Gods and Goddesses? I have seen in France, though French Presidents are as targeted as Indians, François Hollande does not move with twenty cars and hundreds of bodyguards and traffic is not held up for one hour, so as not to inconvenience the public. Anyway who wants to target Mamata Banerjee? She has become the best friend of Bangladeshis immigrants to whom she gives voting cards and allows Hindus become in minority in some places of West Benga, where their temples are burnt, their women raped, their lands seized. only a few lone Hindu activists, such as Tapan Gosh are fighting a losing battle against Muslim goons and the police who are siding against Hindus in WB. Wake-up of My Hindu sisters and brothers – Look at what is done to your land, your people, your ancient spirituality, which the world needs if it wants to survive this century.
Wake-up guys. What is wrong with you? Hindus today only seem to care about themselves, their children, their bank account. They keep their eyes closed and pretend not to see what is happening under their eyes. But this karma of cowardice will come back to us with a vengeance and it will be more and more difficult for India and Narendra Modi if some nationalism does not arise NOW amongst a great chunk of Hindus who constitute still a HUGE majority in India, but have the inferiority complex of a haunted minority. FG

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