Christmas, Tolerance & @Aamir_khan

n Brunei, a relatively open islamic country, you can get 5 year jail if you celebrate Christmas. Do you think we should send Aamir Khan & Shah Rukh Khan there, so they really get an experience of what ‘Intolerance’ means? India, a 80% Hindu majority country, celebrates Christmas more and more (let me remind you that Christmas means the birth of Jesus Christ). Is that not tolerance? Happy Christmas, boys and girls. The Mother of Pondicherry once said that Christmas symbolizes the return of the Light, because from then on, days will lengthen and we will have more light.Let’s take Christmas in that spirit, rather than the commercial westernization that is happening in India. Right?…/christmas-banned-somalia-tajik…

2 responses to “Christmas, Tolerance & @Aamir_khan

  1. This Frenchman needs to stop his continuous rant against Aamir, our Indian icon, loved and respected beyond religious boundaries, within and outside India. Have seen this French reporter- Hindutva fan twittering away, along with another non-Indian Tarek Fateh, egged on by the infamous Twitter Bhakt Brigade of educated bigots. Incidentally Aamir celebrates Christmas and Diwali with gusto. His FB page yesterday featured his Christmas Party post and pics; and he looks great as Santa. My main point — get off sledging Indian icons.

  2. He should definitely be sent to Brunei.. he could have entertained his son the same way as he did, and spent 5 years in jail thereafter.. Would have been an eye-opener, and a mind-opener for him, and the likes of him who take India and its extreme tolerance for granted.

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