This is the most dangerous kind of journalism, boys and girls, the one that hides indifference, blindness, ignorance or even cowardice and fear behind a goody-goody theory. In this case Sandeep Sharma of Firstpost, says: “do not arrest Zakir Naik, do not ban him, but fight to counter him on an ideological platform” …
The war that is going now reminds me often of the one that the free world fought against Hitler. There were many pacifists then, who said the same thing, even though there were so many signs that Hitler was a ruthless, ambitious dangerous man, who wanted to wipe out the Jewish race and dominate the world. In France particulalry, many even saw Hitler as someone who was not so bad and collaborated with the Nazis, even handing over French Jews to the Germans, to be shipped to concentration camps and exterminated. Ultimately Hitler had to be fought with weapons and courage and it was hard and bloody fight till the war was won and freedom regained. The same kind of blindness is pervading today amongst journalists and politicians. Zakir Naik may not wield a weapon himself, but he is a dangerous man for he inspires the youth to take up wepons, blow themselves up, kill innocents in the name of Islam and he must be stopped physically from doing so. Do you agree boys and girls? I see a wavering at the moment in the leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Govt. Mr Narendra Modi has himself been the target of Islamic terrorism and he needs to be careful. Poltical correctness may not be what the ordinary masses of the world want today.


  1. i feel something like what nazi’s did is waiting to happen and these apologists will live in dreams till then

  2. Very true, it is unfortunate that most people who feel like this are so afraid to state what you have stated,is it fear or being diplomatic or being simply apologists to sound VERY secular, I do not know but the consequences are going to be VERY grave to say the least. Vatsan

  3. A small fly like Zakir is not worthy enough to be discussed in a blog. He knows nothing about Sanatan Dharma. Such flies cannot bother a Lion like Sanatan Dharma.

  4. I hear that Zakir Naik runs some kind of a Trust worth millions of dollars. Why is he getting that kind of money unless his donors were sure that he is doing a fantastic job sending thousands of innocent youths the terrorist way ? Calling the shots is far more powerful than firing the shots oneself.

    It would be a mistake to let people like Zakir Naik go unscathed in the simplistic belief that he and his ilk can’t hurt a lion like Sanatan Dharma. It is precisely this complacent attitude that has led to abundant loss of life in India

  5. When it comes to killing anyone who are against Hindus we are soft as we are vegetarians but don’t take it the ultimatum we fight till the end and spare no one who is Zakir and you think he is God Almighty No Let us wait and watch Hindus are not cowards
    Muslims wear kulla to hide their empty heads prophet Mohamed is Mahamadayan fight with me first then anyone can go to other hindus

  6. Vijay Ranjan Prasad

    Knowing your detractors and biased enemies could be your greatest strength .

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