In a conference in Guwahati, the BRAHMAPUTRA LITERARY FESTIVAL
Good organization, good venue, lots of people, students, writers, poets – and this beautiful Assamese touch, that has managed to retain its Indian-ness and can be often seen in its women.
The inauguration was also first-class – except that the speeches by the Minister of Culture Gov Assam, CM, organizers etc lasted for nearly two hours!! Only the speech of Prakash Javadekar the HRD Union Minister, was lively short and to the point… But by that time, everybody was bored and people were not even listening anymore. Why can’t Indians understand that this a Nehruvian format and that all these pompous long and boring inaugurations have to be done with!
Then we broke in sessions and that was a far cry from the glittering inauguration. Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal left the venue with a caravan of 20 cars, with his security jostling the crowd, without a thought. Mr Sonawal is a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) man – why does he have to follow this @indiancongress VVIP old pattern? Contrast this with Mr Prakash Javadekar, who is ever courteous, mingles with the crowd and does not use his status as a Union Minister to push himself around?
There was hardly a crowd of 30 for our panel, no water and proper organization. The subject was ‘The Word and Public Space’, which was a good one. I spoke about the need to go back to silence, the crowding of the Public Space, the tools that India has offered to writers and journalists to go back to silence for a better intuition, such as meditation, pranayama, hata-yoga, being careful, as there was a Muslim Bangladeshi writer in the panel, to say that breath has no religion and that anybody, whatever his or her religion, could practice it.
I was surprised to be attacked quite virulently by the next speaker, Sanjoy Hazarika, whom I discovered afterwards, is Director: Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research, Jamia Millia Islamia university Delhi. Not only that, but Sanjoy went on to politicize the whole panel discussions, speaking about the persecution of Rohingya Muslims, the mass killings by police in Assam, the innocent who are languishing in Indian prisons… But not a word of course about how Hindus have been killed and chased out of Bangladesh for decades! Obviously, the target of Hazarika was @narendramodi, whom he seems to hate. But virulent journalists like that are often not that courageous themselves. I was pissed at the guy and challenged him to come outside the hall once the session was over.. Which he didn’t
What hurts me is that I do no harm in defending Hindus: I am not hateful, I am not nasty, I don’t preach violence, but I am branded by people like Hazarika like an untouchable, as if I carry the plague, or I am more dangerous than terrorists who kill innocent people by the thousands in the name of a Medieval and cruel Scripture. You would be surprised that westerners who I am helping at the moment as many are facing visa problems, in Auroville-Pondicherry, think the same of me.


  1. vintage subramanian

    Please remember that the CM of Assam is an ex Congressman. He will take time to imbibe culture of BJP simplicity.

  2. Sanjoy Biswas

    I am extremely sorry and feel sad that you had to leave Assam with such a bad experience.Being a native of Assam I can assure you that sanjoy hazarika doesn’t represent Assam and that there is tremendous love and respect for your work in Assam. Sanjoy Hazarika is a part of the breaking India Nexus but his days as an intellectual are numbered as ppl in Assam are gradually beginning to see the true nature of these anti national intellectuals. I hope that you will visit Assam again .

  3. Sanjoy Hazarika will face fate graver than Sanjay Bhansali, they all need thokam paizaar as they are laaton ke bhoot

  4. Upamanyu Kashyap

    Sir, I am really very sorry for the incident that took place with you at my place, Guwahati, Assam. People like Hazarika belong to ‘breaking India forces’ . There has been great disappointment and anger among the Nationalist – Right thinking new generation of Assam as they were not invited to the festival. Almost 80% of the local representation was from the same Award Wapsi /anti Hindu /anti national brigades.Hazarika is the example. I really doubt how the right wing government would be able to build up a right wing intellectual brigade if they don’t give the opportunity to the efficient ones of that ideology. Here one thing I must correct that the CM is not a former congress man, he was in AASU and AGP. Your observation is right . This is the greatest tragedy that many a times these kind of incidents remain unnoticed by the higher authorities which I think should be informed properly. They should prove themselves to be really the’ party with a difference. ‘

  5. Dr Jnanendra Barman

    Mr Sanjoy Hazarika and the likes should not have been invited. The organizers owe an explanation to the patriotic people of Assam. Persons who attended and supported the award wapsi brigade were invited. Person who defamed India in the USA was invited. Communists, pseudo seculars were invited. But not a single person from Assam who believe in cultural nationalism and integral humanism was invited.

  6. You need not worry about people like Sanjoy Hazarika.. they are opportunist… due to their meekness they can’t face the truth. They are traitors..
    You are more Indian and Hindu than most of us. I am thankful to you for your contribution in raising Indian prestige and exposing the fabrications in History.

  7. Selective reporting only lasts so much. Truth will out. Here is an article on the Islamic Indian slave trade which few Indians are ever taught

  8. Samrat Nora

    Dear Mr Gautier,
    I understand what you are trying to say. The mild natured Hindu has been bludgeoned by all the invading hoards, the plunderers and the mass murderers. In Assam it happened almost nine hundred years back and continued with the mass genocide where almost a million had been exterminated during the Burmese invasion and British brought respite which was temporary. Having said that I would like to point out that like India Assam too has the resiliency to take such upheavals in its stride. And today we have Assamese Muslims and Christians who contribute to fabric of the Assamese. We have been living together as good neighbours for centuries. And we have to. We simply can’t indulge in acts of intolerance.

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