About @ImranKhan & @NarendraModi

girls & guys, we need a Pakistani paper to tell us what is obvious for so many of us: that Narendra Modi seems to have lost the plot and the connection he had with the people of India – surrounded that he is by Congress-like barriers after barriers of sycophants, bureaucrats, security and incapable ministers. Also that if it goes on like this, he will lose more and more elections and ultimately the Indian National Congress will come back to power in 2019 and a great, immense, rare chance for India to enter through a Renaissance may be lost forever.
Does Mr Modi want to be loved by Muslims? It will never happen! Does he want o be accepted by Leftists intellectuals, by the Media? It will never happen! Does he want to be remembered as the Prime Minister for all Indians? It will never happen! Christians and Muslims will be forever suspicious of him. Why does he not work for the Dharma, for the millions Hindus who have elected him? Why does he shun his friends, those who stood with him in his darkest hours and pander to his enemies – receiving Amir Khan, having tea with Sonia Gandhi, repeatedly trying to shake hands with Rahul Gandhi (who ignored the hand namaste him – a slap in the face of the PM). Will someone explain to me what happened to the Narendra Modi we knew and loved ????

One response to “About @ImranKhan & @NarendraModi

  1. I think but i am not sure. Either Modi is playing a hi-tech game or he is become a victim of the maaya. Only time will prove what is what and who is who!

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