Dear friends, there is no doubt that a BJP Govt – and Mr Narendra Modi as PM – will be a huge improvement for India & Hindus, here and worldwide. The Congress has dragged down this country and still does, selfishly, without any concern for the people that have elected them. Growth will dip soon at 4,5%, while China, which is India’s bitter and most dangerous enemy, is soaring without any competition worth the name.

At the same time, we have seen that the BJP, once in power, quickly forgets about its true goals, what the people who have elected them want & falls in the Nehruvian fold of power and its Delhi trappings. Already there is an arrogance in the BJP that ‘ we are already there’, while Rahul Gandhi and his mother are  quietly gaining votes with the rural innocent people of India, by TV adds, for example, which are simple, but have an appeal to the heart (however  false there are). Already, Mr Narendra Modi, has become unreachable, even to his staunch supporters. One understands that campaigning is his priority and that it is a tiring business. But if you look at the US elections, Obama’s campaigns, for instance, it’s as exhausting, there are even more meetings, in small towns, which Mr Modi avoids, America is as big and Obama himself shakes a million hands, eats hamburgers, carries babies, sings with children, which Mr Modi also avoids because of ‘security’ concerns. But Obama is probably  targeted even more than Mr Modi by Islamist terrorists.

This is why, if you love India, you should be all after your BJP local representatives, by voice, letters, mails, push them, prod them to remain true to your aspirations, your needs, your hopes. As for me, I have always been a journalist who stands by his intuitions, from moment to moment, without bending to the line of my editors or of any party, even the BJP. MY first love is Mother India, Her Welfare, Her protection in the face of so many threats She is facing at the moment. I know that Kejriwal is a Marxist at heart and does not have much love for the Hindus. At the same time, he is the only one who has the guts to fight corruption & the VIP system, which is corroding India – and as a journalist I have to praise him of that, even if his tools of dharna are ridiculed (but were they not Gandhi’s favorite tools?) even if it’s a losing battle. And mind you, the common people may vote for his party again in greater numbers. He is even admired abroad.

So friends, do not be mad at me if sometimes I criticize the BJP and Mr Modi. While I have a lot of respect for Narendra Modi, whom I met several times, while I am probably the only foreign journalist who has defended him for ten years, much before he was the PM candidate of the BJP (as I have defended Murli Manohar Joshi, Advani and Vajpayee in the 90’s), I have seen that Mr Modi is also like many other Indian politicians of the Congress and the BJP: he takes and gives back little. The art of Living Foundation of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, for instance, has worked tirelessly for Mr Modi, not only in Gujarat, but all over India. But Mr Modi in return, has never done anything for the Art of Living which does so much free sewa in India and needs support at all levels. As I said, I have written countless articles praising him in the French and even  US media, but my publisher Har Anand of Delhi, has been begging him for 6 months to release my latest book “a History of India as it Happened, not as it has been written”, a book that rewrites Indian History and is crucial to the thoughts of the Hindus, anywhere, anytime – but we never got an answer.

As Sri Aurobindo said in his Hour of God, this is the hour of the unexpected. Long Live Mother India
francois gautier


  1. Good article, In fact we should start a door to door campaign and Mr. Modi should also meet with people face-to-face, that will be benefited for BJP in next General Election.

  2. Why is your editor waiting for someone else to release your book? Once it is printed, just release it.

  3. bjp is also a photocopy of congress.
    among both evils , bjp is a better evil and more over.
    now the other evil should be given a chance , and a little break for congress.

  4. Your article is all about the future PM of India except, after reading the last bit I’m not sure if you wrote it just to promote your book. Also, when you say Kejriwal has no love for Hindus I am puzzled. I think he isn’t communal minded at all. Still, you are right when you say people should actively participate and write to Modi (or any other future PM) with their worries and concerns. BTW, your book title has made me curious and I’ll definitely read it.

  5. Bikramjeet Singh Duggal

    Let me start by saying that I’m a namo supporter (not a bhakt) as things stand today. Now that is out of the way….

    I dont know why even intelligent people like you like to label people by calling them “marxists” etc. Bracketing other people sometimes colors our opinion of them and all of their actions. He may be anti free market/ capitalism but it is not as if these tenets have helped US and its ilk go places. Financial burdens, fiscal imprudence and consolidation of wealth is slowly but surely bringing us closer to a dystopian future that awaits us.

    Crony Capitalism of the worst kind with no innovativeness has been practised in this country. The so called industrialist have made money because of their connections and not because of their business abilities. Licence raj and protectionism allowed them to get away with murder

    Having said that, I’ve been watching Namo for some time now and hearing people who surround him. It makes me slightly uneasy. I hope his govt will not do silly things and hand over this country to the robber barons. !
    I hope, I hope and I pray a lot…. let this be the Real McCoy..!

    Is your book commercially available now?


  6. Reblogged this on Hindu Internet Defence Force and commented:
    Good..People need to keep these point’s in the mind

  7. I like what K Mathur and Bikramjeet Duggal have said. They have pretty much said what I wanted to say.

    I enjoyed reading your Rewriting Indian History. I will look forward to reading your new book when it is published. Thank you!!

  8. The Temptations of Messiah Modi- by Aron

    We won this battle with Modi-after Ideologues endorsed my critique and Kochi executive meet seconded my Thesis. More than that I believe it was the ground reality after Delhi election defeat. Now Modi is back as hardliner ( Bangla Hindu refugees speech).

    I felt the same way about Franocis Gautier himself, when I wrote to him and tried meeting regarding some Security measures for ashram.
    Compared to the seriousness of that matter- what Francois complains here is nothing.

  9. While I agree with much of what Mr. Gautier says, it is not true that Mr. Modi is averse to addressing small gatherings. During the recent assembly elections, he asked the party units in MP, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Delhi to organize small meetings in small towns. The meetings were so small that a pro-Congress journalist wrote a long article in rejoicing over “lack of big crowds” at Modi’s meetings. These three to four small meetings in a day were boycotted by the media, which is only enamoured by huge crowds. What he is now doing is addressing big rallies in big cities, mostly on weekends, to make himself known to the people. Remember, he is also the CM of Gujarat. So, once the election schedule is announced, Mr. Modi will crisscross the country, addressing meetings big and small. As for the TV campaigns of Sonia and Rahul, I am in touch with the ground realities and I can assure Mr. Gautier that they won’t cut much ice with the people this time. They are angry, very angry, over prices and the disastrous handling of the economy by the UPA. As for Hindu issues, you would remember, he started his campaign declaring himself as a Hindu nationalist. He has since toned down his rhetoric because his enemies want him exactly to speak like that–as a Hindu nationalist–so that they can divert attention from other issues.

  10. I wouldn’t worry about BJP arrogance until they have won their second or third election (i.e. 10 to 15 years from now). At that time, their focus may shift from economic to social issues, with the RSS asserting that it is time to build the Temple, make India less Western in culture and such. I am going to worry about that later; these issues are more symbolic anyway. We need the BJP right now to rescue India from economic disaster. In 10 years, I hope Congress dies out as a party and AAP becomes the dominant opposition to BJP to keep the BJP on its toes.

  11. they should take notice of your apt advice.

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