Hindus should at least know who are their enemies. Jews have shown us that to remember, helps to make sure that atrocities do not happen again. Let us not forget that the biggest genocide ever – is that of the Hindus – which has been calculated at 100 million victims, from the Hindu Kush to the Mumbai attacks of 2006.

 This list, which is compiled without any hatred or malice, is not complete. I am counting on you to raise it to a hundred. If you think I missed someone, facebook it to me, with the name and two or three paragraphs on why you think he or she is an enemy of the Hindus.

 It would be also interesting to compile separately a list of say, the ten or twenty biggest enemies of Hindus in the US (or UK, or Canada) that could be circulated worldwide and damper the activities of these people….

 I have also made a hit parade of the ten countries that I feel are inimical to Hindus.


  1. Thomas Babington, 1st Baron Macaulay. Played a major role in introducing English and western concepts to education in India. This was good and one cannot deny that English gives India an edge, say compared to China, in dealing with the West and conducting business. Yet, Macaulay had very little regard for Hindu culture and education: « all the historical information which can be collected from all the books which have been written in the Sanskrit language, is less valuable than what may be found in the most paltry abridgement used at preparatory schools in England ». Macaulay thus succeeded in fashioning a class of “brown Sahibs”, who thought and acted British. Today, much of India’s intelligentsia and Media stands proof that Macaulay succeeded: they look down on their own culture and analyse India through the western Prism
  2. Indian National Congress. Few people know that the Indian National Congress was founded on 28 December 1885 by a Britisher, A.O.Hume. Its goals were to « allow all those who work for the national (read British) good to meet each other personally, to discuss and decide of the political operations to start during the year”. And certainly, till the end of the 19th century, the Congress, who regarded British rule in India as a “divine dispensation”, was happy with criticising moderately the Government, while reaffirming its loyalty to the Crown and its faith in “liberalism” and the British innate sense of justice”!!! Real nationalist leaders like Sri Aurobindo or Tilak, were side-lined by the ‘Moderate’ Congress’. Today, we find that the British succeeded in implanting an eternal love of the ‘White’ in the Congress, witness the sycophancy around Sonia Gandhi.
  1. Jawarlhal Nehru. Nehru, writes French historian Alain Danielou, “was the perfect replica of a certain type of Englishman. He often used the expression ‘continental people’, with an amused and sarcastic manner, to designate French or Italians. He despised non-anglicised Indians and had a very superficial and partial knowledge of India. His ideal was the romantic socialism of 19th century Britain. But this type of socialism was totally unfit to India, where the conditions were totally different from 19th century Europe. The Congress has today made an icon out Nehru, which nobody has yet dared to touch, but as History will show more and more, Nehru did tremendous harm to India by initiating movements and patterns, which not only did vast damage in their times, but continue to survive and weigh down the Indian nation, long after their uselessness has been realized.
  2. Babur. Do you know what Jawarlhal Nehru wrote about Babur the destroyer of the Ram mandir in Ayodhya? “ Babur did not like India and preferred to isolate himself in the exquisite gardens he had devised, with their geometrical design, their crossed canals, which evoked to him the rivers of paradise”. The truth is that Babur was probably the most ferocious Moghol emperor, indulging in unnecessary massacres and that he razed thousands of temples. His ultimate goal was the destruction and the enslaving of the Hindus. It is sad that today Indian History books do not mention his crimes.
  3. Sonia Gandhi. It is a fact that Sonia brought discipline, order and cohesion into the Congress party. But the amount of power, that she, a non-Indian, a simple elected MP, like hundreds of others, possessed when the Congress was in power for ten years, should frighten us: a word, nay a glance of her was sufficient to trigger action by her entourage, using any means – witness how P. Chidambaram would have allowed Narendra Modi to be killed by a Israt Jahan, a known terrorist. Thus, the instruments of power had never been so perverted in India. The CBI blatantly and shamelessly quashed all injunctions against Quattrochi and even allowed him to get away with billions of rupees which he had stolen from India. Yet, without batting an eyelid, and with the Indian Media turning a blind eye, it went ruthlessly after Narendra Modi, the then Chief Minister of the most efficiently run state, the most corruption free. Sonia Gandhi continues to be a danger to Hindus, because if by some freak chance Modi loses in 2019, as Vajpayee did before him, Sonia will again become the empress of India.
  4. The Pope. Christianity, unfortunately, is still clinging in the belief of a single true God, Jesus Christ, in spite of the feeble attempts at “Ecumenism” of the Church. In fact as church attendance is dropping drastically in the West, as less and less youth are willing to become priests and nuns and as the Church is shaken by paedophilia scandals, the Pope’s call “for the Evangelisation of Asia in the Third Millennium” is a clear indication that, like the Tobacco companies having less customers in the West, the Church is looking for new converts in the Third World ! It would be all right if the Church was playing by the rules of the free market, where there is a certain amount of fairness: “you see what advantages my religion is bringing you, compare it with your own and then feel free to chose”. But, sadly, the missionaries are using unethical means to convert the poorest of the poor Hindus in India: offering free medical treatment, free schooling, interest-free loans, even going as far as organizing “fake miracles” prayer meetings, as it is regularly done by American Preacher Benny Hinn. They do it in India, but they dare not do it in China, where freedom of religion is curtailed and any missionary caught proselytising is kicked out. Would Hindus dare convert Christians in France, for instance ? You are joking : there is not a single Hindu temple in France, as their construction has not been allowed and there is even a minister in charge of hunting down “sects” (meaning what is not Christian-oriented).
  5. Rahul Gandhi. No doubt Rahul Gandhi is a decent, well meaning man, though totally ignorant of India’s culture and spirituality as his father was. But his ignorance makes him a dangerous man. Remember the Wikileaks cables, where Rahul Gandhi tells the American ambassador that Hindu terrorism was more dangerous than Islamic terrorism: The bigger threat may be the growth of radicalized Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community”. It seems also that Rahul and his mother wanted to make an example of Colonel Purohit & Sadhvi Pragya to please their Muslim electorate and that direct orders were issued from 10 Janpath to get a confession out of him and Sadhvi Pragya at any cost, even torture.
  6. The Communist Party of India. Very few people know that the communists refused to collaborate against the Nazis during the 2d World War, because Russia was then allied with Germany. Their attitude during the war with China in 1962 was also very ambivalent and today newspapers like the Hindu or Frontline are just mouthpieces of the Chinese points of view. Most Marxists in India are anti-Hindu as a principle (Marx was against religion) and their intellectuals are adept at Hindu bashing. Ata time when Marxism is dead all over the world, including in Cuba and China, India is the last refuge of communism. Though communists have a certain sincerity (they generally are not corrupt and live a simple life, contrary to many Indian politicians), it is not a gift to India, as they contribute very little to India’s growth, with their constant strikes and demands. Naxalism which is a great danger for this country is also an offshoot of communism.
  7. Priyanka Gandhi. Nobody wants to bother Priyanka Gandhi as long as she leads her life, raises her children and is an Indian like another India. But in case her mother Sonia leaves India or something happens to her, Priyanka – and not Rahul – will be the natural choice of the Congress to take up the reins. Would Priyanka think and act differently from her mother, brother, father and grandfather ? Unlikely. She will think like a Christian and a westerner, not like an Indian and adopt Nehru’s misplaced socialist and popular idea’s, which have bogged down India in corruption and red tape. Plus her husband Robert Vadra, a man who multiplied his wealth by 600 in five years, is an albatross around her neck.
  8. Barkha Dutt. Most probably Barkha started like a young and idealistic journalist. But the fact that she was married twice to a Kashmiri Muslim, must have influenced her mind. The power that came with NDTV, as it grew into the most sophisticated TV news channel, and her proximity to the Congress party, also went to her head. From a young journo, Barkha turned into a Hindu basher – you just have to listen to the Radia tapes to understand that. Also, woe to those who disagree with her in her interviews and programs, as she rudely interrupts them when she feels like it. There are also accusations of corruption against her and her boss Prannoy Roy.
  9. Kancha Ilaiah . Known for his immensely controversial book, `Why I am not a Hindu’, Kancha Ilaiah, is a converted Christian, who hates Hindus, particularly Brahmins, whom he accuses of all the possible evils. This hatred makes him irrational. For instance he recently said that vegetarianism is anti-nationalism : “For me, my nation starts with eating beef. Unfortunately, we gave up eating beef and our brains are not growing now. There is no enough protein,”… How stupid can you be, when many westerners are now turning to vegetarianism ?
  10. Aamir Khan. Once upon a time, Aamir Khan, benefited from the goodwill of all, Muslims as well as Hindus. His TV program on social issues, Satyamev Jayata, even raised his status to a crusader for human rights. Then slowly the mask dropped, and one could see that he was no different from the average Muslim, when it came to Hindus, the BJP and Narendra Modi. His reflection on ‘Intolerance ‘ and that his (Hindu) wife wanted to leave India, alienated him from many of his supporters. His anti-Hindu gurus film, like PK, created too a lot of enmity. Not a friend of Hindus.
  1. Shah Rukh Khan. As Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh is also married to a Hindu, but raises his kids as Muslims, and whenever it suits him, plays the minority card (Pakistan invited him many times to settle there). What one should understand is that it is like elections in India: Aamir’s and Shah Rukh’s Muslim fan base in India is so huge, that they don’t really care about Hindus. In fact, playing a little anti-Hindu card, pleases their Muslim fans and does no harm to their image, as Hindus anyway never retaliate, even by boycotting their films.
  2. Amartya Sen. This one is a deadly enemy of Hindus, much more than many, because he got the Nobel Prize, teaches in Oxford and is highly respected in the West. But make no mistake about it: Amartya Sen is a true Marxist and he rode his fame on the back of his false theories about poverty in India and in the West. It is a pity that the Congress Govt gave him the Nalanda University project for which he did nothing. He should become persona non grata in India.
  3. Rajdeep Sardesai. Rajdeep is a nasty guy and not an honest journalist – witness the incident when he sat on a sting interview that showed the Congress paying bribes to BJP MLA’s to defect. He was also seen in his true light in New York, where he portrayed himself as a victim of a hard-line Hindu, whereas the video replays showed that in fact he was the aggressor. No doubt, Rajdeep is a personal enemy of Narendra Modi and has never hid his dislike of the BJP. There have been many rumours that his father, converted to Christianity late in life and that may have influenced Rajdeep, for he has definitely a Christian-Marxist view of India and Hindus.
  4. Angana Chatterjee. Angana Chatterjee, is one of the most venomous anti-Hindu in the USA. The irony is that she is a Hindu herself and started in an association named after India’s avatar, himself a great defender of Hindus, Sri Aurobindo. You need to know that she is married to Richard Shapiro who is Director and Associate Professor of the Grad. Anthropology Program at CIIS, also a very anti-Hindu body. In fact, Shapiro was barred from entering India in 2010. Angana and Richard are of course great defenders of the Kashmiri Muslims and attend every International Kashmir Freedom Conference (IKFC), which only gives the Muslim point of view and ignores the 450.000 Kashmiri Hindus who have become refugees in their own country.
  1. Teesta Setalvad. First it should be known that Teesta is a Hindu herself, who like Barkha Dutt, is married to a Muslim, Javed Anand. Javed, is General Secretary of Muslims for Secular Democracy, a virulent anti-Hindu organization. Using her organization Teesta Setalvad’s name has come to symbolize everything that is wrong with NGO activism in India. She has used any means to go after Hindus, particularly their leaders and specially Mr Narenda Modi. Unfortunately, Teesta has been repeatedly exposed for having indulged in unethical acts and has cases pending against her in courts for perjury. The truth is that Teesta Setalvad is a law unto herself & has total disregard for the rule of law or for victims. Her anti-Hindu agenda is her source of income from foreign agencies. She has taken the courts for a ride with her perjury and her acts of influencing witnesses. She has misused the lack of education and poverty of victims to file false affidavits to further her own agenda.
  2. Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb was a monster not only to Hindus, but also to his own family: he beheaded his brother Dara Shikoh, who was the rightful heir to the throne, poisoned his own father, imprisoned his son…Yet, Romila Thapar, Harbans Mukhia and Bipan Chandra, once upon a time professors at the JNU in New Delhi, the Mecca of secularism and negationism in India, denied the Aurangzeb genocide on Hindus by replacing it instead with a conflict of classes. What are the facts? Aurangzeb (1658-1707) did not just build an isolated mosque on a destroyed temple, he ordered ALL temples destroyed, among them the Kashi Vishvanath, Krishna’s birth temple in Mathura, the rebuilt Somnath temple on the coast of Gujurat, the Vishnu temple replaced with the Alamgir mosque now overlooking Benares and the Treta-ka-Thakur temple in Ayodhya. … Thank God Shivaji Maharaj, a true Hindu hero brought him to his knees. Yet Shivaji is treated as a nobody in Indian History books and Aurangzeb like a stern but just emperor…..
  3. John Dayal The most virulent and articulate Christian anti-Hindu, John and many other Indian Christian leaders and bishops, is not only practicing a Christianity which had its place 50 years ago in Europe (but is no more today, as Western Christianity is evolving), but are also re-embracing the old colonial missionary concept that Christ is the only ‘true’ God and that all ‘heathens’ Hindus have to be converted. John Dayal is all the time lobbying in the West, particularly with the US Congress, testifying that ‘Christians are persecuted in India’, whereas actually Christians have been the worst persecutors in the world, wiping out ruthlessly entire cultures, like those of the Aztecs in South America.
  1. Irfan Habib, At last, Irfan Habib have been side-lined by the Modi Government! He and Romila Thapar ruled supreme for nearly 40 years in devising Indian school curriculum. Together they have falsified Indian History with total impunity and went after the Hindus full steam. Irfan Habib continued the legacy of his father, Mohamed Habiib, to rewrite the Chapter of Muslim invasions in India. Habib father and son’s books are based on four theories: 1) that the records (written by the Muslims themselves) of slaughters of Hindus, the enslaving of their women and children and razing of temples were “mere exaggerations by court poets and zealous chroniclers to please their rulers”. 2) That they were indeed atrocities, but mainly committed by Turks, the savage riders from the Steppe. 3) That the destruction of the temples took place because Hindus stored their gold and jewels inside them and therefore Muslim armies plundered these. 4) That the conversion of millions of Hindus to Islam was not forced, “but what happened was there was a shift of opinion in the population, who on its own free will chose the Shariat against the Hindu law (Smriti), as they were all oppressed by the bad Brahmins”…!!!

21. Ramachandra Guha, Outlook magazine’s favourite columnist, is a renowned Hindu/ Hindu gurus/Hindu culture hater, who like Rahul Gandhi, recently said that “Hindu fundamentalism is more threatening than Islamic terrorism”. He has written a number of books targeting Hindus and their spiritual leaders. Unfortunately, as many of these leftist intellectuals, he is fairly popular in the West and often quoted by western correspondents based in India.

  1. Romilla Thapar. The most renowned Indian historian, who has links with all Indologists in the world, universities & India centers. As Rajiv Malhotra writes: “Hindu spiritual experiences are devalued by Romila Thapar, as pathological.  She resorts to a quasi-scholarly speculation of racial hatred as existing in entire Indian traditions, demonizing the ‘other’, a technique to justify holding such people in contempt and even attacking them’.  This is exactly the same thesis that is being spread today by Maoist insurgents working among remote tribes in central India, namely, that demons mentioned in Hinduism are actually references to tribal people ». Today even, most of the intellectuals, journalists and many of India’s elite have been influenced by that school of thinking and regularly ape its theories. Romila Thapar is a traitor to her own culture and society, for she is a Hindu.
  2. N Ram & the Hindu newspaper. Long time editor of the newspaper the Hindu, who should be renamed the “Anti-Hindu”. N. Ram is a fervent disciple of Marxism and communist China. The magazine of the Hindu, Frontline, although well written, as the Hindu, perpetuates a dead ideology. Unfortunately the Hindu is still read by many in India, including westerners in the South of India.
  3. Sagarika Ghose & CNN IBN, Rajdeep Sardesai’s wife shares his beliefs and hatred for the Hindus. It’s a tragedy that CNN IBN is so partial towards Hindus and sympathetic to anybody who is anti-Hindu. Why did CNN, a renowned western television, choose to partner someone who is against the majority community of their country?
  4. Mamta Banerjee. It is said that Mamta Banerjee is a Kali worshipper and does regular pujas when she is alone in her house. Unfortunately Mamta has realized that she can get elected as West Bengal Chief Minister on the sole strength of the Muslim vote. She thus panders to them, turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed on the Hindus by the Bangladeshis refugees, who are given ration cards so that they can vote for Mamta. Sad also that she chose to say ‘Allah O Akbar’ when she just got re-elected. To what depths will Indian politicians sink to get votes? Hindus are becoming minorities in certain districts of WB, Assam or UP. That is a tragedy and something should be done.
  5. Akbaruddin Owais. Proof that India is a democracy lies in the fact that people like Owais and his brother can not only rant against the Hindus and preach near secession, but also get elected. There has to be some limits to preaching hatred and separatism.
  6. Geelani & other Kashmiri separatists. How can the Indian Government allow these separatists to openly visit the Pakistani embassy in Delhi or travel to Pakistan to take instructions from their masters? No country tolerates that kind of open separatism, be it France with Corsica, or even England with the faraway Falkland Islands, which geographically belong to Argentina. How to forget too that the Muslims chased out of the Valley of Kashmir 500.000 Hindus who had lived there for generations and had not done any harm?
  7. Zakir Naik. Zakir Naik tried to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus by denigrating Shri Ganesh; that too, during the Ganesh Festival. He has given a challenge to Hindus, through the medium of ‘Facebook’ and ‘You-tube’, to prove that Shri Ganapati is a Deity. He also made an anti-Hindu statement that ‘If your God is unable to recognise his own son, how will he know that I am in danger’. By making such comments Naik has hurt religious sentiments of billions of Hindus. It has also created rage among members of Shiv Sena, BJP and various pro-Hindu organisations, Ganeshotsava Mandals and devout Hindus. Naik also went after Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the famous debate.
  8. Christophe Jaffrelot. This most famous French Indologist, paid by the French Government, who wrote many a nasty books on ‘Hindu fundamentalism’ and is most responsible for the bad image of the BJP in France. Funnily, he regularly comes to India to release the English translations of his books and is feted by the Press corps and gets all kind of laudatory reviews. So much for secularism in India_ Jaffrelot, Sanjay Subramanyam (who teaches in the prestigious College de France), and others in France – keep harping on India’s problems – castes, poverty, so called-Hindu fundamentalism, etc. I know for a fact that in France, it has an influence on the top bureaucrats and the politicians, as every time something important happens in India – elections, catastrophes, riots, etc, their slanted opinions are sought by newspapers radios and televisions.
  9. NGO’s. NGO’s in India are most of the time anti-Hindus. 70% of them work on “woman empowerment”, or “uplifting” the villagers in tribal areas, which is good, but should be done in a neutral manner with friendliness to the Indian Govt. It is nowadays fashionable in India to always highlight the downtrodden condition of Indian women and their underprivileged place in Indian society. But no country in the world has granted such an important place to women in its spirituality and social ethos. And even today, behind all appearances – arranged marriages, submission to men, preference of male children in some rural areas (but girls are loved in India like nowhere in the world) – it can be safely said that very often, from the poorest to the richest classes, women control –even if behind the scenes – a lot of the family affairs: the education of their children (men in India are often “mama’s boys”), monetary concerns, and husbands often refer to them for important decisions. Countries such as France or the United States, who are often preaching India on “women’s rights” never had a woman as their top leader, whereas India had Indira Gandhi ruling with an iron hand for nearly twenty years; and proportionately they have less MP’s than India, which is considering earmarking 33% of seats in Parliament for women, a revolution in human history! But this obsession of NGO’s with women and village empowerment (usually they take one village and make it like a showcase, for the benefit of visiting donors from abroad) has completely eclipsed the burning issue that would require NGO’s attention with the tremendous amount of funds they attract from abroad : afforestation, as there are hardly any forest worth the name left today in India.
  1. Karunanidhi. Karunanidhi and before him his mentor, Anna, exploited to the hilt he Dravidian theory. According to this theory, which was actually devised in the 18th and 19th century by British linguists and archaeologists, who had a vested interest to prove the supremacy of their culture over the one of the subcontinent, the first inhabitants of India were good-natured, peaceful, dark-skinned shepherds, called the Dravidians. Then, around 1500 B.C., India is said to have been invaded by tribes called the Aryans : white-skinned, nomadic people, who originated somewhere in Ural, or the Caucasus. To the Aryans, are attributed Sanskrit, the Vedic – or Hindu religion, India’s greatest spiritual texts, the Vedas, as well as a host of subsequent writings, the Upanishads, the Mahabharata, the Ramanaya, etc… And thus English missionaries and later, American preachers, were able to convert tribes and low caste Hindus by telling them : ” you, the aborigines, the tribals, the Harijans, were there in India before the Aryans; you are the original inhabitants of India, and you should discard Hinduism, the religion of these arrogant Aryans and embrace, Christianity, the true religion”. Karunanidhi also exploits this theory and he and Anna have made life for Tamil Brahmins so miserable that many left Tamil Nadu for Delhi or even the US.
  1. Wendy Doniger. This American Hindu hater, supposedly, a historian, says that “Rama thinks that sex is putting him in political danger (keeping his allegedly unchaste wife will make the people revolt), but in fact he has it backward: Politics is driving Rama to make a sexual and religious mistake; public concerns make him banish the wife he loves. Rama banishes Sita as Dasharatha has banished Rama. Significantly, the moment when Rama kicks Sita out for the second time comes directly after a long passage in which Rama makes love to Sita passionately, drinking wine with her, for many days on end; the banishment comes as a direct reaction against the sensual indulgence. Her latest book, ‘’The Hindus: An Alternative History’ was written intentionally to mock Hinduism.
  2. Akbar. Akbar is one of the goody-goodies in Indian History books, like Ashoka because he was a Buddhist, that Marxist historians like to glorify. No doubt, Akbar was one of the better Mughal emperors, but did you know that when he captured Chittor on February 25, 1568, he ordered that the thirty thousand civil population be butchered, including women and children who has taken shelter in the fort ? Destruction of temples also took place on mass scale in Akbar’s reign and it is even said that he ordered that a mountain be made of the tufts of the Brahmins’ hairs..
  3. Michael Witzel, Professor of Sanskrit at Harvard, Witzel must be one of the worst enemies of Hindus in the USA, as shown recently when he tried to prevent the removal of references to India, Hinduism in the curriculum followed by schools in California which parents of Indian origin found to be inadequate, inaccurate or just outright insensitive.   Known for aggressively pushing theories forged by Left historians of the Romila Thapar genre that have been long discredited through scientific means, including DNA studies, this ‘linguist’ is known for promoting himself as a ‘historian’ in academic circles. His proximity to Left historians in India is no secret.   Such is Prof Witzel’s contempt for Indians who live and work in the US that he has not minced words running them down as an ethnic group. On one occasion, he declared: “Hindus in the US are lost or abandoned people.”
  4. Amnesty International. . Amnesty International, which has a large number of Pakistanis in its staff, has always been hostile to Hindus. I remember showing an exhibition on Kashmir in London at the prestigious Commonwealth Club. The south Asia Amnesty in charge, refused to come and see it – although the Club was just a stone throw away from Amnesty’s London office. What did the Kashmiri Hindus do that Amnesty considers them untouchable? And how come that the Muslims of the Valley who chased them by terror and made them flee their ancestral lands and homes are not condemned by Amnesty? It triggers a lot of questions about Amnesty’s impartiality…
  5. Prannoy Roy (CEO of NDTV) No doubt, Prannoy Roy created one of the best TV channels in India, in term of content and professional quality, but from the beginning, NDTV’s slant was anti-Hindu. Why? Did you know that Prannoy is married to Radhika Roy, who is the sister of Brinda Karat, one of the leading lights of the communist party of India (CPI(M))? The sad thing is that many BJP leaders always run to NDTV, to be crucified by Barkha Dutt, Pranno’s second in command today.
  6. Chidambaram. There are many questions asked today about the role of P Chidambaram when he was in power during the ten years of the Congress. As Finance Minister, he went after Hindus by clamping down on Hindu institutions that had the 100% yoga tax rebate; as Home minister, his role is even more dubious: he had cleared an affidavit in 2009 which described college student Ishrat Jahan as a Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist involved in a plot to assassinate then Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. About a month later, a second affidavit was filed in court in which all references to Ishrat’s alleged terror links were missing. Did Chidambaram, with the knowledge of Sonia Gandhi close his eyes on an assassination plot on the person of Mr Narendra Modi? As the Home Minister of India, it would be a crime.
  7. Sitaram Yechury. Yechury is an intelligent man and a brilliant speaker – but he is an enemy of Hindus. He for instance went full steam against Mr Modi’s declaration of June 21 as International Yoga, which was supported by the UN General Assembly and which should not cause any problem, as yoga is a universal technique that is practiced all over the world, by millions of Christians. Oh, but the hitch is that Yoga is a Hindu invention – hence Mr Yechury’s hostility, who famously said: “under this BJP government’s aggressive global campaigns, India appears to be seeking a global positioning not on the basis of its internal strength, economic or otherwise, but on the basis of such ‘accomplishments’ as having the UN General Assembly declare International Yoga Day on June 21”.The fact that a senior communist leader in India fails to see the potential to leverage the acceptance and spread of Yoga across the world as a means to further India’s global influence and power is a testament to the monumental intellectual bankruptcy inflicting the communists in India.
  8. Mother Teresa.  Mother Teresa is still the worst publicity for India. No doubt, she did saintly work. This said, one may wonder: What did Mother Teresa really stand for? Was caring for the dying and orphaned children her only goal? Mother Teresa never attempted to counterbalance this negative image of India, of whom she was the vector, by a more positive one. She could have said for instance that she was worshipped in a country of 800 million Hindus. The truth is that she stood for the most orthodox Christian conservatism. There is no doubt that ultimately Mother Teresa’s goal was utterly simple: to convert Hindus to Christianity, the only true religion in her eyes.
  9. Karan Thapar. Karan Thapar, who owns ITV, which unfortunately produces shows for BBC, is one of the most famous faces of journalism in India. Karan Thapar’s father was General Pran Nath Thapar COAS during 1962 war, and his aunt is Romila Thapar. Does that explain why Karan, though a decent man, is known for his anti-Hindu bias? Once he invited me on a program about the painter M.F. Husain, who as you know has depicted Hindus’ most revered Gods fornicating or even sodomizing each other. I had brought on the show photocopies of these paintings, a solid evidence of Husain’s hatred of Hinduism, but Karan refused that I showed them on camera. So much for ITV’s journalistic impartiality…
  10. Javed Akhtar. Though Javed Akhtar came out recently against those who opposed saying ‘Bharat Mata Ki jai’, he is also known as a Hindu baiter. I remember him going full steam against Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Hindu gurus in an Indian Today symposium a few years ago. Akhtar also repeatedly equated the Gujarat 2002 anti-Muslim riots to the Jewish holocaust. As one of his detractors said: “it is impossible to believe that Akhtar isn’t aware of the horrors at Auswitz or Sobibor to compare them with rioting in Gujarat”? Does Alhtar also ignore that 56 innocent Hindus, amongst them 32 women and children were burnt to death like animals in the Sabarmati Express at Godhra? And that this was the spark that ignited the riots? Again we see how anti-Hindus twist facts and truth…
  11. Shabana Azmi. Aktar’s second wife, Shabana Azmi is a fine actress. Nevertheless she is also a Hindu baiter. When she was invited to the international film festival of Deauville in France, I read the numerous interviews where she kept harping about “Hindu fundamentalists”, and repeatedly lambasted the “Right Wing” BJP Government and accused them of turning a “blind eye” to the attacks towards India’s minorities, while portraying herself as a courageous social activist fighting for freedom of expression. She also only spoke “en passant” about Muslim fundamentalism. Again the old trick to either equate Muslim and Hindu fundamentalism, or even in the case of Azmi, Rahul Gandhi and others, to say that Hindu fundamentalism is more dangerous than the Islamic one. What a joke…
  12. Akar Patel. Akar Patel, a subtle but redoubtable Hindu hater, is sadly the head of Amnesty International India (one can see there the perversion of Amnesty, to name a Muslim as its head in a country inhabited by 80% Hindus). Akar indeed always rants against Narendra Modi and the Hindu majority, saying: “one must be neutral.”  but “we dissent against our own country, because dissent is patriotic”. However he adds: “Anyone opposing us (Amnesty International?), is morally deficient and a repugnant human being”. Akar Patel’s virulent hatred for the majority community is not masked. He wrote : “Most  extremists in India are not Muslims , they are Hindu Maoists”.
  13. Arundhati Roy. Cousin of Pranoy Roy, she was married to Gerard Da Cunha first and than to film maker Pradip Kirishen. Arundhati is a pure product of Christianity hiding under an intellectual mask plus hard-core Marxism. Apart from her first book the ‘God of Small things’, Arundhati never wrote again anything of value. She is most happy in the company of maoists, naxalites Tamil Elam and Kashmiri separatists.  Roy famously said: “Kashmir has never been an integral part of India and the Indian Govt is at war with Maoists to aid the MNCs”. She also says Modi is promoting Brahmanism. After the “intolerance” debate , she returned her National award for screenplay.Nobody cared…
  14. Father Cedric Prakash. This Indian Christian priest has been most active in betraying his own country in the US, amongst Congress parliamentary committees. In June 2002, he testified before the US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) in Washington, so about the lack of religious freedom in India… .His is a clear case of an Indian citizen asking an alien nation tintervene in India’s domestic affairs.Fr. Prakash has been a vocalcritic of Narendra Modi, often in collaboration with John Dayal and nTeesta Setalvad.
  1. Martha Nussbaum. A virulent anti-Hindu American, no doubt supported by Anjana Chatterjee and her ilk. Her pronouncement: “perpetrators of violence are not Muslims but Hindus”, is proof enough of that. Her interest in India started while working for Amartya Sen, with whom she shared an intimate relationship, a fact she herself bragged about. Before the 2014 Parliament elections, Amartya Sen had said that he wouldn’t like Modi to be the PM of India. Martha does not have any qualification or training in archaeology, Sanskrit, geology,or metallurgy, yet writes with authority about the dating of the Vedas.
  1. Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has no great love for India and often leans towards Pakistan (her vice chairman of the 2016 election campaign is Huma Mahmood Abedin, of Pakistani origin). Maybe the numerous infidelities of her husband Bill, made her into a hard and cynical woman, but if she becomes President of the US, she will be no friend of India and Hindus. Her attitude towards Islam and Muslim fundamentalism is also ambiguous and she is probably closer to Obama’s views, than any other presidential candidate. You can expect continuing support, financial and in armaments to Pakistan if she is elected.
  2. Medha Patkar. Another NGO, who very selectively targets only Hindus. Her Narmada dam agitation had one target only: Narendra Modi. Yet the dam has proved to be the biggest factor to Gujarat’s prosperity, bringing electricity, water, propserity to all, Hindus as well as Muslims. Medha was also involved in many movements that blocked Mr Modi’s visas in the UK and the US and that tried to stop him from becoming Prime Minister
  3. The Mahatma Gandhi ? I put it with a question mark, as I consider him as a great soul indeed. But there are many who point out that he never seemed to have realised the great danger that Nazism represented for humanity. Calling Hitler “my beloved brother”, a man who murdered 6 million Jews in cold-blood just to prove the purity of his own race, is more than just innocence, it borders on criminal credulity. And did not Gandhi also advise the Jews to let themselves be butchered?…His not condemning Muslims during the Khalifat movement when thousands of Hindus were butchered by Indian Muslims, or his indulgence of Jinnah, going as far as proposing to make him the Prime Minister of India, have not always earned him Hindu goodwill.

Gandhi’s love of the Harijans, as he called them, was certainly very touching and sprang from the highest motivations, but once more Gandhi took the European element in the decrying of the caste system, sowing the seeds of future disorders and of a caste war in India, of which we see the effects only today.

  1. HINDUS THEMSELVES. Hindus, it must be said, are their own biggest enemies. They must be some of the most selfish and individualistic people in the world: rich Hindus never help their poorer brothers and sisters – that’s’ why the Mother Teresa’s and Sonia Gandhis are able to flourish in India. A Hindu abroad never acknowledges another Hindu, but pretends he or she does not exist. You can insult Hindus and their Gods and Goddesses as much as you want and nothing will happen to you. A billion Hindus have not raised a finger about the 450.000 Kashmiri Pandits who became refugees in their own country after they were chased out by terror from the Valley of Kashmir in the 90’s.. Hindus today don’t give a damn whether their children know about the Ramayana, the Mahabharata or the Bhagavad Gita, where every truth that needs to be known about life, after life, karma, dharma and soul is taught. Modern Hindu children do not go to temples, pray or know what is a puja. Hindus do not care to have colleges where Hindu values are imparted, like the Muslims have (Aligarh university for instance) The only one ever, the Benares Hindu University, should not be called ‘Hindu’, as nothing Hindu is taught there anymore.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who alone with a few hundred men, stood his ground against the most powerful emperor of his times, has practically no place in Indian History books and is often described as a petty chieftain or even a plunderer. So is Maharana Pratap, the ONLY Rajput who fought against the Moguls and actually defeated Akbar in Hadilgathi.

Hindus who tend to merge and melt wherever they live – and in the process, lose some their identities and togetherness. And finally the most deadly and vicious intellectuals that we have reviewed above, are Hindus most of them. They are the ones that should be targeted, in a non-violent but firm manner.


1. China. After six decades of bitter experience at the hands of the Chinese, of double talk, betrayal and contempt, – India still gets hoodwinked by the Chinese You should also know that China still occupies one third of Ladhak, which it took during the 62 war, still claims for itself the whole of Arunachal Pradesh and has not only furnished Pakistan with its missiles (c/o North Korea), but has given them the know-how to manufacture nuclear weapons ? How can Indians say that China is not a security menace to India ? Doesn’t he know also that according to the CIA, China has transferred one third of its nuclear arsenal to Nagchuka, 250 kms away from Lhassa, a region full of huge caves, which the Chinese have linked together by an intricate underground network and where they have installed nearly one hundred Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, many of them pointed at Indian cities ? The reason for this is that the Chinese, who are probably among the most intelligent people in the world, have always understood that India is their number one economic, military and nuclear competitor in Asia (remember how China blocks India’s accession to the UN’s Security Council, which France supports).

2. Pakistan. Pakistan is the continuing incarnation of those Muslim invaders who raped India from the middle of the 7th century onwards. Has anything changed: “their cry is still the same: “Dar-ul-Islam”, the house of Islam. Yesterday they used scimitars, today they have the atomic bomb; but the purpose is identical, only the weapons have evolved: to conquer India, to finish what the Mughal Emperors were not able to achieve”. To reason with Pakistan is useless, many conclude, “for once again they are only putting in practice what their religion teaches them every day -that ‘the Pagans shall burn forever in the fire of hell. They are the meanest of creatures’. Or ‘Slay the infidels, wherever ye find them and take them captive and besiege them and prepare them for all kinds of ambush’. Or again: ‘Choose not thy friends among the Infidels till they forsake their homes and the way of idolatry. If they return to paganism then take them whenever you find them and kill them’. All these quotations are taken from the Koran and are read everyday to the faithful by their mollahs.(Koran 98:51-9:5-4:89

3. Bangladesh. In 1947, Muslims constituted only 70% of Bangladesh and Hindus, as well as Christians and Buddhists more than 30%, Today, Muslims are nearly 90 percent, making Bangladesh one of the largest Muslim countries in the world and Hindus, have shrunk to 7%. Successive governments have seized 2.5 million acres of land of the Hindus by using a racist law called the Enemy Property Act (renamed Vested Property Act by the secularists). Although finally this racist law was repealed, Khaleda Zia’s government has blocked its implementation (Country Report on Human Rights Practices – 2001, 2003, US Department of State).

Through the 5th and 8th Amendments of the constitution the BNP and JP governments, virtually transformed the once secular Bangladesh into an Islamic state. Apart from money laundering and providing terrorists sanctuary, Bangladesh’s madrasas have become major recruiting and training centres for militancy. A CIA study says that Bangladeshi villagers are increasingly getting sucked into terrorism out of livelihood. The very porous border between India and Bangladesh is used as an infiltration route of militants to India, including those going to Kashmir and to the Northeast. The Indian Intelligence Bureau estimates that twenty million Bangladeshis live illegally in India, with the greatest concentration in West Bengal and Assam and this is creating havoc to the social, religious and cultural fabric of the North-East. Chief ministers, such as Mamta Banerjee routinely give rations cards to these illegal Bangladeshis so that they can vote. IN West Bengal and Assma, Hindus have become minorities in certain districts are regularly beaten up, their temples ransacked, their women raped. Very few Hindus leaders have taken up their cause, save for Tapan Ghosh in WB.

4.Nepal Sonia Gandhi, whose government was propped-up by communists, did great damage to India’s interests, such as helping a Maoist government come to power in Nepal, the only Hindu state in the world. Here is a wonderful country, with simple and friendly people, which is the only Hindu nation in the world, which is so similar in many ways to India, that there is no reason to be antagonistic to a country with which they have so much in common. Yet the erstwhile kings and now the Maoist leaders in power, are often been able to play a divide and rule game by using the Chinese and blaming India for all the ills of Nepal which as become a haven for Pakistani agents

5.United States. The United States, seems sometimes to have an unconscious wish for a divided and weakened India. And did not Senator Galbraith say after the exploding of Yugoslavia that “India is next”? Right now, President Obama, whom the world hails as its savior of the moment, is putting immense pressure on India to negotiate with Pakistan and to do major concessions on Kashmir, which will endanger India’s integrity, as Kashmir is such a sensitive strategic state. The continuing propping up and arming of Pakistan, when its duplicity is so well document today, is also a mystery. One does not understand too how so many US Congress committees keep saying that there is no religious freedom in India, when there is actually more freedom here than in the USA. Luckily the Spratly Islands dispute has brought the US and India slightly closer. But there is still a long way to go before the USA really appreciates what an island of democracy and freedom India is in an Asia racked by Muslim fundamentalism, Christian unethical conversions and Chinese domination.

6.Afghanistan. India is making great efforts to befriend Afghanistan, so as to balance Pakistan’s efforts, which props up the Taliban. But as soon as the US fully leaves this region, Afghanistan will go back to its wild Islamic ways and target India again. It’s a pity that once Afghanistan was part of a great Hindu empire and at some times too Buddhist..

7. Sri Lanka. Extraordinary country that erstwhile Ceylon; God gave it everything: extraordinary climate, lush country, incredible diversity of races and religions, an easy-going and friendly people, who even welcomed its invaders. Yet the hate that the Sinhalese have for Indians is something to be seen to be believed. Again it is a hate which was fostered by their political leaders: Most Sinhalese presidents have become great adepts at using the hate-India carrot every time they get in trouble. And why should India be blamed for Sri Lanka’s ills? Was it India who discriminated for 40 years against the Tamil minority of Sri Lanka? Was it Indians who regularly prodded Sinhalese crowds to indulge in pogroms against the Tamils, thereby building-up a wall of hatred, so that today the Tamils in Sri Lanka cannot trust the Sinhalese anymore and want nothing but total independence? Today, the LTTE has been apparently wiped out, but make no mistake, the Tamil-Sinhalese divide will reappear under some form or the other.

8. England. When Mountbatten left India with the British flag, ending three centuries of colonization, he made sure that India was permanently divided by propping-up Pakistan and establishing a foreign policy of always putting India and Pakistan on the same foot – policy that was taken-up by the US and Europe. Hindus were the British colonizer’s biggest enemy, that is why they also propped up Sikhs, Christians and Muslims to divide India. The birth of Khalistan can be traced to the British. Finally the British looted Hindu India and stole million of priceless artefacts which are still found in British Museums

9. Canada. Canada is a subtle enemy of Hindus, solely because it has a huge Sikh population. The Canadians allowed them to breed separatism which led to the Air India Kanishka tragedy. Even then the Canadian government continued to show leniency to the Sikhs and today Trudeau does the same by having a Sikh minister and many Sikh MP’s who are friendly to the Khalistani cause

10. Norway has been a backer of the Naxalite movement and the LTTE for a long time. These are mostly NGO’s and individuals, who often come to spend sometimes in villages of Andhra Pradesh or Bihar, to ‘uplift’ villagers, but have the tacit backing of their Government. It’s amazing also how Norway gives Peace Nobel Prizes to Indians that fit in their Protestant mould of thinking, such as and Mother Teresa, Amartya Sen or , and neglects real philantropers, such as Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

@francois gautier


283 responses to “A LIST OF THE 50 BIGGEST ENEMIES OF HINDUS (Dead or Alive)

  1. rameshctandon

    What is the way out? Its a very narrow one the only chance is that Modi finds it and goes through or India will have to await for another God send.

  2. brilliant, great insight. Ironical that a foreigner knows the truth better than Hindus themselves. and just wish Mr. Gautier had put the 50th point of Hindus Themselves, first

    Also I REST MY CASE, especially the NGO bit.

    seen them in action, the Teesta, John Sepoy Dayal (had to run away from the NGO meet org by Madhu Kishwar) when asked abt how he and his gang termed devi as aryan prostitute and Y does he run to the white guys with a begging bowl every time, putting down his country.

    and Kancha Iliah is a pile-on. he’s given conferences, foreign trips, is well fed both food wise and cash to ensure that Manuwadi/women’s suppression and Hindu-Muslim Vatican script is proclaimed at all conferences. in fact he does a great disservice to those the same people they fight for, Met him at a conference at chennai where he was on the same Vatican script- Dalit oppression. said something about barbers in terms of vocations. looked quite perplexed when i told him that in Vedic Bharat, the best surgeons came from the barber community (Leitner report).

    thanks, this puts things in perspective and helps to make it simple, knowing who are our enemies, just the awareness is half the battle won for us colonised Indians

  3. Must also add to the list of people – Azam khan, Derek O Brian, Lalu Yadav, Rajdeep Sardesai and wife Ghosh, Mandal of mandal commission ill fame and countries like Australia and Newzealand which i think are the bifggest racsist colonies.

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    Can you please shed some light on who are the friends,surely there must be some positive glimmer of hope,some where😀

  7. As Arindam says, it is very depressing indeed. With so many traitors in our middle, it is indeed a surprise that we have survived this long! Surely there must be a better force that is guiding the fortunes of our country. Perhaps that is what has helped in the country being led by Sri NaMo aka Sri Narendra Modi! But here also people say so much about Arun Jaitley being a Trojan Horse planted by the Italian barmaid waitress. Oh God, can we be helped at all? Are we fit to receive His Blessings?

  8. #8… It appears that your facts about the Allied/Axis relationships between Russia and Germany are incorrect. You must recall the time when the Nazis started across eastern Europe and made its way into Russia, where it got bogged down due to cold, low supplies, and moral. Eventually, Russia beat back Germany all the way back, destroying much that was German along the way. The Axis powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan. The Russians were part of the Allied powers, alongside Great Britain and the US. The Axis powers had two major goals – 1) overthrowing the post-WWI power structure and 2) destroying Communism. Can you reword this, please? Thank you.

  9. Weak always suffers and has a long list of enemies. Strength is the only anti-dote: economically, militarily, educationally.

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    God is here now connecting with pure people and we know its his creation.
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    Jai Shree Mataji!

  12. Dr M Seshagiri Rao

    Narendra Modi has a fantastic diabolically hidden PR mechanism. It is hardly recognisable. Why don’t you say that he brought us Independence and food self sufficiency and defeated Pakistan in 1971? MSR

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    Good informative but you spared Sheldon Pollok of Murty Classical Library of India sponsored by MR Narayan Murty

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  15. Canada? You must be kidding. Try being a gay man in a homophobic Indian society, and then see how Canada allows to be yourself, marry a person of your choice and protects you from the biases

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  17. Raj Gandhi

    We have to be like the Jews: gain strength by uniting,punish aggression against us by our enemies, retain our culture, humanity and charity at all times and increase defence ability to discourage attacks.
    We should be aligned with Israel and Japan.

  18. On seeing the title, very first thing I did was, Checked whether #Karunanithi is included or not. And he is included(Enemy #31).

    He is just an element of Dravidian parties’s enemy-ness.



  20. All these enemies will not matter if Enemy #50 is taken care of — namely Hindu Unity. Lack of Unity among the Hindus is the MOST SERIOUS issue

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    Very informative piece of article. The author had done lot of research.

  22. Have you purposefully forgotten to mention one name? The name of a eminent personality who wrote the book Riddles in Hinduism. Kindly shed light on your views on Late Shri Babasaheb Ambedkar and the effects of his actions, speeches and books on Hinduism.

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    Ashok Kumar Misra, BE, DBM, DIP(IMPEX), 40 Yrs @ Hindustan Motors (WB), Bharat Forge, Mather & Platt, Premier Automobiles, QCFI,Plant In Charge – JCB Manufacturing, Pune. Corporate Trainer, Member; Project Guide-IEI (India) Mobile: 9881401144

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    Not Because you Praise Hindu religion but i truly believe you’re more Qualified to analyze then any common Indian can know about world views.
    My best Wishes to you.
    Pl keep up the good work in line with sathya,Dharma,and Ahimsa.

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    then we have to fear because article says bitter truth, if we don’t unit our-self then majority of muslim and christian try to convert hindus youth to there religion. Now hindus has to changed many ways by cultural, social, and unit themselves to fight against big list of enemy or find solution with them.

  28. i want every hindu in india should study rhis . I feel ashmed that a foreegn person has to tell this bitter truth .We hindus are unable to understand the reality ourselves. Even we are not ready to accept the truth told by others.Majority of Hindus wants to live in fools paradise.. Hindus I wii not think do any thing about their security.
    If at all Hindus will be saved from distruction it will be only because Gurus mercy and grace. . In past also Guru tegh bahadur.Guru Goviind singh , Samarth sadguru Ramdass, swamy Guru Vidyaranna have saved hindus from islamic jihadi attacks. .
    Sri satya sai baba has precdicted india will become one country – one culture system (i think in india only sanatan,,khasa panth, boudh ,jain , lingayat will only remain) by 2036 thats only hope for me . Becuase swamys words are like ” Vajra Sankalp”. They will never fail.

  29. Krishna Murthy

    You have left out Periyar E.V.Ramasamy – he conspired against India and even publicly asked the British not to give independence to India just before independence. He was hand in hand with British and their stooges in Tamil Nadu, the Justice party – which originally was responsible for implementing the so called Aryan vs Dravidian divide in Tamil Nadu and is the root of the Dravidian movement. Also the No. 50 should be No. 1 – Hindus – the No.1 spineless as well as brainless people in the world, else with this much of knowledge wealth would any other community go to places like middle-east to do menial jobs – that too in 21st century by paying hefty sums to agents to become slaves??

  30. All countries look at their ownself interests. Dont depend on any country but India should depend on its self. Build on our strengths forget the rest. They all have their hands out when it comes to going to them for help.

  31. It’s true and correct I agree to all of your thoughts, very few have the capability to understand the truth and the universal truth, I thought that I am the only alien but welcome buddy you are my companion.
    Hinduism can be defined as religion or way of life but what ever we are, we are the true inheritant of this holy motherland which is called Bharatvarsh and not gonna allow any else invaders to do terrorism, philosophical terrorism, theoretical terrorism, or political terrorism, means if you want to live with peace then it’s OK “which is untrue according to me the part of live with peace because a converted person will do all such acts to denounce his own country which can make all Hindus to get converted” but if you will open your jihad against us then we will not spare you. Jab Hind Har Har Manager.

  32. You sir, at best are an ignorant piece of sh!t! You have no idea about India or Hindus whatsoever and especially of the people that you have rattled off as enemies of Hindus. Your rants are idiotic to say the least and completely concocted and fictitious. I challenge you to prove, provide facts to the allegations you have made against each individual. I am sure there may be a few genuine ones but at least 90% of your sweeping statements are cock&bull. I am unable to understand why you would be doing that though.
    Get well soon!

  33. Great insight into Hindusthan. The Hindu bashers who are Hindus themselves are unpatriotic and are not Indians.To unite the Hindus is just not possible because they are very egoistic and selfish.Most of the Brahmins have migrated to US , UK , Europe and are creating a nishe for themselves.

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  37. One needs to be a good Muslim and a bad Hindoo at the same time to be hailed as a Liberal-Intellectual in India today!

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  39. The axis of evil! Things could not get worse for all Hindu people everywhere, even if God came and smote them down in wrath!!

    Sorry, excuse the rabid rant.It kind of seemed justified, in order to keep with the spirit of the article!

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    Is Donald Trump freind of Hindus?

  42. AAP is another political party which is full of Hindu Hate Mongers

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    Islam is the highest religion growing in the world,
    Who are there Babar ,Aurangzeb or

  44. Really great work, you are so deeply following the anti hindus,what so ever written in it is correct but nobody can finish Hinduism because many including Muslim rulers and westeners tried for it and failed still it is remains

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    Very deeply researched article. Giving clear and affirming views. True and 100% true

  52. merci beaucoup – compiling this list is significant contribution to the Ahimsan ideal of the Aryaputra of AkhandAryavarta to whom belongs all knowledge and Divine Light. Long live our precious beauty creating and beauty preserving Gotras of our Aryan sages, saints and seers – past, present and future. Thanks to our Dharmic well-wishers we aim to always treat our Guest as God. Any mistakes in this message please forgive me.

  53. Thank you for providing a platform. All Indians should read this list.

    Please include Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed in this list.

    The Pakistan protagonists wanted Assam to be part of Pakistan. In mid-sixties, Z. A. Bhutto wrote: “It is wrong to think that Kashmir is the only disputed area. […] One at least is as important as Kashmir is. It is Assam […]”. Sheikh M. Rahman asserted: “East Pakistan must have more land for expansion. East Pakistan must include Assam […]”.
    Infiltrations, which had started way before 1947, came up for discussion in 1950. Foreseeing its serious implications, Sardar Patel got Immigrants Act (Expulsion from Assam) 1950 passed. Unfortunately, Sardar Patel passed away in Dec 1950. With Patel out of the way, the act became a dead letter and was formally repealed in 1957.

    In Assam, during the 1962 war, a sizable number of infiltrators displayed the Pakistani flag. During Chief Minister Chaliha’s time, three lakh illegal infiltrators were identified. Concerned by Chaliha’s seriousness in identifying and expelling infiltrators, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed started a campaign against B.P. Chaliha. He made it clear to the Congress high command [Read: Indira Gandhi] that if Chaliha’s campaign were to continue, the party would lose the Muslim vote bank not only in Assam but in the rest of the country as well. At Ahmed’s behest, the plans for prevention of infiltrations were abandoned, and tribunals were wound up.
    Chaliha passed away in Feb 1971. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was rewarded.

    On 20 Aug 1974, he became the President of India. On the night of 25 June 1975, he signed the “Emergency decree” with no questions asked.

  54. Jayant abraham

    What the hell is wrong with this guy, reading all this nonsense is making me sick.declaring all these people as enemies of a religion just because they had something of a varied opinion is just sick.These are sort of idiots that plague the nation like cancer.

  55. Dr.Ambedkar is no1 enemy of Hinduism.

  56. People like you are the biggest threat to Hindus and India. Your name should have been first and only one on this list. Do some intelligent non political non communal article.

  57. Charanjiv Singh

    Dear Vijay
    Sorry to say, it is obvious to me that you have not done your home-work.
    Please study history – but not through the eyes of Habib-Thapar school of thought. Under Congress patronage, history has been distorted. And surprising as it may sound, Congress has been the communal party wedging differences between Muslims and non-Muslims.
    I am grateful to Francois to have taken lead in this.

  58. You sir, best case scenario are an unmindful bit of sh!t! You have no clue about India or Hindus at all and particularly of the general population that you have shaken off as foes of Hindus. Your tirades are inept no doubt and totally created and invented. I provoke you to demonstrate, give certainties to the charges you have made against every person. I am certain there might be a couple of veritable ones however no less than 90% of your broad proclamations are cock&bull. I can’t comprehend why you would be doing that however.

    Get well soon!

  59. Wow brother
    Because of people like you, India can’t be united. People like you are providing importantance of creation of Pakistan in 1947 for Muslims, tried Christians in North East since 1960s and tried Khalistan for Sikhs in 1980s. Now few attacks on minorities: 1984 Anti Sikh Riots, 1992 Mumbai riots, 2002 Gujarat Riots and recent violence on Muslims Christian by your Hindu extremist. And if we raise this issue, we are anti national. Goons and fake people like Ravi Shankar, Amit Shah is your heroes, right? . You saw Canada choosing sikhs in Parliament but didn’t saw that they were actually Indians. One of them previously worked for Indian Government. Their defense minister Lt Col Harjit Sajjan is described as one of the best army officers in North America.But people like you will only judge on religious basis. You counted great souls like mother terresa and pope. If a Hindu is against Government, he is Congressi. If a Muslim then he is Pakistani and if a sikh then he is Khalistani even if they re a high ranking army officers or a socoalist. Also You said about making jokes, haven’t you heard sardar jokes mostly made by Hindus? Don’t you guys do it?

  60. Add Dr Zakir Naik to the list,
    Who is Dr Zakir Naik?
    In 1991 Mumbai-based Naik, an Indian Salafi/Wahhabi televangelist, founded an NGO called Islamic Research Foundation [IRF]. Objectives were to research on “comparative religion” and spread peace. Dressed in a suit and tie, he used to reach 100 million viewers through his channel PEACE TV [founded in 2006].
    His supporters such as Digvijay Singh call him a messenger of Peace; his critics call him a “hate monger” who “fosters a spirit of separateness” and “an able manipulator and a serial liar…”. Taslima Nasreen describes him as “dangerous; though he may not have a machete in his hand; but his followers are having machetes in their hands”.
    He is banned in Bangladesh, Canada [2010], United Kingdom [2010]; and now in India [2016].
    Some of his teachings are: [1] Islam is the best religion because Quran says it; [2] Muslims have a right to have sex with female slaves – who are also prisoners of war; [3] Homosexuals should be put to death; [4] Attack on Twin Towers was done by George Bush himself; [5] In 2010, one of his quotes is “…I tell the Muslims that every Muslim should be a terrorist…” and then twists and justifies it.
    Study of Dhaka attackers’ facebook [July 2016] showed the killers were deeply influenced by Naik. Bangladesh promptly banned him. BJP government too found a reason to confront him.
    Investigations by NIA reveal that Naik radicalized youth in Kerala to join ISIS. Also in Kerala, IRF has been actively converting people to Islam. [Names and affidavits are available on internet.] Naik’s close aide Rizwan Illiyas Khan and Arshi Qureshi have been implicated. Over a 4 year period, IRF paid Rs 44 lakhs to Qureshi, which was allegedly used for conversions.
    His organization is also accused of money laundering. In Feb 2017, ED found IRF has received Rs 200 Cr from accounts in Dubai, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and UK. There are recorded statements that this money has been used for conversions – a blatant misuse of NGO’s funds. Subsequently, 78 accounts of his charity organization are under scrutiny.
    During UPA rule, Naik had developed deep political connections. He also made in-roads into Home Ministry’s babudom. In 2011, Naik donated Rs 50 Lakhs to Sonia’s Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. This is believed to be a quid pro quo settlement for the favours he received from Digvijay. [This money was returned back by Congress in July 2016.] In 2013, Congress minister Rahman Khan wrote to Manish Tewari seeking protection for Naik. In 2016, The FCRA licence cancelled by the BJP govt was “erroneously” renewed by the babus in the home ministry! Red-faced BJP was left with no choice but to suspend four officers.
    His other major supporter is Mahesh Bhatt. In 2010, when the then Home Secretary of UK, Theresa May, blocked his entry into UK, Mahesh Bhatt came in the forefront shouting that the “ban constituted an attack on freedom of speech”. His application for judicial review was dismissed on 5 November 2010.
    Playing the victim card, he is absconding and refusing to appear in the Indian courts. Probably, he is hiding in the Saudi Arabia.

  61. Best post ever. I WISH EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS LIST. Even though I think Shah ruk Khan should not be mentioned on the list. His comments were on intolerance of youth overall not specify to some religion. But I loved the fact that u mentioned Gandhi. He should be on top of the list.

  62. The assign of number are wrong all have to be assigned number n – 1 from current number and the Number ONE enemy of Hindus is their DIRTY caste system and sidelining of so called low castes

  63. Convert to a Hindu and have a Hindu name before shaming Christians, Muslims, Buddhists. Moron

  64. This article is an eye opening one for all the Hindus in India and abroad.
    All the UPA politicians have been anti Hindu for the sake of muslim votes.

  65. Excellent analysis about all anti Hindu bastards.

  66. padmanabhan seshan ganapathy

    Poorly written because you are judging people based on a statement they say or things they do. Are you so narrowminded to say some one as anti hindu because Gandhi befriended Jinnah and called Hitler as his brother ? The reason for Gandhi doing such things should come from Gandhi himself ! you must be a joke because you said Rahul gandhi is enemy to hindus as he himself is a joke! why the hell Amir khan is in list no other reason i could think of except Khan as his lastname! by the way I am a hindu and you can call me as your enemy too because i gave my two cents here!

  67. Sir add to your list one more name, “ram puniyani”. Search him. N u will cm to know that he is big time fraud n lier

  68. Mahesh gupta

    Wonderful and eye opener

  69. List will be exhaustive if you go on add. But one prominent person left out in the list is Mamata Banerjee.

  70. Please kindly add me to the list of hindoo haters.
    Kalki, Avatar of Lord Vishnu.
    If you do not do this one third of your finger cut off, but no pain until you do. Then put Me at top of list.

  71. F.G. is showing his ignorance and has the exact list that BJP is trying to sell. There is a great chance of the current govt could have hired him for this article. The Maharaj prabhu likes certificates from foreigners of any denominations.

  72. i don’t know what People of india thinks after reading this Artical.Some Positive some Negative Results.But what’Ur soul tel’s u?Ple calculate ur todays Age & go in the Past & come back.we all indian’s got our Answer’s.what is true and not.As Hindu How Much of Hindu readers Noticed & saw several Point’s that Opened our Eyes with this story.we really have Faith in our Religion, are we Pray God Atleast 5min for Peace of our Country,for our Religion,our family?Hindu Religion is very strong,But we have to make it more strong.still how much time we shut ur mouth’s and became Observer only?Religion make country stronger & stronger.Time never waits it’s always going ahead.we stopped,that’s why Problem’s Creat’s.third Person from different country.shows us truth.But we indian’s really shut our Eyes?still we saw everthing in day today life still?Jaihind.

  73. Wow!!! Bulls eye. Exactly the same as what wa in my mind. Wish all the Hindus read this

  74. Who is this man, who is spreading hatred among people..?? GOVT. Must. Stop Such
    Negative or hatred statements./ stories..!@!
    What are we or Country getting out of this

  75. Who is this man, who is spreading hatred among people..?? GOVT. Must. Stop Such
    Negative or hatred statements./ stories..!@!
    What are we or Country getting out of this

  76. He forgot to mention chhota bheem, doremon, tom and jerry, micky mouse, donald duck, mowgly

  77. The author has done a great job. Those who are criticizing him are anti – hindus or anti national themselves.

  78. Really good points picked and it is 10000% true. Thanks for your msg to us. Please put some of them from Karnataka.

  79. Fucked up Sanghi brain… 😂

  80. Brilliant article. Every word of it is the truth. We can still make a difference. Let us all build our spiritual strength so that we can establish a Hindu nation; a Righteous one.
    Introspect on what we are actually doing daily to be called true Hindus.

  81. The author of this piece is obviously a BJP stooge! The fact that he has intertwined historical names to those of today’s India is ample evidence of his mal intent and ignorance!

    Thank you sir! We, the true Hindus know to take care of ourselves without people like you instigating us to fight each other in the name of supporting Hinduism….

    Goras will never stop dividing and ruling… But be warned Goras – u r being kicked out of most places and getting divided urseleves – Brexit, Catalonia, Crimea, the list goes on…

    Going by the comments here, it becomes obvious why India was ruled by foreigners for long periods of time – ignorance and gullible enough to believe any rubbish written by a white man. This guy conveniently forgot to mention Portuguese in Goa and his mother land in Pondy….

  82. Mr. Francois Gautier,

    Why did you forget to include your own name in this rubbish list? What a one-sided article filled with polemics and right-wing Hindutva propaganda.

    Have you even read the Bhagwad Gita, i.e. not filtered by your jaundiced views of Hinduism and followers of other religions.

    Despite your years of study of Hinduism, you could not grasp the core essence of Sanatan Dharma. India will always remain a bastion of religious tolerance and harmony. It’s a simple fact that you and Hindutva leaders will never see. Most Hindus don’t hate Muslims, and vice versa. We would love to get along together as human beings, but it’s people like you that are standing in way.

    People like you have PERVERTED the general discourse of Hinduism.

    You’re the proof that we’re living in KALI YUGA. This shows in your lack of DHARMA, which is the basic qualification to be a Hindu.


    Fee So Very Proud of the Author


    Great work and study. Hindus must read and study because it is good for humanity. ONLY AND ONLY HINDUS HAVE KNOWLEDGE BELIEF AND PRACTICE WHICH ARE BEST FOR HUMANITY. NONE OTHER. ANY BODY NOT AGREEING TO IT are less knowledgeable and must study first before making any comment. REAL SPIRITUALITY PERCOLATE FROM HINDUISM WHICH IS MUST FOR SURVIVAL OF HUMANITY.

  85. The entire article is crap.This man though foreigner is married to an Indian Namita and living since long in India. May have been hired for writing such an articles as a devide and rule policy and for whose political benefit that is well-known.
    He has listed even Mahatma Gandhi as anti Hindu in whose leadership the freedom struggle was faught and the so called patriots of today incl their mother organisation played no role in freedom struggle.
    Surprising that Dr Ambedkar is not included in the list even though he whemently criticized Hinduism and renounced it. They will not dare to call him their enemy because dalits will become their open enemy. The total list is prepared for a motive. The writer is only working as a shadow. He has written so many things like this. This an attempt to create animosity and destroy peace of a plural Indian society.

  86. Don’t get deceived by his name. He is a Hindu aligned with RSS ideology. If his views are accepted neither can Indians live peacefully inside the country nor India can have any country as a friend. This fellow seems to be a hate monger.
    He himself seems to be the worst enemy of Indians and also Hindus.

  87. Excellent work by a non Hindu foreigner. Hindus at least now realize dangers ahead of us.

    Sudhakar arakala

  88. The Abdullas of Kashmir too missing. They are venomous snakes in the valley and create all sorts of disturbances including stone pelting against the government forces.

  89. Jagadeesh Bharadwaj

    Thanks a lot. This has definitely placed matter in proper perspective.
    This has further enabled us to know who are our enemies. As has been rightly said one of the commentator here under, just the awareness is half the battle won for us colonised Indians

  90. Ghanshyam S. Vyas

    Very important eye opening blog by author! I thanks a lot .

  91. Dear Mr Francois, I wish you you had known about the history of people which is different from history of Kings. The native people of Delhi, west UP and Haryana always organised under a system called khap. When Aurangzeb tried to convert Pahadi Dhiraj village in the walled city the villages of 360 villages gathered under the banner Palam 360 and successfully fought and thwarted the ill designs of Aurangzeb right under his nose. If Aurangzeb had been successful in the villages of Delhi the history of India would have been different.

  92. Dear Mr Francois,
    I wish you could also discuss and understand why conversion could not happen right under the nose of Aurangzeb. This is because no one has bothered to write the history of people. The 360 villages of Delhi and those of neighbouring Haryana and West UP always gathered under their self government system call ‘khap.’ when Aurangzeb started with his conversion drive with Pahari Dhiraj village in the walled city the Khap of 360 villages gathered and fought him. Finally , Aurangzeb gave up. Had Aurangzeb succeeded here Indian history would have been different.

  93. This blog is the real eye opener for those who were day dreaming till now that every thing has been going on like Essel World in India. Muslims are real peacekeepers who came from Arabia with flowers and helped poor and hungry people of India to lead a better civic life as before that we all were monkeys and didnt knew how to live like Humans.

    These all shit had been propagated by Pseudo Seculars and communists in India by means of books, manipulated history writings, making false movies & serials and above all erasing pride moments from our past.
    Just to deteriorate the young India minds this is the first basic rule do not let them know about there glorious past they will loose there self-esteem and will be forced to believe that they were born slaves.

    I don’t know anybody will like my suggestion or not but the reality is that “Sometimes one have to adopt the extreme means to save there society from foreign invasions”.

    Losing individuality is never prove to be a boon but in reverse it becomes curse for a Nation in a long run.


  95. If time more please spend in usual way. Without enemies nothing in the world. Be proud as hindu

  96. You forget a major one and its the khalistani sikhs who are enemies of hindus since they are mainly anti hindu and anti india.

  97. You forgot to add Times of India owned by Bennett Coleman which spews communal venom and lies of missionary christians and jihadi muslims against Hindus, BJP and Narendra Modi inspite of being a mainstream acceptable daily newspaper.

  98. Sanjeev Dubey

    Wonderful article. An eye opener. Well researched. A must article for every Hindu. Thanks a lot Francois Gautier.

  99. Let this funny writer make use of his influence with the Brahmins to advise them to come forward to make the people of all castes in ‘Hinduism’ priests in all the temples in which the brahmins alone officiate as priests at present.

  100. You must wallow forever in your insularity, exclusivism, and overall paranoia.

  101. Good article

  102. Sorry francois, your article is very limited and one-sided just to please hard core hindus. Were you paid well to write this? Very immature so as to incite voilence and hatred among Indians. Eighty percent of your write-up is exagerrated and not true.

  103. Highly prejudiced thinking sir, please come out of your narrow minded neuron and be realistic. Please don’t misguide the people. Not all but majority of Muslim rulers like Banur, Aurangzeb, Gaznavi, Ghori, Alauddin and Balban are the greatest enemies of Islam itself not the Hinduism. Babur was the first to misuse the word ‘Jihad’ against Panipat battle against Ibrahim Lodi for his selfish motive. As caucus of Muslim rulers and Ulema in medieval period paved the way for misuse of Islam, the same game is going on in today’s Indian political scenario. Politicians and Religious leaders from this religion itself are more responsible for defaming and demolishing the grand culture and heritage of Hinduism. It has become a hot cake in their hands to tantalize the youth for their selfish political motive in the same way as Islam has been made whore in the hands of ISIS. Sorry for this comparison but next generation will find it correct and remember this statement of mine. On the other I find Hinduism as a great religion nurtured by the blood and bones of Rishis like Dadhichi and Valmiki, this culture has been filled with zenith of Vedic and Upanishadic erudition and humanity by the people like Vashishtha, Agastya, Angirasa, Yagvalkya, Pipplad and Janak, this religion has been immortalized by the selfless love and humanitarian submission of Ram and Shabri, Krishna and Sudama, Kabir and Ramamnada etc. Today not the external (dead or alive) rather our own internal enemies are more active, vibrant and powerful to defame, demoralized and destroy the grand and beautiful Heritage of Hinduism, it has been made just a religion of reaction, violence and ‘easily hurt sensation’. where is the Hinduism with which I fell in love in my childhood? today I am missing it in my surrounding society however I have kept safely that lovely ‘Hinduism’ in my heart what I got in my schooldays and it is living there happily showering its full love on its Islamic brother.

  104. The French are supposed to be logical, analytical and factual. But there are exceptions like the above writer who has listed the biggest enemies of Hindus. Because of these enemies, India is one of the most backward, illiterate, superstitious, miserable, malnourished, corrupt, country in the world! Even Gautier can’t save our country.

  105. Please Mention Waman Meshram and Ambedkar Himself.

  106. The best and rare data

  107. This is so nasty and hatred, who are you a Hindu fanatic, what you think?. Hindus are very nice and humble people. I am an Indian and a Christian. Nobody hate them. But you, the big hater and a fanatic, doing bad for Hindu religion. Come to Kerala BJP never get a chance because even true Hindus never vote for them. Stop the cast system and respect all Hindus like yourself and stop barking like dog. No matter how much you write people like you only believe you. My country INDIA is great and I am CHRISTIAN and you stop barking and spitting poison.
    My name is Joy

  108. I can only say the author needs to open up his mind. Its too narrow.

  109. Sanjay Sharma

    Bjp Rss are the biggest enemies of hindus. All of their leaders are upper caste hindus and they exploit hinduism by dividing it into different groups. The top leader of bjp is pro ambani and pro adani. They are working only for them. Bjp is anti farmer , anti middle class , anti education, anti student. Modi has o ly given false hopes of 15 lakh in every account , jobs , development , ram mandir, bringing black money back from swiss accounts. In reality bjp has given only religious disharmony , unemployment, and nothing promised beforw elextion. More than anti hindu , Bjp rss is anti india.

  110. Unfortunately the Hindus are the biggest enemies of Hindus! The rest exist because of the so called SECULARIST Hindus, the so called INTELLECTUAL Hindus, the DALIT Hindu, the Patel Hindu, the Gujjar Hindu, the Lingayat Hindu, the westernized Hindu, the south Indian Hindu, the Bengali Hindu, the ……. While the media the congress the UPA gang the foreign Christian & Muslim entities and the Anglo brotherhood exploit us,(of USA Canada Australia New Zealand and UK) tell Hindus they are INTOLERANT COMMUNAL & VIOLENT while the Muslims continue to be intolerant, communal, violent, murderous, & TRAITOROUS!

  111. Francoise gautier you are the biggest enemy of India . why don’t you go back to your country ?I have noticed many a times you always write articles which divide Indians.Indian Government should take stern action against people like you as you are a fhreat to India’s harmony and Integrity.Stop writing such filthy articles about our country and leave us the %#*# alone.

  112. What a fake publication… reminds me that we are still way behind the cheap thoughts and articles…
    You should have changed the topic to Enemies of cheap mentality or Enemies of BJP… instead Enemies of Hindus .. hahaha.. unbelievable article, may be by a loser himself

  113. Great efforts by you in compilation of most of the names of men and countries but I wonder if this matter will reach common men who never bother except daily chores ,worship in own style and get killed by instigations from jihadi Muslims towrds Muslims living around neighbourhood! This access has been provided by nehru with Gandhi’s blessings in the name of “Secularism” and freely misused by fake SECULARS ! Finally what has been done cannot be repaired BUT at present. SECULARS are worst enemies !

  114. Surya narayan

    Good heavens!
    I just want everybody to understand one thing. There is no separate religion called hinduism. In fact it was a label that was given to the people of india by the british. If one were to examine how it all “started off” , then one would find it quite natural and scientific. When early man had all his basic necessities full-filled there there was a natural tendency for him to manage higher realms of himself like thoughts , emotions etc. In this pursuit, grew the ‘sanathana dharma’ or what is now called hinduism. Now decide for yourself, is there one religion or many others!!
    As far as i can see hinduism is pure science. We dont have the necessary gurus today to fully understand the numerous parts of the so called “hindu- religion” or worship. It feels pointless for me to “promote” any religion. It is like promoting physics, chemistry or mathematics!! ( does that happen?! )

  115. FYI it was Vajpayee led NDA govt that hounoured Amartya Sen with a Bharat Ratna.

  116. The fattuness of this author and his religion can be easily judged. He cant even dare to use his real name.

    Such fattus are the main culprit behind Partition of India. Gand main dum nahi aur chala hugne

  117. Dr. Pitambar

    A deep lover of India’s valuable spiritual heritage can give this honest wake up call for hindus.

  118. Sujeet Singh Gusain

    Good Job Sir.All Hindu should read this Blog.

  119. Hemant Patel

    Thank You so much for writing such informative Article.

    Each and Every Hindu on this Earth should read it.

  120. Hindu only means: far (dura) from violence (himsa). There are stages in mind development: from it’s polluted state towards a pure one. On 1st stage we see good as bad and vise-versa. This is perversion. Then 2nd stage: good seen as good, bad as bad – this is condition of the author of given article. 3rd stage is when everything and everyone seen as good. But only few people are able to live in such consciousness..
    p.s. But there are few mistakes in article, like Russia allied with Germany during WW2. This is rough mistake.

  121. The country of great Culture was known as Bharat, was later renamed by dirty foreigners into India. You forgot enemy number 1: British-made organisation called Police. British left on condition that their dirty Laws will be followed here. And so now India is a colony where British laws are guarded by men in British uniform and with British guns, who speak good English etc. British are (of course!) immoral dirty cynics, so now, for example, porno is not prohibited, luquor is not prohibited etc. Now as result we have rapes every few minutes, villages practically devastated by alcoholism, crime and disorder almost in every corner of country etc.etc. Police plays vital role in supporting this hell, cause they’re (mostly) of western mentality, manasa-putras of West so to say. More in my book. Google “My Divine Case” by Sai Lakshmana.

  122. Lastly, a word on why this article is such a big success (soo many comments). The secret is that it is written by white-skinny. ONLY person of white skin can dare to speak truth in this colony, where honest persons are forced to live in silence. (Plus, whose persons of Bharat who were luckily not educated (brainwashed), cannot speak/read English anyway, so – quite naturally – they’re not writing such internet-things…) aikamatyamu@india.com

  123. Hasit Moitra

    A great piece of writing, dear Francois. You have understood this country better than most of us. Merci beaucoup pour tout ce que tu fais pour L’Inde.

  124. You included Mahatma Gandhi, which is correct, for politics are always dirty.. But why not Modi also then? See how he sells his Hindu identity: shakes hands like common westerners, wears western dress most of time etc., etc. It’s funny that you saw mistakes and betrayal of Hinduism in all else, but spared Mr. Modi.



  126. Vishwa Hindu Parishad, RSS and BJP are the biggest enemy of Hindus. They have completely destroyed hindu religion to establish what they called sanatan dharma which is completely in contrast to hindu beliefs. For thousand years to come hindu religion will not be destroyed but all have to destroy these enemies of hindus.

  127. Looks like a paid up one by the hindutva fanatics and it’s quite a childish compilation to please the hindutva terrorist.very obvious that it is done so to whip up the Hindu passion and create divisiveness among the Hindus.Very sad to see the country being driven by unholy organization and it’s political avatar in BJP.

  128. look likes someone got brainwashed by BJP……

  129. Very good article every educated Hindu must read

  130. ANY IDIOT – even those with an IQ less than his/her shoe size – with an access to the Internet can spew what is supposed to be excreted from his/her body!!!

    Have NO idea who this idiot FRANCOIS GAUTIER is, but is a Grade AAA+ moron!!!

  131. François naughtier

    Brilliant. A good read indeed. Had me in splits. You should write satire more often!
    Please include your home country – France in this list. French are too welcoming towards arab muslim immigrants which makes them by default Anti-Hindu. Also include anti-semites in the list who curse Israel because Israel is a friend of Hindus who we buy drones and crowd control weapons from to test out on kids and infants in Kashmir.
    Also please include any human (dead or alive) in the list who supports political parties other than the Bharatiya Jokers Party.
    And keep entertaining us with your ridiculous conjectural bullshit. 😊

  132. U can Add Secularism Gandhite Principals Stop Encouraging Minorities Madarsas By Giving them funds And Reservations special Benefits status too.

  133. Dattaraj R Birje

    What is said is true but why the author want to discriminate hindus on the basis of veganism .when about 60 to 65% hindus eat nonveg will you say only vegans can be hindus . If you stick to your concept ( like many higher class people in north )what will be the population of Hindus in your opinion ?
    It is this type of discrimination ( earlier untouchability )has given golden chance for other religions to spread wings in india .
    It is time to unite Hindus irrespective of their food habits ,caste , social status etc.

  134. I totally agree with Francois views.
    I am being Hindu, request all fellow Indians
    Irrespective of their religion.
    You study the history.
    Hindus are more tolerent to other religion
    people than there own community.
    At least wake up now and protect Sanathana Dharma.It is beneficial to entire human community as it does not preach any hatred towards other religions.
    But one thing definitely all Hindus should understand .
    Do not ill treate fellow Hindus on caste basis.
    Otherwise we have to pay heavy price.
    Let all Hindus unite on this point. This point
    Is being taken as an adventage by agencies
    Whose agenda is conversion.

  135. Inspite of all the enemies listed BJP has won and is now in power. Truth will eventually win

  136. Suryanarayana Jagarlapudi

    I think that the list given above leaves HINDUS with no friends at all. That is totally unacceptable to me as a Hindu. We have good friends but I welcome the above attempt at categorisation with a pinch of salt. In any event, it is very exaggerated.

  137. Kaipa raghu rama muryjy

    What about ysr and jagan. If theirs names were there, i would have supported it. Now jagan is close to bjp. So his and his father’s name not included. It is a list of ante bjp people in the name of hinduism.

  138. MC Ravikumar ravimottana@gmail.com

    Agree to a great extent

  139. You have out Stalin who is a real threat to hindus..

  140. azaroddhin nadaf

    Real enemy to any religion is the one spreading hate , not fostering love towards fellow human beings and nature. Lacking faith. Lacking trust towards fellow human beings.

  141. DrRajiv Kaushik

    Hindus are their own enemies This has been put Iin our mind that thinking like British and behaving like them is best which can happen to us We are taught Mughal history British history No one talks about ancient Indian History

  142. Jeevan Kumar

    Nice info

  143. Nice info

  144. Exhaustive and very informative. Thank you. 50 hits one strongly and I hope that many Hindus read it.

  145. Where is kamal Hassan Prakash raj

  146. Pankil bhaya

    You have a rightly pointed out for hindu. But as I see Hindu is the first enemy of the Hindu. Remaining come afterwards.

  147. Ganesh prasad

    Great work. Thanks a trillion for posting an eye opening article on the enemies of Hindu Culture. Especially, the 50th is the real “classical Slap” on us for all times. The Sooner we understand the better. Namaste.

  148. ஏன்டா இலங்கை விடுதலை புலிகள் எப்படி நக்ஸலைட் ஆவார்கள்.கேனத்தனமா சொல்லக்கூடாது.

  149. Excactly right. Very informative; i already noticed 70% of this list through various mideas; Ramachandra Guha ‘s “for what Hindus should be Proud of” article came in The Hindu is So provoking to hindus; the cutout was with me for 5 years you can get it from net now.
    Plz. Understand our enimies; thats all I have to say to my sisters and brothers. And share it to all Hindu frnds.

  150. Soumya Bharath

    What utter bullshit. Journalists have a responsibility toward society. You obviously have forgotten yours and are spouting such divisive nonsense. From Babur to Mother Teresa you have painted everybody oor should I say tainted everybody with the same brush. All the people whom you have listed are either liberal or social thinkers. There is not a single name of any fundamentalist right wing person who are responsible for playing out communal politics. You perhaps have still not understood India as well as you think you may have. Your diatribe leaves me wondering whether you have imbibed any of the famous French qualities of Liberty and equality.is it just a coincidence that most of the people whom you have listed have all spoken out at some time or the other against the system. What do we have here a stooge . Oh and by the way where do the French figure on the list . France tried its level best to colonise India. You just lost out to the bigger thief. I have never heard such twisted logic. So Mr. Good Samaritan /Indophile Please spare us Hindus from your poison. We are peace loving and tolerant and have survived beautifully with our culture and religion for thousands of years and shall do so in the future. and perhaps you can turn your attention to your own country where things are an absolute mess

  151. Mukul Sain Jain

    Quite well summed up.

  152. Arun Salgame

    Brilliantly compiled and should be a must share write up amongst the Hindus to understand what they have in store. Time Hindus wake up from the slumber.

  153. Captain Ajit Vadakayil, the well known (world no. 1) blogger & Hindu nationalist can fit the intellect of all these enemies of Hinduism (as he is fond of saying) under the foreskin of his uncircumcised prick, with 99.99% space remaining.

  154. Soumya Bharath

    Can’t believe that some retards call this piece of nonsense brilliant. It is bigotry pure and evil. Hello Indians wake up.

  155. जीवनमाला

    आपका हृदय से आभार व्यक्त करती हूं इस विस्तृत व सारगर्भित बहुमूल्य जानकारी के लिए, आपकी पैनी नज़र की दाद देती हूं जिसमें सबसे बड़े शत्रु स्वयं समृद्ध व स्वार्थी हिंदू को ही बताया है।कोटिशः धन्यवाद हमारी आंखों को खोलने के लिए, हमें जगाने के लिए।

  156. M.S.Siddiqui

    Never dare to send me such nonsense rubbish works of Mentally Sick people like FRANCOIS. I have unsubscribed wordpress.com. Such people earn money by provoking religious emotions due to their poisonous and corrupt mind because they know Indians are very simple and emotional people.
    May God Bless all INDIANS and HINDUS. There is no enemy of Hindus in India however people like FRANCOIS are the enemy of not only Indian Unity and fraternity but also the whole of mankind. Every Nation passes through transitions and transformation periods and India is no exception. History is the name of ups and downs. India is a beautiful Nation based on 5000 years old civilizational heritage of knowledge, Love and humanity. Hinduism is not so narrow-minded nor like any transitory subtle idea like western philosophical schools, it is life itself, Hinduism is the name of humanity itself. People like FRANCOIS are the paid writers who work for political people to satisfy their selfish political needs. India and Indians are intellectual enough to identify their enemies and they know well how to cope up with them. FRANCOIS has no understanding of the idea of Hinduism nor India. May God give him soon recovery from mental sickness.

  157. Some points are really unbelievable, but when you think twice…Yes there are many enemies to true indians.
    We must have a great leader who can save from these butchers.

  158. M S Siddiqui

    I think you should take treatment in a mental Hospital. May God give you
    soon recovery.

    On Sun, Jun 23, 2019 at 5:43 PM FRANCOIS GAUTIER wrote:

    > जीवनमाला commented: “आपका हृदय से आभार व्यक्त करती हूं इस विस्तृत व
    > सारगर्भित बहुमूल्य जानकारी के लिए, आपकी पैनी नज़र की दाद देती हूं जिसमें
    > सबसे बड़े शत्रु स्वयं समृद्ध व स्वार्थी हिंदू को ही बताया है।कोटिशः धन्यवाद
    > हमारी आंखों को खोलने के लिए, हमें जगाने के लिए।”

  159. Kamal kakker

    Thx for the information and hard work but we all educated in India know this truth what is new that you have published

  160. Excellent analysis

  161. One thing you forget Mr.Gautier, Hinduism itself is a British fraud, India’s boundary at 1800 was till Afghanistan. They just splitted the land to so many pieces and finally called the land east side of Sind river as Hind. You should understand that we had only Sanadana Dharma which followed many gods (Adi sankara reduced it to 6 major religions prayed towards Vishnu, Shiva, Ganesh, Subramanian, Sakthi and Agni) Each of the religion had phiosophies of Dwaita, Adwaita & Visishta Advaita. The destruction of the dharma/religion is not new and since Kali there has been many Avaidika (one which do not agree vedas) have dominated this land (eg: Buddhism/Jainism) which was stopped in Madurai by Shaivaites like Gnanasambandar. Each time when vedic religions is in verge of losing avatara purushas like Gnana sambandar, Nayanmar, Adisankara, Ramanuja came re-established Vedas again. So dont worry about Hinduism. This is Kali Yuga, These bad things are bound to happen, Brahmins & women will stop following rules and all hell will break lose. Things will become ok again and Sanadana Dharma will be reestablished again in another 427000 years. You should try to understand the enlightenment aspect inside the texts rather than worrying about the world. God created this, its his problem

  162. Packed and written well. Backed by real enemies. No.50 should be awakened.One way is to make them forget No.49.

  163. Tyrant Tipu Sulthan is conspicuously absent in the list. The marauder of Mysore travelled 600 kms down along the west coast invading & annexing swathes of Hindu lands, razing about 1500 Hindu temples & raising mosques in their places, forcibly converting Hindus to Islam butchering Hindu men & children, raping young Hindu women & abducting Hindu girls barely into teens to be used as slaves. The massive fort Tipu built in my native place, Palakkad, with local enslaved labour, stands as a mute witness to the untold misery he thrust on the native passive Hindu majority. It is a pity that so called intellectuals like Ramachandra Guha & Girish Karnad have for long considered Tyrant Tipu as a great patriot. Serious gaps in their understanding of history perhaps.
    Actor filmmaker

  164. Ramachandran

    Very elaborate, pin pointed write up. Will our people wake up now at least,and strengthen Modiji?

  165. krish Santhanam

    Kamala Hasen, Vijay, Lallu, Mulayam, Mayavathi, All vote bank politicians of India. A lot of Hindu traitors within Hinduism.

  166. distortion n silence punctuate our history n we accept with out a murmur
    no one is asking us to accept Gautiers word. but he is pointing to us to get out of our slumber , open our eyes, dont accept without evidence, see thru designs then take an informed position. Dont hate him or love him….he is only a catalyst. if he knows a bit more than us grant him his erudition n grasp but not without reflection.by the same token, take the others he has named, to your laboratory.
    if he has named a few who are venerated by us, it is to awaken the possibilities that exist. events n perpetrators should never be lost sight of or else grief will certainly reurn
    I find a great deal of in sight in the article even though, I disagree with him on a few inclusions .

  167. Krishna Gee

    Add Kamal Hasan in the list as the newly found hater of everything that is good.

  168. It’s a great list. So accurate. But I would also like to see a list of friends of Hindus. After this level of dejection we also need something to feel happy about. Let’s count our blessing too.

  169. Arvind Buodr

    Eye opener & revealing lot of information unknown to me .
    Thanks Gautier

  170. Ashim Kumar Das

    OMG!! The write up has a treasure of informations.One can believe the facts .& can not deny them.It is a wonderful article & no doubt,it is eye opener for many.
    Ashim Kumar Das.

  171. Chakrapani M S

    Great work

  172. Rohit balyan

    Sir, you are real Hindu and your knowledge learn every Hindu to save Hindu

  173. Anuradha Gupta

    Kutcher beat hai ki hastings mit tee nahi hamari
    Sadiyo raha hai dushman Sara jaha hamada

    Don’t worry in every race some people are fools, who are selfish and greedy. Such people were killed first by their enemy friends.


    Very true facts in this article

  175. Kanchan Kumar

    I love my country with my heart and soul. I curse all those who hate Hinduism and my Hindu country that they go to 84 lakh yonies and never ever get born as Hindu again . From today onwards they have no peace of mind ever. Jai hind

  176. Ravi Nemagoufa

    Good Article. the biggest enemies of hindus are refusal to recognise and understand the enemy, the “secularism” and the colonised mind.and caste system

  177. Kanchan Kumar

    Hindus never ever feel sorry , ours is a very beautiful and peaceful religion . We must all of us take it further to those dizzy heights , let the haters burn in their own negativity . May our Hindu Aadhi Shakti bless all the Hindus . Jai hind.

  178. bhagwat Bhatnagar

    You missed Tipu Sultan and his father Haider Ali

  179. Rekha Wagani

    I like only one point that we are our enemies. We dont believe in ourselves and don’t even bother to practice our roots. But despite that our culture had great root and still it has power to bring the harmony back in the world. I certainly believe that positive circumstances will come and will again establish it as guiding principle. It can be in different form. India is still protected by spiritual forces and very few people are aware about it. No force is bigger then that. Vande Matram

  180. Bahut hi chutiya article hai ye.. kaun likha hai Bhai isko.. 30 second hi padha that wo waste ho gya aisi feeling as this hai..

  181. Dr K. K. Thakral

    GAUTAM BUDDHA. He was the first person to initiate anti hinui activity by disarming the then Indian Army and people in the name of peace.
    Only after that the foreigners started invading India, the Hindu country. The Hindus were taught to be nonviolent and remain disarmed by Buddhist teachings. So hindustan became slaves.

  182. Dr. G S Lavekar Lavekar

    Most of the narratives are facts describing enemies of Hindus, such enemity in ultimately is against humanity. Hindu is not a religion but a way of ideal and flexible life pattern in which humanity can breath and live safely accommodating all views to achieve ultimate goal human welfare.

  183. nagendra mankale

    Well researched article. Hope our people stop being complacent. Thanks.


    🙏🙏👍👍Some of the observations are amazingly true yet hidden from the public gaze !

  185. Surender Singh

    Hindus of the world unite we have nothing to lose except to save our identity, culture, our modernise gurukuls of 21st century, tit for tat policy, INDIA is surrounded by enemies , within INDIA it is more dangerous . Let us be more vigilant & alert 24*7*365

  186. Indophile or should I say Hindophile, Mr. Francois Gautier., truly you have held a mirror to the Hindu society… Who needs external enemies when they are in abundance in your own backyard. But surely you should be adding two more names or make it three (emphasis is mine). They are HYDERALI and his son TIPPU and the country of your origin France which actively helped this father /son duo during the the dark era of history. France – the reason could be political but it emboldened the duo to plunder and forcibly convert not only Hindus but also Christians. The living proof of which is – – many Hindu Kodavas who were forcibly converted to Muslims, still live in ignominy and suspended animation in parts of present day Kodagu… I rest my case.

  187. Indophile or should I say Hindophile, Mr. Francois Gautier., truly you have held a mirror to the Hindu society… Who needs external enemies when they are in abundance in your own backyard. But surely you should be adding two more names or make it three (emphasis is mine). They are HYDERALI and his son TIPPU and the country of your origin France which actively helped this father /son duo during the the dark era of history. France – the reason could be political but it emboldened the duo to plunder and forcibly convert not only Hindus but also Christians. The living proof of which is – – many Hindu Kodavas who were forcibly converted to Muslims, still live in ignominy and suspended animation in parts of present day Kodagu… I rest my case.

  188. The best thing will emerge only with opposition. One thing can be realised that the people who have not studied good part of it only criticise.

  189. Kanchan Kumar

    Dare any one talk rubbish about my Hindus as well as Hinduism .Let me tell all of you since Hindu Aadhi Shakti Mata Sati was cut alive to save her Hindu religion by a demon called Brahmrakhshas , so Hindu religion will live for ever .

  190. nagendra mankale

    Hindus have to be wary of enemies within and should not forget history. A very good exercise.

  191. Gajendra Savant

    Excellent list.
    One prominent name is missing from this list is” Winston Churchill” and one country that is also missing that hates Hindus is “ China”

    I commend the author and his depth in understanding hidden hate that these people could endure for so long.
    Thank you

  192. Rashmin Shah

    it is Very Unfortunate that Hindu People our Community Ignore Facts and not Interested to Take Revange of Ancient Genocide Like Jew

  193. Read Nostradamus s prediction Hinduism will be followed by all countries in the world and Islam will be exterminated completely
    No body can go against the Sanathana Dharma because we had very big gurus like Sankara Baghavad Padhal why fear
    You want peace follow Hinduism as It is done by many people abroad
    Sanathana Dharma is not written by chalk piece to be rubbed by any
    So keep praying to God as usual everything will be okay

  194. Johna Burger

    Smells like (dangerous) propaganda. The only people who are being treated poorly in India and have anything to worry about are ALL women, Muslims and lower caste Hindus. Let’s not forget all the atrocities people commit on a daily basis in the name of Hinduism.

  195. Alk these are realities. India should better ties with ISRAEL, and finish allenemies ruthlessly. No need of any mercy towards the haters of India and and Hinduism. MODI – Amith sha combination alone can save India.

  196. Swami Atmaswarupananda

    Yes, you are 100% correct. Many many thanks for bringing in a list about some of the enemies of Sanatana Dharma

  197. Rajeev Khurana

    What about Rana Ayub ?

  198. Venkateswarlu

    Great research finding. God bless.

  199. Worth Reading. I fully Agree witg the 50th Perons.

  200. Rajendran k v

    You have given facts. I loved reading this 50 crooks who hate Hindus. Please continue such good and valuable info. Wishing you good luck.

  201. all anti Hinus are trying to make pakistan’s dream of Ghazwa-e-Hind a reality (knowingly or unknowingly).

  202. Excellent an eye opener gauiter to Hindus.

  203. Anil Chauhan

    Nice and good

  204. 1. The Hindus are the number one enemies of the Hindus. Hence, they should be moved up in the list. Don’t know when and how the appeasement sneaked in, but the first instance in my opinion was when Gandhiji and the Congress decided to support the Khilafat movement. Another such reason is the acceptance of the excess of tolerance. If not in ancient times, somewhere on the way, we should have drawn a line. Excess of anything is poison. Excess of ‘bali’ animal sacrifice brought in ‘Buddhism’, may be Jainism (may be it is far older, though).
    2. The individual selfishness got precedence over the collective good. Though this is a human trait, it is excessively predominant among Hindus, this became the cause of self destruction. Even treachery with the nation or swadharma is just a manifestation of this.
    3. In the list I would include the name of Mahesh Bhatt.

  205. Very informative& Brilliant, every Indian & Hindu should read this.
    There may be many more Anti Hindus who need to be exposed.

  206. Hatred never succeeds

  207. Seeker of Truth

    Francois Gautier is not only a great scholar, but
    real Bharat Ratna…… He has sacrificed his whole life to protect Hundu Dharma……

  208. Yogendra Agarwalla

    Very good list. However we should not displease our natural allies like USA and other European countries who are suffering Islamic terrorism. We should move like Chanakya. The traitors should be hit where it hurts most. Which means purse and posts.Please remove the snakes from important positions. Hindues must agitate against these known criminal asking for their removal from Govt. Postings and judiciary.

  209. I 100% agree. I feel all these be exposed asap. देश में दंगाईयो, आगज़नी, आतंकवादियों, क़ानून का विरोध करने बालों की तत्काल एफ़॰आई॰आर॰ करते हुए जेल भेजना होगा । कश्मीर के नेता या देश के वे नेता जो मीडिया व भोली जनता में भ्रम फैलाकर विकास रोकना चाहते है या आगज़नी करना चाहते है, उनको जब तक वे ऐसा ना करने का ऐफ़िडेविट ना दे, उनको हाउस अरेस्ट में ही रखा जाय । कश्मीर में इंटरनेट सुविधा केवल उन्हें ही बहाल किया जाय, जो देश भक्त हो या जो केवल बिज़्नेस के लिए इंटर्नेट चाहते हो । आप बताए कि देश में वास्तव में किसी धर्म जाति के लोगों कि उपेक्षा होती है ? क्या आपस में शादी प्यार आदर भाव नही है ? क्या उच्च जाति के या हिन्दु धर्म के लोगों पर वयंग या आघात नही होते है ? क्या देश का प्रेज़िडेंट किसी जाति या धर्म विशेष की जागीर किसी को दिखाई देती है ? विभाग या देश का बुरा क्या लाभार्थी क्लास द्वारा नही किया गया है ? क्या सभी वर्ग मेरिट का सम्मान
    करना चाहते है ? *इस देश व नमो ने मेरिट को ताख पर रखकर क्या गरीवो को लाभ व उच्च पद नही दिए है ?* आख़िर कब तक व किस सीमा तक लाभ दिया जाय ताकि कम से कम असंतुष्ट आतंक व देश विरोधी ताक़तों का साथ दे ?
    यही सबसे बड़ी समस्या है – यह ताकते स्वार्थ के लिए राजनीति कर रही है -*अंदर से कुछ और बाहर से कुछ नज़र आती हैं *| यदि सब जाति धर्म भूल जाय तो वोट बैंक ख़त्म होगा, मगर जिनकी राजनीति ख़त्म होगी, या जिनका स्वार्थ ख़त्म होगा, वे ऐसा क्यों होने देंगे ।

  210. Will you share a-list-of-the-50-biggest-friends-of-hindus-dead-or-alive?

  211. Why do we need an enemies list!! It is childish and immature. Why Francois Gautier and Conrad Elst are pushing the videos and inane articles to divide Indians!!! if BJP and RSS follow this, then they are doomed to fail. Last time an enemies list was made was by Nixon and Kissinger in the wake of Watergate scandal. You know what happened to them. Nixon was impeached. Kissinger is not really well known now, considering he accepted a meaningless and undeserving Nobel prize for peace, the Vietcong
    co-awardee not accepting it. Please do not make enemies list. Very paranoid xenophobic exercise. I appeal to all Hindus to ignore this imbecile attempt at journalism.

  212. Ramachandra Menon

    Excellent compilation. I knew more than 90% of whom you have mentioned, being a regular watcher of national tv news debates. There are still more to add which you might have ommitted by oversight. For example, Lalu, Late Karunanidhi, Mamta Banerjee to name few. Brilliant and great insight. The only hope for Hindus are reincarination of leaders like Modiji, Amit Shah, Aditanad and the likes.

  213. What about Digvijay Singh who started calling Hindus as terrorists and Sashi Tharoor who wants make Hindustan another Pakistan??


    So long as we have four firewall caste division this would continue much to the advantage of other religious communities. Dropping surname from all records to consolidate is the best option under the prevailing circumstances.


    So long as we have the four firewall caste division with conflicting interests it would always remain vulnerable and much to the advantage for exploitation by other religious communities. Dropping surnames from all state recognised records would certainly consolidate in a couple of generations. Equality should be the approach which is easy to preach rather than practice.

  216. In his view excepting Mr.Modi & Co, all others are the biggest enemies of Hinduism. Probably not finding time and space not included the others whose names appeared in comments columns. They were compensated in the comments without hesitation. Thank GOD.

  217. Took lot of pain in writing detailed list and about them, who are Hindu haters. There are many in muslims, christiansand even in hindues who hate Hindus.Mostly due to ignorance, anti hindu bashing and polatical reasons.
    I appreciate your article.
    Pl write some good articles, as to how to unite Hindus, Bring a decent platform that can speak on behalf of Hindus.

  218. Very good read and an eye opener. The clock is ticking even if 10% Hindus start remedying work and spread this knowledge the whole world will be benefitted !

  219. Ulhas Deshmukh

    Very good article. An eye opener for Hindus all over the world.

  220. Ulhas Deshmukh

    Very good article. An eye opener for Hindus all over the world.
    You can add Deepika Padukone in the list, obvious reason is the visit to JNU, just before release of her movie.

  221. Prakash Chandra Paul

    It’s astonishing that Francois, a foreigner has taken great interest in the subject, done so much research and put great effort to bring it to us Indians and others.
    Though we had some ideas about those people & the countries, it is Francois’s great insight and illustration which makes everything very clear.
    Hats off to you Sir.

  222. Mahesh seshadri

    Excellent insight thank you very much.

  223. Peace prevail with HIDUISM.

  224. I am neither shocked or surprised by the list. Since my childhood I had a deep understanding how several belief systems have come up and why. But pains me when I see that we Hindus ( actually we follow a wsy of life. We are just like plain water which is needed for living and can take any shape) are so ignorent about our belief system. Now that we know who were / are the disrupters of our civilization and culture, let us work togather to restore our traditions and value systems / parampara.

  225. Hinduism has structural problems that need to be fixed. How is it over 50% of the population (Dalits) are dominated by a handful of so called higher castes ? Rampant nepotism, corruption nd mismanagement is the result of rule by so called higher castes.

  226. Vinaybhushanj


  227. Anubhav sharma

    The max we can do is share it with our educated sleeping peers…

  228. U didn’t leave anybody. Looks like everybody hates us.

  229. As swamy vivakananda said All Hindus should arise together and fight against this evils…

  230. Francois observation is 100% correct. The tragedy is that fully knowing these internal enemies are anti Hindus and traitors, we are not able to do anything except re elect Modiji for the next 2 r 3 terms till the congress and communists diminish

  231. The root of anti Hindu is the creator of D K.
    E V Ramaswami

  232. Prakash Kanungo

    Simply Brilliant Sir. It is Narrative from Heart+ Factual Chronological .
    Under West it should be Accepted+ Recognized Anglo- American Creation of illegitimate Talibani institutions by US Sec.John Foster Dulles+ POTUS…ike…Peshawar Air-base..for U-2 Spy flights over then Soviet Union…& Pakistan milked that project against INDIA.. 100%.
    Berlin Wall Collapse till Killing of Osama Bin Laden… Pakistan remained Anglo-American Blue Eyed
    Pampered Child.
    Natural Justice::
    UK:: Will be Pulverized brutally in to ISLAMIC Jihadi Terrorist Republic by year 2022/25.

    USA:: May team up with HINDU RASHTRA.. INDIA in Space Exploration… Creation of Space Stations Explore Galaxy..beyond 2026/2030…

  233. The 5 biggest enemies of not only Hindus but the whole mankind are lust, anger, greed, attachment and vanity. Let us not point fingers but simply look at ourselves.
    By peddling your list and offering no solution you are simply polarising the world. Anil Kumar (I suppose I will be no. 51 on your list)


    Facts are informative and real thanks


    Facts are informative and real thanks I do agree with views of some other reader

  236. Very nice published article which has opened up our eyes, however how these Hindu haters can be separated amongst us is very difficult ,but to expose them time and again,create hatred for them,face their false narrative with precision and accuracy,and above all,, till all Hindus do not share collective will and have very powerful signal system, comprehensive media support ,,,,it can be achieved .

  237. Govindarajan Narasimhan

    The main problem of Hindus not backing their religion like others is because they are egoistic and put themselves first than their religion. They never had a strong leader so far. Now the majority of Hindus have realized their mistake and have started to back BJP and Modiji. The polarization is complete and not reversible. The lutyens can do their best but they will be decimated in the long run.

  238. Please also add Ravish kumar and Derek O’Brian

  239. Add to the list:
    Jaganmohan Reddy,AP CM
    Kamalhassan- Chennai based film actor
    T M Krishna Carnatic musician
    Ramachandra Guha ,so-called historian

    Still countkng

  240. Manohar Lal Kandwal

    Biggest enemies of India are Hindus himself,we read physics,maths,chemistry but do not read our history,as the same can teach us reasons of our failures in the past. HINDUS must read Quran first ,according to them except followers of Quran all are kafhirs,according to them only followers of Islam has right to live.


    Good and authentic information

  242. Shreepad Narayan Purkar

    Very detailed and subtle observation of facts . I define today hindus as a community In Coma . Observations are eye opener .
    In fact , there is a community comprising of scientists worldwide and they are honest to accept that answers to scientific problems and inventions are often found in Hindu Ancient Scriptures and they highly respect ancient literature as rich repository to knowledge about the universe . They also agree that the knowledge is holistic in approach and wholesome for all living and non living objects in the universe. I am shocked to see the anti hindu spirits as listed in the list , why they do not look at seeking solace and bliss using the ancient treasure of knowledge offered by hindus ? Why hate some thing that is wholesome for the entire species living on this planet .

  243. Good work , nodoubt.
    But I will suggest to add more names very soon,hence I am busy in a mission now a days.
    Viz….. gazava e hind
    will also add more feedback about anti hindu and just traitor of first order to this great nation —
    Khilazi alauddin, gandhi,nehru, molana azad.indira, Antonio maino ..

  244. Radhika gopalakrishnan

    François gautier. …We adore, respect, revere, and love you sooolong much for revealing the truth.At least now the hindus should wake up. We are ever grateful to you for this.😊😊😊 Radhika.

  245. ALLURI Ravi kumar Naidu

    It’s eye opener for the Hindus.
    If we do not unite,our religion will perish.
    Time to awake.Dont leave on the fate/luck/God.
    Support Hindu organisations and oppose Hindu enemies.It will take time to reverse the process but once the movei starts,there will not be looking back.
    Wish,pray and work for the revival ang highlighting the ethos ,beauty and for discovery of treasure in the oldest religion.
    Om Namah Shivay

  246. No doubt all these elements are Anti Hindus. But I differ in the order they are placed. Some notorious elements which can be placed in top fifty are omitted in this list.

  247. Surprisingly, Periyars (EV Ramaswamy Naicker) name is missing in the list of Hindu haters. He (and his party) have used this hatred to win elections by spreading false propaganda against a particular community

  248. Vinod Sreebhashyam

    People who criticize this article should be ashamed of themselves. They are either blind or enemies of Hindus. Here is a frenchman who has taken a keen interest in our religion and its greatness. He has understood the dangers we are facing both religiously and politically. It is mystery why so many individuals and organizations and countries for that matter, harbour a deep hatred for our religion and country. What harm have we ever caused to them. Is it our fate to constantly fight every hostile entity all our lives and be subjugated to various forces inimical to us? How many generations and centuries have to pass and how many leaders have to come to our rescue , for us to survive as a nation and culture and religion of Hindus? This is the only refuge for Hindus in the whole hostile world. If we don’t unite and save ourselves, there is no future for our coming generations. We Hindus will become a rarity like parsis, not marrying, divorcing at the drop of a hat, not bearing children, not celebrating our festivals, not learning about our ancient history or epics, or Dharma or divinity. Not protecting our temples , running after western culture, not respecting our elders, or our family values. And if someone is trying to give us some self respect, we pile on them and scream secularism!

  249. Well Written & Factual.
    To add the list Several Film Celebrities viz.Kamalhassan, Politicians:Azharuddin Owaisi,Pinarayi Vijayan,Mamata Bannerji n Many more to be added to make the Next Hundred.Kanhaya Kumar,JNU also to be added.

  250. Shashank Donde

    The author should name all the people opposing the present Government as Anti-National and biggest enemy of the Hindus.
    He should not fear any reaction to his observations.

  251. Narendra Gajra

    Please include Mr Arvind Kejriwal Delhi CM, elder brother Asawddin Owisi of Hyderabad, Digvijay Singh, Manishankar Aiyar, Kapil Sibal many more politicians.

  252. Our Bhagavat Geeta also teach us that we need to make unity and fight with our enemies.

  253. It is frightening to know that we are surrounded by so many anti Hindus.
    It is therefore all the more important to guard and protect Hindu way of life

  254. Great Article, thanks for the detailed analysis. Hindus and Indians at large should think for themselves how they are being undermined. Main reason for this situation is
    1) lack of indepth understanding of what is Hinduism
    2) Slefishness amongst Hindus
    3) Lack of Nationalistic feeling.
    God has given “Budhi” to everyone, all we need to do is to use it ourselves without biases in judging what is right and what is wrong.

  255. Very sad and helpless situation created by our own people & outsiders. Just want India to be prosperous country once again

  256. A Ramakrishna

    Phew what a compilation

    Thank you for that

    Some of them are known
    Some of them can be ignored
    But none of them should be excused

    And it a sad that Hindus are themselves haters of other Hindus

  257. Excellent and truthful list, and more credibility as you see many non-hindus coming together to call you out…they want Hindus to be ignorant and docile and if you speak the truth, Hindus could wake up and it is a big threat to their anti national ulterior agends

  258. Arun Mahadev Chougule

    Many known to me as Hindu haters, some now known to me. Very useful info. The one Hindu himself, is reality. We should find the reasons behind this to correct the same. Mahatma Gandhi is also Hindu hater, his personal ambition of becoming World leader may be a reason. This info must be made available to maximum Hindus to realise lurking dangers around them so that they will prepare themselves for future course of action.

  259. Suryanarayana Jagarlapudi

    If everyone hates Hindus then the only question that comes up is. “Does a Hindu deserve to be liked?” I think his thinking is warped.
    Hindus are not taught about Sanatan Dharma.
    Kula Vyavasta makes them look to their caste only.
    BJP brought to power several who have no training and they make harsh and ill- sounding comments.
    Usually, they don’t present a sophisticated picture by Western standards, creating a wrong. Impression.

  260. Praveen Kumar Patidar

    Really Hindus are in state of sound sleep. How to awake them?

  261. Gothandaraman

    Beautifully compiled and drafted though very many are still left out.

    The cream on the top is your narration ‘Hindus themselves’ which is a much deserved whip lash. We may require a hundred Vivekanandas to silence and negate the list of Anti Hindus and another hundred Vivekanandas to educate and guide the Hindus.

    Vedha Maatha must open her eyes, help and bless Hindus achieve regaining the lost and suppressed glory.
    Om Sri Mathre Namaha.

  262. Niranjan Nalkur

    In fact man is man’s biggest enemy. That’s the reason we have so many variants in humans themselves. We are Christians – Roman, Syrian, Adventists, protestants. We are muslims -Shia,Sunni,Ahmedadiyas. We are Communists – Marxists,Maoists etc. We are brahmins, kshtriya, dalit, shrudas. We are atiests supporting and not supporting existing and debating the existence of God. It’s not religion it’s all because each mind thinks differently and has levels of ego. Civilisation has always had a past and there has to be chaos and contradictions in society. Only the intelligent and wise watch the fun and have their own way of living life.

  263. Kushagra Dubey

    This least may or may not be purposeful but if there’ll ever be a list mentioning the biggest wrongdoers to “Hinduism” and the idea of “India”, your name must shine at the top in that list.

  264. Well expressed article, though the list chronology may not be in order. Atleast there is a start made of separating the chaff. There is some internal strength that makes Hindus remain majority even after the Muslim plunder and the white rule for eons, together. Will surely contribute with more names. Thanx for the first bold step.

  265. This is politically motivated hogwash – this article cannot be written by anyone of journalistic repute, because of how biased, petty, and unprofessionally these names have been portrayed. Don’t compare jews with hindus. Jews were a persecuted minority that stood up to everyone for their right to live and exist. Hindus are an elite majority that feel threatened by, well everythibg by the looks of it. By the way, Hindu brahmin here, for whoever cares to know my background. India is a secular country, and we are better off defending threats to our sovereignty than this BS. This isn’t written by any international journalist, this is right wing venom.

  266. Great analysis indeed.However M.K.Gandhi should not have been included in the list since he stood through out his life for the ldeals of Hinduism ..


    Very good article but should be more elaborate. Almost main haters are considered.
    Hindu politicians hate mainly due to their muslim votebank and blindness for the country and more of own vested interest.
    Mr. Digvijay Singh of congress is another haters of Hindu.

  268. P Vijayaraghavan

    One person left out is Prakash Raj, the tamil film actor. He should be added

  269. Dr Sakharam Gawhane

    I do agree 101 percent with the writer. Hindus should wekeup and support to Narendra Modi and RSS who are trying to preserve Hindus and hindu culture.

  270. Subramanian A

    So long as we vouchsafe for the freedom of speech and if the concept goes unchecked, more and more will be added to the list. Again, we must be conversant with the literature of Swami Vivekananda, Dr Radhakrishnan in the truest sense. Every home must teach it’s children the importance of value added life. Charity begins at home and not from politicians and society. Otherwise, we can expect the list increasing day by day.

  271. Well said
    True zest of Indian politics

  272. Great Guts, Research, Insight, Analysis . Keep it up.. Thanks

  273. Great Guts, Research, Insight, Analysis . Keep it up.. Thanks

  274. Turkey and MALAYSIA- enemies of India. Kejriwal ot listed. Muslims of India not listed.

  275. Gajendra Singh Krishna Singh

    great work we every Hindu should read educated our youth about these silent atrocities.hattsoff sir for enlightening

  276. Perfect ahe list.
    Adding more

  277. Abdul Bin Kabul

    Good effort. Perhaps someone should take the trouble to separate the “hate” into “greed&lust” and sheer “hate”. Entire nations are not really for or against anyone except to look after their own interests, for example. The former can be co-opted by “winning their hearts and minds” (in the sense explained by the British show “Yes Minister”): the latter must be destroyed, there isn’t much option. Secondly, the present situation exists because, among the 80% of 1.4Billion that are nominally still “Hindu”, perhaps 0.001% has any clue about their own history, beliefs, culture, or who is “out to get them”. Perhaps Darwin had a point? How does one prevent Evolution from going to its logical conclusion? For instance, the NGO web was exposed in a book by Radha Rajan and Kishen Kak circa 2003/2004, that was inaugurated by Shri NaMo and the late KPS Gill. Perhaps it guided some of the enlightened actions of the govt. since 2013. Have you read it? Do you know the attempt by Teesta, Angana & the INC with the MSM, to destabilize India, back around 2001/2002? Do you know the new revelations about Indian history going back tens of thousands of years? Mr. Sadanand Dhume also deserves a high place on Sri Gautier’s list. But whose fault is it that Hindus are bringing up a generation that won’t read or think? Or learn about their own history?

  278. T.V. Padmanabhan

    Brilliant article with beautiful & concrete analysis. A very useful one, for self introspective for every hindu.

  279. Sandeep Kohli

    Great research, missed out Kapil sibal whereas other names are already mentioned in various comments.

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