@Christmas & Shivaji Maharaj

Merry Christmas boys and girls – actually ‘Happy’ is better word, as ‘Merry’ has a more superficial connotation.
Of course, when I was a kid, being born in a catholic family, Christmas was fun – the tree, the gifts, going to church at midnight, sometimes in the snow, the family lunch on 25th…
But when I first came to India, Christmas was hardly celebrated here, except by Indian Christians – rightly so – and I quickly forgot about it.
Today, in a country of 80% Hindus, Christmas has become so big and commercialized. I am in Pune , as I have some meetings in the Shivaji Maharaj Museum of Indian History, which I am building (factusamuseum.org). You cannot imagine the scene: millions of people out in the streets, traffic jams, malls with fake Christmas trees and fake Santa Clauses, packed to the hilt… Why does India always have to ape the West, when it has so many wonderful festivals, like Holi, Deepavali, Pongal….

Whatever you say about Muslims, they stay faithful to their own festivasl, their own beliefs and stick together – which is not true of Hindus.
Wake-up of my sisters and brothers, become aware of your ancient inheritance, shed your fears, prejudices, artificial ideas, fight for your ideals, your wonderful Dharma, which is being attacked from all sides today.
Wake up brothers and sisters – and Happy Christmas ! Francois

One response to “@Christmas & Shivaji Maharaj

  1. Dr v n srivastava

    True, Hindus had been tolerant from ages,they all people to settle here, Though in majority they did not try to drive out Muslim invaders

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