Contrary to expectations & contrary to all predictions by TV channels, pundits, intellectuals, Hollywood actors, the Indian Media, etc, Donald J. Trump has won the USA elections. No doubt Hillary Clinton was more knowledgeable when it came to foreign policy and would have made a more seasoned president. But there are FOUR aspects that interest us:

1) This election is mostly about Islamic terrorism: the common American people are fed-up to hear every time that there is an Islamic terrorism act, their politicians say that it has nothing to do with Islam. They also have lost faith in the Muslim community which never acknowledges that these terrorists take their inspiration from the Koran & then complain about Islamophobia

2) Donald Trump will be a friendlier President towards India than Hillary, who has always been pro-Pakistan and was even planning to make her friend and close associate, Huma Abedin, an American of Pakistani-Indian origin, her Secretary of State. Indeed, in a letter dated une 13, 2012, to the State Department Inspector General, five Republican members of Congress claimed that Abedin “has three family members – her late father, her mother and her brother – connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations”…

3) One notable note facts about Donald J. Trump‘s history in the US elections is that not only the entire Media, American as well as Indian or any other for that matter had predicted that Hillary Clinton would win, but also that shamelessly, for a profession that is supposed to inform people and remain neutral, they shamelessly all tried to undermine Trump in whatever way they could, even if it meant ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton’s emails as released by Wikileaks showed that she knew that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were funding the ISIS and Al Qaeda, while pretending to be part of the American coalition against them.
Does this mean that that journalists or CNN or the BBC News or the The New York Times or of India’s Firstpost or NDTV are going to apologize to their readers or viewers for having misled them? Not at all, they act as if they did not err and find excuses for @HillaryClinton, forgetting that she was badly beaten. It is for us the hapless public to make known to these people our anger and dismay

4) The last fact is that there are a lot of similarities with the election of @narendramodi, who was hated by the Media and the intellectuals. Mr Trump will have to learn a little from the Indian PM, how he rose above party politics and yet remained firm and decisive, whether striking against militants in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, or declaring war on Black Money


Francois gautier


  1. Bless you our hero ft for better world

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  2. The world sees in Mr Donald J Trump an emancipator from Islamic Terror. Thank the Lord Almighty for showing he continues to be with us. Thank you Mr Gautier for writing such an erudite article communicating so much — short and sweet. Terrific!

  3. Krishna Murthy


    Below is listing in chronological order the virulently anti-India record of Bill and Hillary for last 25 years. You name it, they have done it against India.

    Whether it is sanctions against India, instituting tariffs against India exports, insulting India without Ambassador, declaring arms for Pakistan on Indian soil (to insult India), calling Punjab as Khalistan, saying Pakistan has equal rights on Kashmir and Kashmir should be independent from India, creating USCIRF to support conversions. Robin Raphel, the Assistant Secretary of State Robin Raphel under Bill was pro-Pakistan and constantly tormented India’s Vajpayee Government. As Senator Hillary voted against Bush Nuclear deal and as Secretary of state she pursued ‘Get Modi’ policy of funding unsolicited funds to Teesta Setalvad type NGOs for unearthing mass graves. Soon after she became Secretary of state she wanted to give same nuclear deal to Pakistan as India and wanted to give 7.5 billion dollar package to Pakistan to be headed by same Robin Raphel, who was only recently found out to be a Pakistan spy and with whom State Dept severed connections with. With Huma Abedin, a half pakistani origin closest to her and is big part of email scandal and other corruptions, with multi-millions pouring into Clinton Foundation from Islamic countries and other shady sources, she will be a disaster for both India and US.

    1991: Arkansas Governor and presidential candidate Bill Clinton delivers foreign policy speech and describes plans to interfere in “separatist efforts” in India and Yugoslavia (search for India in transcript below video)

    1992: Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton promises during his presidential campaign that he will use Super 301, a law designed to impose trade sanctions impacting India

    1992: US Trade Representative Carla Hills who turns out to be a Hillary Clinton supporter imposes trade sanctions on India under Super 301

    1992: Joe Biden Amendment blocks sale of Russian Cryogenic engines to India

    1993: Bill Clinton blocks sale of Cray Supercomputers to India

    1993: Bill Clinton administration to sell Cray Supercomputer to China

    1993: Bill Clinton supports terrorists in Punjab leading to protests in India outside US embassy (protests happened in early 1994 but support was in late 1993)

    1993: Bill Clinton writes to Pakistan lobbyist and offers to work together on Kashmir

    1993-94: Bill Clinton does not bother to appoint ambassador to India for more than a year in order to insult India

    1994: Clinton’s close friend and Assistant Secretary of State Robin Raphel says Kashmir should not be part of India

    1994: Bill Clinton supports Pakistan on Kashmir and accuses India of human rights violations

    1994: Bill Clinton administration official sets fire to Indian skirt on TV and declares them a fire hazard hurting Indian textile sector and destroying livelihoods of millions of families who depend on the sector

    1994: Bill Clinton targets Indian pharmaceutical industry for destruction by foisting TRIPS provisions as part of WTO

    1994: Bill Clinton administration offers F-16 planes to Pakistan and Robin Raphel announces offer from Delhi

    1994: Bill Clinton administration pursues carrot and stick policy (carrots for Pakistan, sticks for India): announces F-16s for Pakistan and threatens India with trade sanctions under Super 301

    1995: Bill Clinton Appointee declares Indian scarves flammable and orders recall hurting Indian textile industry

    1995: Bill Clinton administration foists bad Enron deal on India and forces Indian government to provide guarantees

    1996: Bill Clinton sets up ‘Advisory Committee on Religious Freedom Abroad’ with aim of forcing Hindus in India to convert to Christianity and this Committee eventually recommends the creation of the hate group USCIRF

    1997: Bill Clinton’s friend and Assistant Secretary of State Robin Raphel announces Clinton administration’s policy of opposing Russian collaboration with India for electricity generation and weapons of defense

    1997: Bill Clinton’s Vice President Al Gore refers to Punjab as Khalistan

    1998: Bill Clinton imposes sanctions on India

    1998: Bill Clinton preaches to India on nuclear tests and simultaneously announces MFN status for China

    1998: Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State Madeleine Albright spews vitriol on India and calls India’s actions “felony against the future.”

    1999: Bill Clinton tries to impose stringent labor standards on India that would destroy Indian businesses and eliminate competition for Clinton’s cronies

    2000: Bill Clinton administration interferes in India and organizes hearing on “human rights violations” based on fabrications about violations of religious freedom

    2000: Bill Clinton visits Pakistan on India trip and thus equates India with Pakistan and confers legitimacy on Musharaff who took power in a coup

    2001: Hillary Clinton does not oppose Senate vote to remove sanctions on Pakistan

    2001: USCIRF, a hate group and creation of Bill Clinton administration, spews vitriol and stereotypes Hindus as “serious violators of religious freedom” and demands that US government ensure that [forced] conversions be permitted in India

    2002: USCIRF, a hate group and a creation of Bill Clinton administration, attacks India and Hindus and uses terms like “communal violence” while blaming Hindus; itsimultaneously praises Musharaff for curbing “violence in the name of religion” in Pakistan. Note the careful usage of words to describe religious violence in Pakistan.

    2003: Democrat Tom Daschle appoints anti-Hindu zealot Preeta Bansal to USCIRF, the hate group created by the Clinton administration, and is cheered by anti-Hindu Christian activists including the violent terrorist Jayachand Pallekonda

    2003: Hillary Clinton supporter and India baiter Madeleine Albright, who was Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State, calls for a plebiscite in Kashmir

    2004: Hillary Clinton exhibits bigotry and claims Mahatma Gandhi ran a gas station in St. Louis

    2005: Hillary Clinton causes outrage by calling for India to give up nuclear program and reconcile itself to non-proliferation treaty

    2005: Bill Clinton calls for giving aid money to terror group LTTE

    2006: Hillary Clinton who is part of the Senate India Caucus stabs India in the back and votes YEA on ‘killer amendment’ to bill in US Senate that deals with Indo-US Nuclear deal; the amendment is intended to kill the deal and set back Indo-US relations by 30 years

    2007: Hillary Clinton booed when she defends Musharaff and attacks Senator Obama for saying he would attack Pakistan and take out Osama bin Laden

    2007: Hillary Clinton’s fundraiser is organizer of LTTE Heroes Day which celebrates terrorists

    2008: Hillary Clinton once again attacks Senator Obama for promising to act against Pakistan for supporting terrorists

    2009: Hillary Clinton says she is proud to release report of anti-Hindu hate group USCIRF which was formed on the advice of a Committee consisting of Christians, Muslims and others but not Hindus (Click here to read about Hindus alone being excluded by Bill Clinton when the Office of Religious Freedom was created)

    2009: Hillary Clinton backs talks with Taliban

    2009-2012: Hillary Clinton carries on a get-Modi campaign against Narendra Modi

    2012: Hillary Clinton declares ‘religious freedom,’ a euphemism for Christian proselytism (primarily in the Indian subcontinent), a foreign policy imperative

    2013: Clinton Global Initiative partners with anti-Hindu evangelical Christian group World Vision

    2014: Bill Clinton friend and former Assistant Secretary of State Robin Raphel investigated by FBI for spying for Pakistan

    2015: Huma Abedin, a key member of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign is the daughter of a Pakistani mother and her father worked for an Islamist in Saudi Arabia with ties to Al Qaeda

    2015: Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Christian missionary and India-baiter Tim Kaine admits Pakistan has connections to terror group LeT but praises Pakistan for fighting terrorists and advises India to have a better relationship with Pakistan

    2016: Clinton Foundation donor linked to Pakistani arrested for corruption and harboring terrorists

    2016: Hillary Clinton picks Christian missionary, Hindu-baiter and India hater Tim Kaine as VP running mate

    I have links for the news items of all the above items…

  4. Be careful with him. He is mostly talk. Cares mostly about himself.

  5. Comparing Modi to him is wrong. You do Modi damage. Trump is in line with Republicans who are pro-Christian and no friends of Hindus. Don’t confuse campaign pandering with policy.

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